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RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

5 PRESIDIO LOCK STOCK AND BARREL , HP46577104 12/27/2013. Breeder: Martha Prendergast and Erin. Prendergast By GCH Raviro Chiposhi Remington Rimfire -- GCH Diamond P Zenyatta Mondatta Asali. Martha and Erin Prendergast . Dog.

7 RED DAWG'S SABERIDGE GRYPHON , HP47029705 2/18/2014. Breeder: Red Dawg. By DCH Chiastolite Obsidian Knight of HPK-TrapacoSC -- CH Saberidge Satisfaction Guaranteed. Julie Williams and J. McKinney,L. McCraken and Clare Williams. Dog.
RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

9 OAKHURST LEGENDS OF THE FALL , HP43073001 6/6/2012. Breeder: Linda A Shue and Barbara G Rupert. By GCH Adill's American Idol -- CH Oakhurst Mi Mi Sharika SC. Linda A. Shue and Barbara Rupert . Dog.

11 RIVERCITY'S MY AFRICAN FRIEND , HP47445201 4/21/2014. Breeder: Troy L Abney & June Belchamber &. Maureen Wheeler By CH Westwood Kubwa Simba Maliki -- CH Rivercity's Do It And Never Apologize. Troy L. Abney & Aaron McGee . Dog.

15 DIMONDS FAST TIMES AT RIVERCITY HIGH , HP45090301 3/5/2013. Breeder: Sandra Gordon-Lentsch. By RiverCitys Speed Racer -- GCH Diamonds Luck Be A Lady. Kate & Kevin Zimmer & Troy L Abney . Dog.

17 CALICO RIDGE MALAKA'S DIA JABARI MAKAMU BAKARI , HP46445801 8/19/2013. Breeder: Diane Jacobsen. By Crestridge Kengalis Full Throttled Chopper -- Calico Ridge American Honey. Eric C Karsgor Jr . Dog.
19 MANZANITA'S THUNDER ROAD , HP44913607 3/3/2013. Breeder: Lyn Valdivia. By GCH DC Blue Nile Lotus of Mihos, SC -- FC Manzanita's Hat Trick, SC. Lyn Valdivia & Sharleen Romer . Dog.
21 PHERON'S REBOOT THE MISSION , HP46031601 9/13/2013. Breeder: Catherine L Schock. By CH Pheron's and Highdesert Experience CGC -- GCH Pheron Annya Tatenda Rajataru. Catherine L Schock and Lucy Adams and Jay Schock . Dog.
RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

8 HIGH DESERT QUEEN'S RANSOM , HP47409308 6/26/2014. Breeder: Lucy Adams. By CH Pheron's and Highdesert Experience -- CH Saberridge Pretty Woman JC. Olga Romanov and Sergei Yershov . Bitch.
RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.
10 PRESIDIO SMALL TOWN GIRL , HP46577103 12/27/2013. Breeder: owner. By GCH Raviro Chiposhi Remington Rimfire -- GCH Diamond P Zenyatta Mondatta Asali. Martha and Erin Prendergast . Bitch.

12 DIABLO'S AFTERNOON DELIGHT , HP47292202 4/12/2014. Breeder: Nancy Faville & Rebecca Boese. By GCH Diablo's back Alley Brawler CGC -- Diablo's Tokyo Take-Out. Rebecca Boese & Rory McMilton & Nancy Faville. Bitch.

14 RUFARO'S KISSES SWEETER THAN WINE , HP42187105 1/12/2012. Breeder: Jennifer Taylor-Cousar. By GCH Mzazi's Beau De Soleil -- GCH DC Ridge View's Some Kind of Wonderful of Lija. Frank and Colleen Taylor and Jennifer Taylor-Cousar . Bitch. Mari Lynn Davisson, Agent.
16 BLUE NILE PLEIADES ARE YOU SIRIUS , HP44006505 9/30/2013. Breeder: Sherrie Todd. By CH Blue Nile Dogon Sirius SC NJP -- CH HPK-Tropaco Huntress Of Blue Nile. Sean and Margaret Bobbitt . Bitch.

18 JUBA LEE'S CLASSIQUE JOIE DE VIVRE CGC , HP45861003 6/18/2013. Breeder: Kerry Williams. and Christine St. George By CH Juba Lee's MVP Maverick -- DCH Lamarde Perro Papa Wasa Juba Lee, MC. Cassie and Cliff Taylor and Kerry Williams and Sally Cook . Bitch.

20 XIVA OF MALABO APD , HP47713901 5/28/2013. Breeder: Ana Paola Diniz. By GCH Robert Redford Of Malabo APD -- CH Hi-Fi Afrikka of Malabo APD JC. Ana Paola Caltabiano & Dos Santos Diniz . Bitch. Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, Agent.

22 DIABLO'S LATEST CENTSATION , HP41299003 7/31/2011. Breeder: Nancy Faville and Kevin &. Shelley McNary By GCH Pupukearidge Ikaika O Sprngvly -- CH Diablo's London Calling. Nancy Faville and Chris and Cheyenne Heinrich . Bitch.

24 SANA'S IMAGINE REAL MONEY IN THE WOODS , HP40825701 7/20/2011. Breeder: owner. By CH Images In The Woods of Reddawg -- CH Sana's Tiger Lily In The Woods. Diane Young, DVM and Victoria Lindsay . Bitch. Michelle Paulin, Agent.

26 MANZANITA'S PINK CADILLAC SC , HP44913601 3/3/2013. Breeder: Lyn Valdivia. By GCH DC Blue Nile Lotus of Mihas SC -- FC Manzanita's Hat Trick SC. Lyn & Art Valdivia . Bitch.

23GCH DIABLO'S BACK ALLEY BRAWLER, CGC , HP43399202 5/8/2012. Breeder: Kevin McNary and Shelley McNary. and Nancy Faville By CH Orangewood's Talk O'The Town -- CH Diablo's London Calling. Helle Rasmussen and Nancy Faville and Rebecca Boe . Dog.

25GCH BLUE NILE CZAR ZAIDEN BY HPK-TROPACO SC, HP40449004 4/19/2011. Breeder: Sherrie Todd, Helen Hayek &. David Hayek By CH HPK Tropaco Formula One -- CH Blue Nile Secret of the Sahara, JC. Sherrie Todd . Dog. Julie Jones, Agent.
27CH NATHARI OF MALABO APD , HP41718602 11/7/2011. Breeder: Ana Paola Diniz. By CH Beam of Light of Malabo APD -- Faaiza Spring Valley's of Malabo APD. Ana Paola Diniz . Dog. Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, Agent.

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