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RALLY ADVANCED BJudge: Mr. Alvin W. Eng

208 ELLIE , MA20303401 8/10/2012. Breeder: . By -- . Owner: Julie Lagan .Bitch, MIXED BREEDS.

305 LITTLE BIT OF PIXIE DUST , PAL258163 1/20/2011. Breeder: . By -- . Owner: Julie Mischke .Bitch, DACHSHUNDS (SMOOTH).

311CH SUNBREAK O LADY BE GOOD CD RE AX MXJ XF , SR44860303 9/5/2007. Breeder: Linda Green. By CH Shaemars For Your Eyes Only -- CH MACH Sunbreak Shameless CD RA MX MXJ XF. Owner: Katherine Honegger .Bitch, SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER).

312CH WYNDJMR'S STORM FRONT , NP13274103 6/13/2006. Breeder: Robin G. & Kenneth J. Skinner. By CH Windrift's Wynjamr Futures -- CH Wyndamr's Clear Skies Ahead. Owner: Richard and Mary Ward .Dog, KEESHONDEN.

314 SHOOTING STARS SILVER LINING FLYNN CGC CGCA CD RN , DN29014403 8/10/2010. Breeder: Debbie Majewski. By CH Aren Rays Diamonheir -- Shalamar Black Magic Woman. Owner: Rosemary James .Dog, SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS.
315GCH BEL CANTO FIREWORKS HSAS CD , DN28806401 8/8/2010. Breeder: Evelynn McGuinness. By GCH Sky Acres Blazin' Blue Angel HSAs,UD,RA -- DCH Bel Canto Firebird HYA,HXC,HSB. Owner: Frank McAninch and Evelynn McGuinness .Bitch, BELGIAN TERVUREN.

316CH SUREFIRE'S SECRET LITTLE SPOT BN CD JH, SR56797905 5/26/2009. Breeder: J and A Payton. By DCH Nyramskov's H Hector -- CH Surefire's Secret Moonshine RN JH. Owner: Andy and Joan Payton .Dog, POINTERS (GERMAN WIREHAIRED).

317 MONFORT DANCING IN THE DARK CGCA , PR15632402 9/6/2011. Breeder: Karen and John Calkins. By Sharbelle Montana High -- GCH Monfort Ariel Arietta. Owner: Lynn L Howe .Bitch, POODLES (STANDARD).

318 MELLON KOLLIE , MA01373201 2/14/2009. Breeder: . By -- . Owner: Jerry Tonnelli and Judith Tonnelli .Bitch, MIXED BREEDS.

319CH CHERCHER DEJA VU MON AMIE DIVOT BN, THD RN , DN22947501 7/28/2008. Breeder: Barbara K. Lee and Terry Miller. By CH Mon Jovis Renoir -- CH Deja Vu Blustone Utter Nonsens THD. Owner: Barbara K. Lee .Dog, BRIARDS.

320 AMIRENE NAUGHTY MISS KISS CDX RA RE , SR66655701 8/4/2009. Breeder: Margaret Woods. By Amirene Some Kind of Loving -- Rossbourne Kandy Kisses. Owner: Dorothea Allee .Bitch, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).

321 BIX-L'S SKYWALKER, RN,HT,CGC , WS34341703 4/16/2010. Breeder: Beth Pariseau & Susan Burnett. By CH Pearlisle Standing-O for Bix-L -- CH Bix-L's Photo Finish. Owner: JoAnne Rowles .Dog, BOXERS.

322 LOCK N LOAD BLITZBURGH BULLET , WS37111002 4/5/2011. Breeder: Owner. By Dig Vom Silvermoon -- Glock Vom Messingsberg. Owner: Colleen Gable .Bitch, BOXERS.

323 RPYR THEODORE NANSEN , WS20976109 2/20/2007. Breeder: Shirley Daniel and David Daniel. By CH RPYR To Kill A Mockingbird -- KC. Owner: Tommy Dickey and David Dickey and Terrie Strom.Dog, GREAT PYRENEES.

324 FRAULEIN SCHAFFERIN RALEIGH , DN25711701 7/6/2009. Breeder: Scott and Melanie Williams. By Avieda Vom Haus Westerman -- Fraulein Schafferin Rio. Owner: Ramona Winfrey .Bitch, GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS.
325 NICHOLBERRY'S SIR OLEG RN CD , SR70605407 11/7/2011. Breeder: Kerry Nichols. By Raynox Inside Edition -- Rainox Release Sweet Smile. Owner: Dorothea Allee .Dog, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).

326 CEDARWOODS LITTLE BEARFOOT DANCER, CDX, RE , SR64313909 7/28/2010. Breeder: Diann Sullivan, Gordon & Tracie. Neitling By CH Cedarwoods FLT of The Phoenix -- Cedarwoods Larkspur Faith. Owner: Donna Jill Andersen .Bitch, RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR).

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