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ROTTWEILERSJudge: Mr. Brian Meyer
ROTTWEILERS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.
5 NIGHTHAWKS WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE AT INFINITY , WS47425804 5/10/2014. Breeder: Daviann Braun. By CH Thunder Ranch Quota Maximus of Nighthawk -- GCH Nighthawk's Outstanding Ovation CGC. Rich and Anna Mysliwiec and Eileen Koskowski . Dog.

7 LOMA'S I'LL BE YOUR STRENGTH , WS47849503 6/17/2014. Breeder: Loralee Johnson. By Genwork's Good As Gold RN -- Loma'sTequila Sunrise. Loralee Johnson . Dog.
ROTTWEILERS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

9 NU-TANG MORGENSTERN ITALIA'S LIL BOY BLUE , WS45323901 9/1/2013. Breeder: Michele LaRosa. By Eiko Vom Deniel Rott -- Morgenstern's Yasmin V Hauster's Italia. Brittany Brizendine . Dog.

11 TANK , WS29997410 3/23/2009. Breeder: Autumn Barclay. By Caron Von Schloss Hexental -- Classika Vom Stolzerschutz. Angelica Martinez . Dog.
ROTTWEILERS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

15 GROTH ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH , WS40282815 3/15/2012. Breeder: Karen Page, Anthony Groth, Debra. Gentry and Suzan Guynn By GCH Vonhaustier's Anso -- GCH Cammcastle Kreme De Kokoa V Groth CGC TT. Traci and Angelo Hamilton and Anthony Groth. Dog.
ROTTWEILERS American Bred Dogs.
17 EBONY'S ZEKE AND YOU WILL FIND CGC , WS43140801 12/13/2012. Breeder: Jeannie, Robert & Kirsten Tappan. By CH Nighthawks Born For Highwood CD RA -- CH Ebony's Sweet Dream Dallas. Jim and Cindy Brodie . Dog. Jeannie Tappan, Agent.

19 TOUVELL'S ARMAGEDDON VOM LOMA , WS42772105 12/4/2012. Breeder: Mike and Kathy Touvell. and Matt and Loralee Johnson By CH Cammcastle's Fender Bender CD, RA -- Glorious Morn Of Loma Vom Adlerhaus. Dennis and Tonnie McBroom . Dog.

21 GROTH'S PRIMO V MESILLA , WS40282814 3/15/2012. Breeder: K Page, A Groth, D Gentry , S Ott. By GCH Von Haustier's Anso -- GCH Cammcastle Kreme De Kokoa V Groth. Manny Burrola . Dog. Anthony Groth, Agent.

23 LOMA'S TAKEN HOME THE CHECKERED FLAG SMOKE , WS40289603 2/23/2012. Breeder: Loralee and Matt Johnson. By CH Cammcastle's Fender Bender CD RA -- Cherub's Pink Cadillac V Vegas. Rick Peters and Robert Peters . Dog.
ROTTWEILERS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 HIGHWOOD'S FLIRT'N WITH EBONY , WS48430401 6/23/2014. Breeder: Alexandra Vorbeck, Andrea Hesser. and Jeannie Tappan By GCH Ebony Duke Big Kahuna Von Hodge -- GCH Genworks Everything's Coming up Roses for Highwood. Alexandra Vorbeck . Bitch.

8 LOMA'S DON'T STOP BELIEVING , WS47849501 6/17/2014. Breeder: Loralee Johnson. By Genwork's Good As Gold , RN -- Loma's Tequila Sunrise. Loralee Johnson . Bitch.

10 ROTT'N ACRE'S DIAMOND LL V GOLD COIN'S , WS47738902 7/2/2014. Breeder: Joyce Eaton & Mari Lynn Davisson. By CH, FC Banshee's Duke of Rott'n Acre's -- CH Gold Coin's American Beauty. Joyce Eaton . Bitch.
ROTTWEILERS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

12 MARLO'S SHE'S THE CAT'S MEOW , WS46353101 2/5/2014. Breeder: Vickie Joy Stansberry and Marlene. Keene By e'marlo's escobar du temple d'adranos -- CH Marlo's Victor's Victoria. Marlene Keene and Vickie Joy Stansberry . Bitch.

14 RUDEZ MONTANA MISCHIEF MAKER , WS47022607 3/30/2014. Breeder: Kimberly J Whealton. By CH Rudez Cause I Said So V Baar -- Rudez Down In History v Esmond. William and Patty Ward and David Makar and Tina Campos. Bitch.
ROTTWEILERS American Bred Bitches.

16 VON SCHULTE'S DIVIDE ET VINCAS , WS44275701 6/22/2013. Breeder: Robert and Cathy Schulte. By CH Marlo's To Ammo Carlo -- GCH Marlo's Stella Maris. Robert and Cathy Schulte . Bitch.

18 SHELKON'S BACKSTAGE PASS DI PULCHELLA , WS42094406 8/12/2012. Breeder: Irv Ploke, Jim Squires. and Colleen Squires By Astor Von Junipera -- GCH Rottiehof's Wild Irish Rose V Blue. Denise Killian and Dennis R Thomas Jr . Bitch.

