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POODLES (STANDARD)Judge: Ms. Janet Allen M.
POODLES (STANDARD) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

7 DIVINE LOUIES NOODLE FETTUCINE ALFREDO , PR17015001 4/24/2013. Breeder: Denise Prall Swanson. By GCH Penndragon Masaniello -- CH Divine Simply The Best. Tonya Moore . Dog.
9 DESERT REEF'S THE REAL LOVE , PR17368108 6/1/2013. Breeder: Karen Green and Jane Sands. By CH Nightwind Renegade -- Desert Reef's Crown Jewel. Karen Green and Jane Sands . Dog.
POODLES (STANDARD) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

17 LAKE COVE CALIBRE DE CARTIER , PR17234901 3/17/2013. Breeder: Dyveke McCubin. By CH lake Cove Grabbing The Spotlight -- Charis Petunia. Doris Lilienthal . Dog.
POODLES (STANDARD) Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

19 JASET LIFE UPON THE WICKED STAGE , PR17126402 4/17/2013. Breeder: Sandra Tompkins and Chris Bailey. By CH Picardy Mymarechal -- CH Jaset Dangerous Beauty. Donna Fiorino and Sandra Tompkis and Chris Bailey. Dog.

21 DESERT REEF'S LET'S BE BAD GUYS RN , PR12634701 11/5/2008. Breeder: Karen Green. By Kallista's Taken For Granite -- Desert Reef's She's So Fine. Heather Collins & Karen Green . Dog. Leslie Simis, Agent.
23 CABERNET SKYLAND EVERYBODY TALKS , PR16455801 8/20/2012. Breeder: Mary Olund, Maggie Watson. By GCH Jaset's Satisfaction -- CH Cabernet Skyland Scandalous. Mary Olund and Scott Olund, Maggie Watson . Dog.

25 SHARBELLE WOODSON , PR16515201 9/13/2012. Breeder: Raymond and Sharon Stevens. and Michelle Marshall By CH Sharbelle Rainier -- Sharbelle Daffodil. Ray and Sharon Stevens . Dog. Kim Russell, Agent.

27 D'GANI MAKE MY DAY , PR16353801 7/1/712. Breeder: Diane Trigani. By GCH Pendragon Masaniello -- CH D'Gani Who's That Girl. Diane Trigani . Dog. Daniel Chavez, Agent.

29 TIARA RAZZMATAZZ , PR16778507 5/24/2012. Breeder: Julie Borst Reed. By CH Jaset's Lord Of The Realm -- Tiara Xoana. Marianna Byer . Dog. Charlene Smutny, Agent.
31 ELLGI'S KNOCKOUT , PR15401104 6/29/2011. Breeder: Lori Garber. By GCH Prestige Lauris Magial Synergy -- CH Safari's What Lola Wants. Sharon Shimmel and Lori Garber . Dog. Bethany Shimmel, Agent.
POODLES (STANDARD) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

11 SINTARO I'M CUTE I DON'T NEED MANNERS , PR16993801 5/6/2013. Breeder: Ronda Singleton. By CH Sintaro Repeat Performance -- CH Sintaro Got Manners. Ronda Singleton . Bitch. Jacqueline Fargey, Agent.

15 CABERNET SKYLAND WHAT'S IT TO YOU , PR16996002 4/29/2013. Breeder: Mary Olund, Scott Olund, Maggie. Watson By CH Feel Good Inc. Byrequest -- CH Cabernet Skyland Scandalous. Mary Olund and Scott Olund, Maggie Watson . Bitch.
POODLES (STANDARD) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

6 DESERT REEF'S CONQUEROR OF HEARTS , PR17206610 3/29/2013. Breeder: Karen Green. By Desert Reef's Let's Be Bad Guys -- Desert Reef's Angelic Addition. Karen Green . Bitch.

8 RENDEZVOUS HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS , PR16794904 2/16/2013. Breeder: Kaori Yamada Lee & Kwankwi Kim. By CH Sharbell Momotombo -- Sharbell De La Gaga. Kaori Yamada Lee and Kwankwi Kim . Bitch. Kwankwi Kim, Agent.

10 DESERT REEF'S HEARTS DESIRE , PR17056204 1/10/2013. Breeder: Karen Green and Judith Haywood. By GCH Jaset Dacun's Heartbreaker -- Desert Reef's Diamond In The Sky. Karen Green . Bitch.

12 LIDOS SUSETTE , PR16818403 3/7/2013. Breeder: Susie Osburn. By Ferrari's California Red -- Lidos Kisses From Sunshine. Janet Sutherland and Susie Osburn . Bitch. Bethany Shimmel, Agent.
POODLES (STANDARD) Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

18 MTS HIGH FIDELITY , PR16182101 8/27/2012. Breeder: Michelle T Shultz. By CH La Marka MTS Golden Grail RN -- MTS Midnight Star. Michelle T. Shultz . Bitch.

20 SAVICAH YOU'RE THE ONE THAT I WANT , PR17036102 4/25/2013. Breeder: Sharon Shimmel and Karen Kalkins. By GCH Monfort Black Gold -- GCH Ellgi's What's Her Secret. Sharon Shimmel . Bitch.

