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SHETLAND SHEEPDOGSJudge: Mr. Kenneth Buxton
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 SOLANGE EDGEVIEW ENDEAVOR , DN3780001 5/2/2013. Breeder: Linda Nicholas. By CH Solange Valedictorian -- CH Solange Body Language. Diane Waldron . Dog.

7 KENSI'S CLOWNING AROUND AT PARAYS , DN36894001 6/24/2013. Breeder: Sylvia and David Calderwood. By GCH PaRay's Preferential -- GCH Kensi's Circus Carousel. Tray Pittman & Paul Flores . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

9 KAROSEL KON MAN , DN36427306 3/20/2013. Breeder: Kathleen Schmutz and Jennifer. McFarlin By CH Sunset Flying Colors -- CH Sunset Sienna. Jennifer McFarlin and Robin McTaggart . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS 12 and under 18 Months Dogs.
11 SPOTLIGHT'S QUINTESSENTIAL , DN34598705 7/14/2012. Breeder: Linda and Kimberlea. Maynard By GCH Wintercreek's Parlay At Paray -- Suntera Effervescence. Jayne Ferguson . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

15 SHOW BIZ THE PRODUCER , DN24965502 5/31/2009. Breeder: Onwer and Kathryn Coon. By Show Biz Cabana Boy -- Caitlin Break N Into Show Biz. Dottie Adkins . Dog.

17 CONESTOGA PLAYING THE GAME , DN29114201 9/14/2010. Breeder: Cherylyn Mullen, John Mullen &. Harvey Yamashita By CH Tavendale Grand Gables Play Boy -- Conestoga All In The Game. John & Cherylyn Mullen & Dawn Cecilio . Dog.

19 DAEDREAM BI SURPRIZE , DN30833601 4/11/2011. Breeder: Dixie Eigenbauch. By CH Karosel After Dark -- Daedream Silver Legacy. Renee Wiseman . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Open Sable and White Dogs.

21 HILLSTONE TRADEWYND GOLD MEDALIST , DN27224601 1/15/2010. Breeder: Pat and Dennis Mahoney. By CH Tradewynd Trailblazer -- Hillstone Jersey Girl. Larry and Marcia Bittner . Dog.

23 BELLEVUE'S FRONT AND CENTER , DN29890802 9/26/2010. Breeder: Harold T. & Judy B. Biggs. By Bellevue's Chain Reaction -- Millennium-Bellevue Hannah Montana. Renee Wiseman . Dog.

25 SUNNYVALE STRIKE ZONE , DN31797101 7/27/2011. Breeder: Rebecca Vale and Toni Pomasi. By CH Karosel The Perfect Game -- Mtn Mysts Joie de Vivre. Rebecca Vale and Toni Pomasi . Dog.
27 PARAY'S AUDACITY OF A DREAM , DN31915105 8/29/2011. Breeder: Tray Pittman. By CH Corteo at PaRay of Don Quixote -- PaRay's I Candy. Patricia Dody and Tray Pittman . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Open Any Other Allowed Color Dogs.

29 SEQUOYA MARDI GRAS , DN29248202 5/29/2010. Breeder: Cher4yl Sorensen. By CH Largo Elixar O Love -- Ha-Dar Style Setter. Cheryl Sorensen & Peggy Newman . Dog.

31 ARMITAGE KELLCREST POLAROID , DN18947502 6/26/2007. Breeder: Ellen Ball. By Shadow Hill's Polaris -- Springmist Aim For The Heart. John & Cherylyn Mulen . Dog.

33 DAEDREAM SILVER LIGHTS AT SUNRIVER , DN30833604 4/11/2011. Breeder: Dixie Eigenrauch. By CH Karosel After Dark -- Daedream Silver Legacy. Pat Timpe-Rothenburger . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

6 ISTARI BYTE ME , DN32502401 1/6/2012. Breeder: K. Kozakiewicz and R. Vale. and F. Blachere and R. Porter By GCH Istari Midnight Sun -- Istari Tahiti. K. Kozakiewicz and R. Vale and F. Blachere and R. Porter. Bitch.
8 BRANGAY TENNESSEE HONEY , DN32296303 10/3/2011. Breeder: Cendy and John McVoy. and Brandol and Gayle Eads By Fireside Spencer For Hire -- Brangay I Dreamed A Dream. Brandol & Gayle Eads and John McVoy and Cindy Eads-McVoy. Bitch.

