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Angeles Canyon Dog Club


RUSSELL TERRIERJudge: Mrs. Pamela B. Peat
RUSSELL TERRIER Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.
5 DUCKLING'S JR JUST PRONTO , RN28640601 5/9/2015. Breeder: Christina Areskough. By Touchstar Orinoco -- Duckling's JR Just Kaitlin. David R Evans . Dog.
7 ROLLING HILL PISMO PETE , RN28309001 6/12/2015. Breeder: Melissa Wilson DVM. By Jkennekrokens Norwegian By Nature -- Rolling Hill Flowers For Dreams. Pam Narz . Dog. Bergit H Kabel, Agent.
RUSSELL TERRIER 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

9 D.B.F. FAST AND FURIOUS WIZARD DOM , RN27847105 . Breeder: Candace Lundin. By CH Alvier-Abune Thidalium -- BDF Victory Lap. Candace Lundin & Kathryn Lissa Thomas . Dog.

11 LYRICAL'S LITTLE WHITE SECRETS , RN27447808 10/25/2014. Breeder: Alan Hargrave. By GCH Mon Amour JP Rainbow Blossoms -- CH Duckling's JR Just Joy. Kathryn Lissa Thomas . Dog.
RUSSELL TERRIER Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

6 KAJSENSBORG'S LILLIAN THE QUEEN , DK13378201 5/6/2015. Breeder: Tenna Grenaae. By Kajsensborg's Dirty Secret -- Kajsenborg's A View To A Kill. Jill Ferrera . Bitch. Gustavo Mollinari, Agent.
8 RIVER BRANCH HOT TOPIC AT WYNAKIN , RN28270402 4/27/2015. Breeder: Liz McKinney & Melissa White. By CH Lucky Jack Paco -- CH River Branch All That Glitters. Berna Lee Akin & Melissa White . Bitch.
RUSSELL TERRIER 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

10 DBF WOODSONG WIZARD'S HOT TROPHY , RN28230106 4/24/2015. Breeder: Candance Lundin & Melissa Dodge. By CH Trophy Again Dell 'Isola Dei Baroni -- CH DBF Woodsong Hot in Clleceland. Candace Lundin, DVM . Bitch.

12 D.B. F. TALISMAN WIZARD'S MIDSUMMER PIXIE , RN27799603 3/3/2015. Breeder: Dr. Candace Lundin &. Robin Shelleman By GCH DBF Hart Trophy -- Talisman D.D.F. Mary-Go-Round. Kathryn Thomas . Bitch.
RUSSELL TERRIER Best-of-Breed/Variety

15GCH LYRICAL'S PREACHIN' TO THE CHOIR , RN26002201 9/4/2013. Breeder: Dr. Alan Hargrave. By GCH Appasionato JP Monamour's Star -- CH Duckling's Jr Just Joy. Dr. Alan Hargrave and Jill Ferrera . Dog. Gustavo Molinari, Agent.

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