22 SHARBELLE GREG-MAR TIGER LILY , PR14961403 10/14/2010. Breeder: Ray and Sharon Stevens and. Martin Gregory By GCH Penndragon Masaniello -- Sharbelle Greg-Mar Morning Glory. Ray & Sharon Stevens and Martin Gregory . Bitch.
POODLES (STANDARD) American Bred Bitches.

24 SACHAS RUNQUICK WE BE JAMMING, BN CD RA CGC , PR15598701 7/6/2011. Breeder: Sally Poindexter. By Avatar Impromptu -- CH Paradigm Sachas Soubrette. Michael Savage and Lisa Runquist . Bitch. Charlene Smutny, Agent.

26 AVION DAWN ROCKET , PR16386401 8/20/2012. Breeder: Yvonne Hagman and Linda Campbell. By CH Sharbelle Momotombo -- CH Avion Dawn De Havilland. Yvonne Hagman and Linda Campbell . Bitch. Kim Russell, Agent.
28 LEMOTES ABOSLUTELY INSTYLE , PR16716902 4/19/2011. Breeder: Katelon Bajona-Fox. By CH Instyle Ciroc On Ice -- CH Lemotes voila Jager's Rachel. Jenna Lostale . Bitch.
30 STERLING SIMPLY SHARLOTTE , PR16575302 10/4/2012. Breeder: Joann Sterling. By Graphic Simply Sterling -- Sterling The Eternal Journey Ahead. Joann Sterling . Bitch. Bill McFadden, Agent.

32 JASET SHATTERED , PR16235202 5/7/2012. Breeder: Chris Bailey. and Sandra Tompkins By CH Delta's Captain In Control CD NA NAJ -- CH Jaset Dangerous Beauty. Chris Bailey and Sandra Tompkins and Leanne MacIver. Bitch.

34 TROIS AMES GABRIELLE OUR SOUL AND INSPREATION , PR15678002 9/12/2011. Breeder: Claire Colston & Pauline Bullock. By By Jaset A Bigger Bang -- Jaset Island Girl. Claire Colston & Pauline Bullock . Bitch. Charlene Smutny, Agent.

36 FELDSPAR RAGDOLL , PR15571601 9/19/2011. Breeder: Ann Martin, Debbie. Oliver and Sheila Broderick By CH Bar-None Ready Set Go -- CH Feldspar Bohemian Rhapsody. Ann Martin and Valla Bridges . Bitch.
38 5-STAR REMEMBER LOVE , PR15929202 2/4/2012. Breeder: Susan Wilson. By Sisco's 5-Star Shake Rattle N Roll -- CH Timber Ridge's Remember When. Susan Wilson . Bitch. Daniel Chavez, Agent.
40 RENDEZVOUS DE LA QUEEN , PR15665305 10/13/2011. Breeder: Kaori Yamada. By CH Avion Turbulence II -- CH Ballerina Rendezvous. Kaori Yamada Lee and Kwankwi Kim . Bitch. Kwankwi Kim, Agent.

42 ALEPH PENNDRAGON MERITAGE , PR16364206 7/28/2012. Breeder: Jacquelyn Cohen. By GCH Penndragon Masaniello -- CH Aleph American Sweetheart. Jacquelyn Cohen and Rick and Kim Bates . Bitch. Kim Russell, Agent.
POODLES (STANDARD) Best-of-Breed/Variety
33CH CHAMPAGNE CELEBRATION MIDNIGHTDANCER DONNCHADA NLD , PR15358801 4/18/2011. Breeder: Leslie Denson & Neva Durbin. By CH Aleph American Idol -- CH NLD Just Before Midnight. Pamela Ann Francis . Dog. Carlton Tucker, Agent.

35GCH DEL ZARZOSO SALVAME FROM AFTERGLOW , PR16118601 9/26/2009. Breeder: C and L Renau and Ganzalez. By CH Afterglow Sugar Daddy -- Del Zarzoso Voso Abusou. Sloan Barnett and George Linderman Sr and Michael Gadsby & Jason Lynn. Dog. Amy Rutherford, Agent.
37CH RENDEZVOUS MR PLAYBOY , PR15665301 10/13/2011. Breeder: Kaori Yamada. By CH Avion Turbulence II -- CH Ballerina Rendezvous. Kaori Yamada . Dog. Kim Russell, Agent.
39CH DAWIN REIGATE FIRE AWAY , PR16739101 6/14/2012. Breeder: Linda C Campbell. By CH Dawin Wildrose Raisin The Stakes -- CH Dawin Spitfire. Suzanne A Loblaw and Linda C Campbell . Dog. Jenna Lostale, Agent.
41CH LITILANN'S LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION , PR14952504 8/24/2010. Breeder: Ann E Rairigh. By GCH Jaset Satisfaction -- CH Litilann's Picture This. Leanne MacIver & Ann E Rairigh . Dog.
44 SINTARO EXCUSE MADDIE'S MANNERS , PR15196101 4/10/2011. Breeder: Ronda Singleton. By CH Cabryn Anmorae Bravo -- CH Sintaro Got Manners. Ronda Singleton . Bitch. Jacqueline Fargey, Agent.

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