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San Fernando Kennel Club


SIBERIAN HUSKIESJudge: Mr. Robert H. Slay
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
7 KALPANAS PHANTOM OF MUSIC , WS46405705 3/5/2014. Breeder: Michelle Murray and Kristen Reid. By Kalpanas Unanswered Prayers -- Amaroq Pocket Full of Sunshine. Michelle and Chris Murray . Dog.
9 POLI SIKOIA'S PINOT NOIR CGC , WS50565303 4/1/2015. Breeder: M A Falconer & F. & M. Polimeni. & Dr. T. & R. Davies By GCH Myla's Point of Reference -- GCH Myla'N Poli's Winter Rose. MaryLynn Fernandes and Robert DeCrevecoeur . Dog.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 TRILLIUM BLUE WISH UPON A STAR , WS55056105 9/14/2016. Breeder: Elizabeth De Martino, R Estop, M. Estop, L Morin By CH Huskavarna's Four on the Floor -- CH Trillium Blue Twinkle In The Night Sky. Karen Davis and Kelly Riney, M Fernandes, T Porter, S Wong. Bitch.

8 FATAL ATTRACTION! , WS55159903 10/22/2016. Breeder: Chris Smith. By Yukon Of The Red Northern Lights -- Kiana Alaskan Arctic. Janice Sgrol . Bitch.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

10 NANOOK'S WINDS OF THE WINTER , WS56020702 6/14/2016. Breeder: Annette Dionne. By CH Mistral De Ciukci -- CH Nanook's Glisten Of The Sun. Kimberly and Jere Quallio . Bitch.

12 HIGHLANDER'S PANDORA BOX OF JEWELS , WS54076404 6/3/2016. Breeder: Anne and Brian Palmer. By GCH Bralilin's jack be nimble -- CH Highlander's furever in diamonds. Robin Ohriner . Bitch.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.
16 KARNOVANDA'S SURREPTITIOUS , WS53716503 4/9/2016. Breeder: Judith M Russell &. Sarah N Hubbach By GCHB Karnovarda's Stephen Cold Bear -- Karnovarda's Nikiski. Kathleen A Regan & Judith M. Russell . Bitch.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

20 ALNISAR'S LIGHNING IN THE RING , WS50140101 4/2/2015. Breeder: John & Yelena Rosenbaum. By GCH Alnisar's California Gold Rush -- GCH Alnisar's Princessa Anastacia. John and Yelena Rosenbaum . Bitch.

22 KELSO'S AGED TO PERFECTION , WS48249602 5/25/2014. Breeder: owner. By GCH Affinity's Perfect Patriot -- Huskavarnas Sure Bet. Tammy, Chris & Arianna Porter . Bitch.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES American Bred Bitches.

24 ECHO CALL'S ONCE UPON A DECEMBER , WS49276601 1/23/2015. Breeder: Richard A and Collette M. Gagne By CH Echo Call's Sterling Silver -- CH Echo Call's Juneau Girl. Anna Weber & Emma Weber . Bitch.

26 ECHO CALL'S ONCE UPON A DREAM , WS48650606 11/7/2014. Breeder: Richard A Gagne & Collette M Gagn. By Echo Call's Full Throttle Ahead -- Echo Call's Soars Like An Eagle. Anna Weber & Emma Weber . Bitch. Jessica Baldwin, Agent.
28 PACHODI'S RIVER DANCE AT DES-MAR , WS49969805 2/22/2015. Breeder: Kellie Holden. By GCH Paragon's You Had Me At Merlot -- CH Whitepeak's Dark Angel. Kellie Holden and Paula S Marcy . Bitch.

30 TUNDRA-MYSTIC'S MOONLIT SNOWDRIFTER , WS38929703 9/10/2011. Breeder: Lori Brown and Julie Lawter. By CH Tundra-Mystic Just One Look -- CH Kristari's She's Got The Look II. Lori A. Brown and Julie Lawter . Bitch.

36 HIGHLANDER'S FIGHT FOR THE NORTHERN STAR , WS52150003 10/27/2015. Breeder: Anne Palmer. By Davik's Snowstorm Gussit -- Highlander's Furever In Diamonds. Arron & Christy Blake . Bitch.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Best-of-Breed/Variety
11GCH POLI'S TEMPO PRINCIPALE , WS37122903 1/17/2011. Breeder: Brenda Richardson and. Marie Falconer and Frank Polimeni By GCH Poli's ForgetAboutIt -- CH Nando's-Mylas On A Winters Eve. Mark and Christine Pesche . Dog.
17GCH ALNISAR'S CALIFORNIA DREAMING , WS45731501 12/10/2013. Breeder: John and Yelena Rosenbaum. By GCH Alnisar's California Gold Rush -- GCH Alnisar's Princessa Anastacia. John and Yelena Rosenbaum . Dog.
19GCH PARAGON'S EVERY NOW AND ZIN , WS35786802 7/15/2010. Breeder: Terri Erickson. By CH Kontoki's Isaiah Little Prayer For You -- CH Paragon's Red Red Wine. Nancy Sumida and Sherri L DelPozo and Terri Erickson. Dog. Wendy Bettis, Agent.
23CH FIRESKY NORTHERN PERSUASION , WS43422105 2/2/2013. Breeder: Karen Davis and Kelly Riney. By CH Trillium Blue Kemba Walkin' -- Firesky Moonlight Monsoon. Karen Davis & Liz DeMartino & Kelly Riney . Dog.

27CH KARAMAD SUMIRO CRUZ'N TO HELMCREST , WS48882601 9/14/2014. Breeder: Sherri Del Pozo, Nancy Sumida. and Marcy Lew By CH Snowfire's Scenic Cruise -- Karamudsumiro For Zintimental Reasons. Diana and Gary Butts and Sherri Del Pozo and Nancy Sumida. Dog. Stephen Cabral, Agent.

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