10 EDGEVIEW IN VOGUE , DN20024302 10/18/2006. Breeder: Dianne Waldron. By CH River Dance Dressed To Kilt -- CH Edgeview Reflection. Diane Waldron . Bitch.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS American Bred Bitches.

12 SHOOTING STAR TAYLOR MADE , DN36150803 2/12/2013. Breeder: Tray Pittman and Debbie Majewski. By Paray's Kappa Sigma -- Shooting Star's Posh Princess. Debbie Majewski . Bitch.

14 KAROSEL SUNSET SIRI , DN32920003 12/30/2011. Breeder: Debbie Majewski. By Sunset Karosel Call of Duty -- Shooting Star Nevermore. Kathleen Schmutz and Jennifer McFarlin . Bitch.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Open Sable and White Bitches.
16 BALENBRAE SUCHA PERFECT DIVA , DN25509901 6/4/2009. Breeder: Anne M. De Witt. and Bonnie Smith By Daval Neverland -- Tara Hill Talahassee. Anne M. DeWitt . Bitch.

18 PARAY'S LUMINOSITY , DN34221901 5/9/2012. Breeder: Tray Pittman and Paul Flores. By CH PaRay's Preferential -- CH PaRay's Cirque De Soleil. Tray Pittman & Paul Flores . Bitch.

20 APPLE ACRES ENGLISH TOFFEE , DN33975201 2/23/2012. Breeder: Locklyn Guzman. By Apple Acres Navigation -- Cambridge Lucious Lilly. Cherylyn Mullen & Locklyn Guzman & John Mullen . Bitch.

22 SUNNYVALE BERRY BERRY NAUGHTY , DN32530501 11/25/2011. Breeder: Francois A Blachere and Rebecca A. Vale By CH Karosel The Perfect Game -- Sunnyvale Just Peachy. Michael Tremblay and Rebecca A Vale . Bitch.

24 CAVIAR SHANNARA ON STAGE LITTLE DIVA , DN25043301 6/16/2009. Breeder: Elicia Stevens and Brenda Paul. By CH Simmore Master Plan -- Shannara Sin City Maggie May. Elicia Stevens . Bitch.

26 DAEDREAM CANDY CANE , DN23315201 12/14/2008. Breeder: Dixie Eigenrauch, Shannalee Walke. Michalsky By CH Grandgables Lets show Off -- Akadia Miss Congeniality. Dixie Eigenrauch . Bitch.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Open Any Other Allowed Color Bitches.
28 ICON NAHOKU , DN30652201 3/22/2011. Breeder: Sharon Sampson. By CH SeaHaven Chasing Moonbeams ROM -- GCH Icon Pretty Baby. Sharon Sampson . Bitch.

30 MERRYTIME AZURE PANDEMONIUM , DN31153302 5/2/2011. Breeder: Floriene G Fitzgerald. By CH Macdega Notorious -- Mejimo Fleur De Lil O'Merridon. Carol Ann Coleman and Julie Ann Coleman . Bitch.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Best-of-Breed/Variety

35GCH PARAY'S PREFERENTIAL , DN28422701 5/12/2010. Breeder: Tray Pittman & Paul Flores. By CH Corteo at PaRay at Don Quixote -- CH PaRay's Posh Spice. Kim Furlong and Tray Pittman . Dog. Tray Pittman, Agent.
37GCH ISTARI MIDNIGHT SUN , DN22982601 10/25/2008. Breeder: K. Kozakiewicz, R. Porter. and F. Blachere, R. Vale By Sunnyvale-Amore Turbo Diesel -- Istari White Shoulders. K. Kozakiewicz and R. Vale, F. Blachere and R. Porter. Dog.
39GCH CAITLIN'S ON THE ROAD AGAIN , DN21016503 3/25/2008. Breeder: Don and Kathy Coon. By CH Caitlin Special Agent -- CH Caitlin Memento. Ann Balliet . Dog. Dottie Atkins, Agent.

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