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RALLY NOVICE BJudge: Mrs. Carolyn S. Wray

105 HOBBSHIRE DANCE WARS CD CGC , TR75686904 3/19/2008. Breeder: Denise Quittmeyer. By CH Chadwick Brig O'Doon AX AXJ -- CH Hobbshire Patty Cakes. Owner: Gail Katz and Tracey Katz .Dog, CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS.

106 BILLYJO'S DRAMBUIE KALEEF , DN37950201 11/26/2012. Breeder: Bill and Joanne Randall. By CH Pastor Burgoes -- Karizma's Belladonna V Kaleef. Owner: Deborah Stern and James Moses and Sheree Moses .Bitch, GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS.

107CH KISMET'S ULTIMO ASOMBRO DE NARDOS , RN24426404 8/25/2012. Breeder: Mary Gonzalez. By CH Kismet's Legend of the Wess -- GCH Ebet's Mint Julip At Kismet RE. Owner: Edithmary Stenz and Gretchen A Chambers .Dog, MANCHESTER TERRIERS (TOY).

108 SUMMITHILL WAFFLEHOUSE PANCAKES , DN36414103 3/18/2013. Breeder: Cynthia Pera. By CH Summithill Sures Hero -- Summithill Sloe Gin Fizz. Owner: Nicolas and Ashley Christon .Bitch, PEMBROKE WELSH CORGIS.

109GCH MARLMONT'S GRAND SLAM , DN28388102 6/14/2010. Breeder: Debra Castelanelli and J L Quam. By Brookehaven Strangers in the Night -- CH Marimont's Homecoming Warrior. Owner: Lila Lippow .Dog, PEMBROKE WELSH CORGIS.

110 GEMSTONE'S TOAST OF THE COAST JE , RN21764701 12/15/2010. Breeder: Elaine Brown and Rhonda Martin. and Becky Graham By CH UPS'N Downs Out'ta My Way -- CH Bannerkins Gemstone, JE. Owner: Lyn McArthur and Rhonda Martin & Becky Graham .Bitch, BORDER TERRIERS.

111GCH SKYLINE BLACK TIE AFFAIR O'REY , HP25893001 5/3/2007. Breeder: Pat and Sharon Cordova. By CH Morozova Skylines Fame -- CH Scarbrofares Amber Snowbird. Owner: K.E. and G.A. Novotny .Dog, BORZOIS.

114GCH WINMAR'S WANNA GET LUCKY , WS29450902 12/7/2008. Breeder: Beth Wilhite and Lisa R Burroff. By CH Foxfire Take'n It All -- CH Royal Tudor's Black Lace Winmar. Owner: Beth Wilhite and Lisa R. Burroff .Dog, DOBERMAN PINSCHERS.

115GCH SUGAR'S WILD FERGIE PT,CGC,CD , DN25026002 5/19/2009. Breeder: Rochelle Gribler, Todd Gribler. By Eight Ball Corner Pocket -- CJ's Let's Boogaloo. Owner: Rochelle Gribler .Bitch, AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOGS.

116 TEKO GOODFIELD ALL IN AT POINTGOLD , SR75844501 10/16/2012. Breeder: Shannon Oliver an Emily Pate. and Jennifer Masterson By CH Teko Goodfield Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt -- CH Masters Fu8tura Teko Raz'N Th'Bar. Owner: Marva Petrequin and Deborah Harper and S. Oliver and E. Pate.Dog, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).

117CH STONECROFT'S PRETTY FIERCE POTRERO , WS38523805 9/13/2011. Breeder: Misty Barker. By GCH Firehorse Franklin -- Stonecroft Summer. Owner: Gabriel Rodriguez and Alexia Fino and Chloe Lete .Bitch, CANE CORSO.

118 NEEMA VMALAIKA BLUE BABA MZAA , HP43911601 9/16/2012. Breeder: Margaret Davis. By CH Neema H Kipenzi Baba Mzaa -- Lamarde Perro Neemazuri CD RE OAP NJP ThD. Owner: Margaret Davis .Dog, RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS.

121 ROCKRYDGE'S THOROUGHLY MODERN,CGC , DN32591405 12/20/2011. Breeder: Sandra Rees and S. Holtz. By CH Akilah's Frozen In Time -- Akilah's Complete Package CDX, RAE. Owner: Sandra Rees .Bitch, AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS.

122CH RISTLE NOTHING BUT NET , RN20251604 1/12/2011. Breeder: Owners. By CH Duet's March Madness -- CH Ristle Morgan Furchild. Owner: Kathy & Jim Robinson and Jennifer and Neil Vanniman and D'Arcy Downs-Vollbract.Bitch, BORDER TERRIERS.

123 WINDSTAR'S GIA FEARLESS LOVE , DN27808906 5/6/2010. Breeder: Denise Nelson and Krystal Nelson. By CH Windstar's Fury -- CH Windstar's Simply the Best. Owner: Cindi Sims and Dinesen Nelson .Bitch, BORDER COLLIES.

124 WINDAMIR'S HAUTE COUTURE V CARABELLA , WS40792405 4/15/2012. Breeder: Sharon Morgan and Carol Richie. By GCH Dark Angels Aden Red Energy -- CH Windamir Bella Des Charmettes. Owner: Robyn Harrel .Bitch, GERMAN PINSCHER.

125 POWERHOUSE'S A STORMS A BREWING , DN36339302 1/31/2013. Breeder: Heather Henisey. By Cymric Hank Born To Boogie -- Wildblue Tartan Mist. Owner: Heather Henisey .Bitch, BORDER COLLIES.

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