20 GEMSTONE'S HERE COMES THE BOOM , WS36994001 3/28/2011. Breeder: Sylvia Pardo Boyle. By Gemstone's Flashfire V Chancellor -- Gemstones Magic Spinel. Michelle Galusha and Robert Galusha . Bitch.
22 CHANCELLOR RUSTY RYAN'S NEMESIS , WS44208403 1/28/2013. Breeder: Wendi Lewellen. By CH Chancellor Soldier's Main Event -- Chancellor's Eternal Outrageous Gaea. Paula Barrera & Wendi Lewellen . Bitch.
24 EBONY'S FLORA PINK LOKELANI , WS41551003 6/27/2012. Breeder: Jeannie Tappan and Kenneth. and Conny Hussey By CH Da-Cars Ebony Sgt Pepper -- CH Parabellum Usa's Professor's Untouchable Rogue. Jon and Kathy Sneddon . Bitch. Kirsten Tappan, Agent.

26 EBONYS GAIT'N AFTER DARK CARLI V STANHILL , WS39537702 12/13/2011. Breeder: Robert, Jeannie and Kristen Tappa. By GCH Stanhill's Gate Keeper RN -- Da-Cars Limited Edition. Ed and Vicki Hilgaertner . Bitch. Jeannie Tappan, Agent.
28 OSTARA'S AVIATRIX RN CGC , WS39232506 11/17/2011. Breeder: Davis Hahn and Suzan Otto. By GCH Chancellor Flirt's Hi Flyin' Gladiator -- GCH Cammcastle's Quite the Charm V Eis Haus. Mary Beth and Bruce Femmel . Bitch.
30 MARLEE VON ADLERHAUS , WS44918201 4/21/2013. Breeder: Bernardo Aguila. By Paco Black Allusion -- Dora Masterfield. Loren and Mary Chiever . Bitch.

32 VON SCHULTE'S LA NINA , WS44275702 6/22/2013. Breeder: Owners. By CH Marlo's Ti Ammo Carlo -- GCH Marlo's Stella Maris. Robert and Cathy Schulte . Bitch.

34 LOMA'S LIGHTENING STRIKE VOM TOUVELL , WS42772103 12/4/2012. Breeder: Mike and Kathy Touvell. and Matt and Loralee Johnson By CH Cammcastle's Fender Bender CD, RA -- Glorious Morn Of Loma Von Alderhaus RN. Dennis and Tonnie McBroom and Loralee Johnson . Bitch.
ROTTWEILERS Best-of-Breed/Variety
25CH GROTH BAKARI OBI MY SAPPHIRE FLEMING CGC , WS32560505 11/24/2009. Breeder: Karen Page, Anthony Groth, Debra. Gentry, Helen Weaver By CH Marlo's La Dolce Vito -- CH Cammcastle Kreme De Kathoa V Groth. Anthony and Maria Fleming . Dog.
27GCH EBONY RUGER VON HODGE CGC , WS34043210 4/7/2011. Breeder: Peggy Alyala, Mark, Fretz and. Jeannie Tappan By CH Da-Cars Ebony Sgt Pepper -- Eglebaus Catori V Alganquin. Derek and Robin Kruzner . Dog. Kirsten Tappan, Agent.
29GCH VON LOVEN THE SPIN NEVER STOPS , WS40417006 2/21/2012. Breeder: owner. By CH Da-Cars The Spin Stops Here -- Roylwinds Samantha Von Loven. Ilyse and Itzik Loven . Dog. Robert Galusha, Agent.
31CH HAVENHAUS HERE WE GO AGAIN , WS34220801 5/28/2010. Breeder: Shay Tuttle. By CH Chancellor's Grand Slam Sam, RN -- CH HavenHaus Georgia Peach. Sandra & Steve Burns . Dog. Dick Greaver, Agent.
33GCH HAINES ABEL FOR QUEANS,CD, RN , WS39248703 10/19/2011. Breeder: Robert Haines. By CH Nighthawks Born for Highwood, CD -- CH Da-Cars Vom Rococo Haines. Jill Kessler-Miller and Yolanda Gallardo . Dog. Jeannie Tappan, Agent.
35GCH CREEL'S ROCKING ON WINGS OF ANGELS CGC,RN , WS37058104 2/27/2011. Breeder: Brenda Creel & Debbie Neel. By CH Da-cars Ebony Sgt. Pepper CGC -- Tessa vom Neel Creel. Cynthia M. & Christopher Holcomb . Dog.
36CH WYNTER VOM STEFANHAUS CGC , WS41700702 8/24/2012. Breeder: Sharlynn Grant. By CH Sunbear's Apprentice CD RE HT -- CH Creel's Lola Vom Stefanhaus. Sharlynn Grant and Kevin Hartman and Joan Hartman. Bitch.
37CH GROTH DARIUS OF BLACK STAR , WS40282812 3/15/2012. Breeder: Karen Page and Antrhony Groth. and Debra Gentry and Suzan By GCH Von Haustier's Anso -- GCH Cammcastle's Kreme De Kokoa V Groth. Bryan and Loralei Dewe . Dog. Kelly Hackler, Agent.
38GCH BIGLUV'S LADY ISBELLA CGC RN , WS36079903 11/30/2010. Breeder: Mary Johnson. By CH Chancellor's Iron Challenger -- Bigluv's R 'N B. Susan Abel . Bitch. Stephanie House, Agent.
40CH STANHILL'S HERE'S PEPSIE,CGC , WS44139002 5/24/2013. Breeder: owner and. D Mitchell By GCH Stanhill's Gate Keeper RN CGC -- CH Nitehawks Keeper of Eternlfire. Ed and Vicki Hilgaertner . Bitch.
42CH ROYLWIND'S MADE IN AMERICA V DA-CAR , WS40880401 4/9/2012. Breeder: Roberta Bordenkircher. By CH Da-Cars The Spin Stops Here -- Roylwinds Iron Maiden. Roberta Bordenkircher and David and Carole Coito . Bitch. Doug Price, Agent.

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