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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


SPANIELS (WELSH SPRINGER)Judge: Mr. Jeffrey G. Pepper
SPANIELS (WELSH SPRINGER) 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

7 STATESMAN'S GOLDEN BOY OF WINDSOR , SR95958101 10/2/2016. Breeder: Meghen Riese-Bassel &. Susan Riese & Ryan Wolfe By GCHS Royailes Willem of Windsor -- Stateman's Think Pink. Richard H. & Sussanne E Burgess . Dog.
SPANIELS (WELSH SPRINGER) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

42 KAYCEE'S ONCE IN A BLUE MOON , SR99896701 6/7/2017. Breeder: B Michael King & Linda L King. By GCHS Saga's Winsome Watson -- GCH Lynlee's Island Girl's Pinnies From Heaven, CG. B Michael King & Linda King . Bitch.
SPANIELS (WELSH SPRINGER) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

6 ROCKSPRINGS ROYAILES MEADOW SWEET , SR98584001 1/25/2017. Breeder: Katherine Goodrich and Nora. Carlton By GCHS Royailes Rocksprings Dafydd -- GCH Royailes Witching Hour. Katherine Goodrich and Christina Bunn and Ricky Berry. Bitch.
10 TRYSTYN'S MARIMEKKO , SR85388802 12/3/2014. Breeder: Sandra Holmes and Gregory K Peter. DVM By Trystyn's Counting Crows -- CH Trystyn's Statesman Smokin Hot. Joan Hamaguchi, DVM and Elizabeth Holmes . Bitch.
9CH REDSAGE THE SUN SETS AT RECHARGEABULLZ , SR90935403 10/28/2015. Breeder: Katherine Dahistet. By CH Bartay's Lil Bit rock N Roll BN -- CH Trystyn's Some Like It Hot At Redstage. Holly and Mike Hurst and Katherine Dahlstet . Dog.

11CH ROYAILES STRUT RED , SR1937402 12/23/2013. Breeder: Nora Carlton and Gerald Carlton. By CH Brodie Our Loyal Weisn -- CH Royailes Pumpkin Pie. Nora Carlton and Gerald Carlton and Hailey Mueller. Dog.

12CH REDSAGE PERVENCHE PARISIENNE , SR85258901 6/9/2014. Breeder: Katherine Dahlstet and Sarah. Haftmann By Captain Jack Des Vauirennes -- CH Redsage Creme Brulee. Katherine Dahlstet and Connie Dahlstet . Bitch.
14GCH TRYSTYN'S UNFORGETTABLE YOU CGC , SR82738101 5/8/2014. Breeder: Sandra N Holmes. and Gregory K Peter DVM By CH Ky-Bryn's Let Me Entyce You -- CH Statesman's Ducks Unlimited. Julianne Knell and Ernest Knell . Bitch.
15CH ROCKSPRINGS CADOC OF THE BATTLE , SR84642701 8/9/2014. Breeder: Katherine Goodrich. By GCH Rock Sprg's Hawk Of The Battle -- CH Wynn Our Loyal Weish. Katherine Goodrich and Christina Bunn and Ricky Berry. Dog.
16GCH REDSAGE HELLO SUNSHINE , SR90935406 10/28/2015. Breeder: Katherine J Dahlstet and. Sandra N Holmes By CH Baftay's Little Bit Rock n Roll BN CGC -- CH Trystyn's Some Like It Hot At Redsage. Amy L. Herman and Katherine J. Dahlstet . Bitch. Catlin Cahill, Agent.
17CH BENTON GEORGIA STROM , SR73898301 2/10/2012. Breeder: Marjo Jaakkola. By Benton Catch Another Duck -- Benton United We Stand. Debra A Miller . Dog.
18GCHB CROSSWIND'S CALIFORNIA POPPY TKN CGC , SR74627603 9/10/2012. Breeder: Sandra Bretto and James Morell. By GCH Heatherstone's Jopa Blue -- GCH Saga's The Livin is Easy At Crosswind. Jana S. Cooley . Bitch.
20CH FAIRWIND'S BU-GWYN REUNION , SR78350103 5/16/2013. Breeder: Elizabeth Holmes and Judy Holmes. By CH Islanza Gee Whizz -- CH Fairwind's Dock Of The Bay. Joan Hamaguchi, DVM and Elizabeth Holmes . Bitch.
22GCH LYNLEE'S ISLAND GIRL'S PENNIES FROM HEAVEN CGC , SR81793707 2/16/2014. Breeder: Vickie Harshman. By CH Benton Grand Central Station -- CH Katken's Island Girl. B Michael King & Linda King . Bitch.

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