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    Show Information

    Judging Program in PDF:
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    List of Judges

    Mrs. Gayle M. DenmanPO Box 71160
    Salt Lake City, UT 84171
    Ms. Kathy Garcia28350 Pontevedra Dr
    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
    Miss Evalyn Gregory18420 Shallowford Ln
    Louisvile, KY 40245
    Mr. David W. HaddockP.O. Box 50579
    Nashville, TN 37205
    Mr. Jamie Hubbard5821 East State Rd 46
    Bloomington, IN 47401
    Mr. Dennis M. McCoy8537 Smith Rd
    Apex, NC 27539
    Mr. Joseph Neil McGinnis III8848 Beverly Hills Rd
    Lakeland, FL 33809
    Mr. George Milutinovich7564 N. Tahan
    Fresno, CA 93711
    Dr. John A. Reeve-Newson108 Rosedale Heights Dr
    Toronto ONT M4T 1C6
    Ms. Elizabeth "Beth" SweigartP.O. Box 186
    Bowmansville, PA 17507


    Judging Program

    Ring No 9
    Judge: Miss Evalyn Gregory
    7:00 PM 
    Ring No 9
    Judge: Mr. George Milutinovich
    7:00 PM 
    Ring No 9
    Judge: Miss Evalyn Gregory
    7:00 PM 
     2Alaskan Malamute 1-1
     6Boxer 4-2
     2Bullmastiff 1-1
     4Doberman Pinscher 1-3
     2Giant Schnauzer 1-1
     5Great Dane 3-2
     2Great Pyrenees 2-0
     2Kuvasz 1-1
     2Mastiff 1-1
     2Rottweiler 2-0
     2Samoyed 0-2
     2Siberian Husky 1-1
     6Bulldog 3-3
    Ring No 9
    Judge: Dr. John A. Reeve-Newson
    7:01 PM 
     2Basenji 1-1
     2Basset Hound 2-0
     2Beagle Fifteen Inches 2-0
     3Bloodhound 1-2
     2Dachshund (Smooth) 0-2
     6Dachshund (Wirehaired) 3-3
     2Irish Wolfhound 0-2
     2Rhodesian Ridgeback 1-1
     4Saluki 2-2
     8Whippet 3-5
    Ring No 9
    Judge: Mr. George Milutinovich
    7:02 PM 
     2Boston Terrier 0-2
     2Chinese Shar-Pei 0-2
     4Dalmatian 2-2
     2French Bulldog 2-0
     2Keeshond 1-1
     2Lowchen 0-2
     2Poodle (Miniature) 0-2
     4Tibetan Terrier 1-3
    Ring No 9
    Judge: Ms. Elizabeth "Beth" Sweigart
    7:03 PM 
     2Cocker Spaniel (Black) 0-2
     2English Cocker Spaniel 0-2
     4English Springer Spaniel 2-2
     2Flat-Coated Retriever 0-2
     2German Shorthaired Pointer 1-1
     6Labrador Retriever 3-3
     4Pointer 2-2
     2Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling) 1-1
     2Spinone Italiano 1-1
     4Vizsla 3-1
     4Weimaraner 1-3
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Ms. Kathy Garcia
    7:00 PM 
     8Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 1-7
     4Chinese Crested 4-0
     2Italian Greyhound 1-1
     2Japanese Chin 1-1
     4Miniature Pinscher 2-2
     2Poodle (Toy) 1-1
     2Pug 1-1
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Mrs. Gayle M. Denman
    7:01 PM 
     2Airedale Terrier 1-1
     2American Staffordshire Terrier 1-1
     10Bull Terrier (Colored) 5-5
     6Bull Terrier (White) 3-3
     2Fox Terrier (Smooth) 0-2
     2Glen of Imaal Terrier 1-1
     2Irish Terrier 1-1
     12Miniature Bull Terrier 3-9
     2Miniature Schnauzer 1-1
     2Russell Terriers 1-1
     2Sealyham Terrier 1-1
     6Staffordshire Bull Terriers 4-2
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Mr. David W. Haddock
    7:02 PM 
     12Australian Cattle Dog 5-7
     2Australian Shepherd 0-2
     2Bearded Collie 0-2
     2Belgian Tervuren 2-0
     2Border Collie 2-0
     6Bouvier Des Flandres 3-3
     4Pembroke Welsh Corgi 1-3
     2Polish Lowland Sheepdog 0-2


    Judging Schedule

    Please Note: This Schedule is for the convenience of exhibitors and spectators.
    If a discrepancy exists between these times and/or ring numbers, and those listed under the ring number in the body of the program, follow the latter.
    Airedale Terrier27:01 PM10
    Alaskan Malamute27:00 PM9
    American Staffordshire Terrier27:01 PM10
    Australian Cattle Dog127:02 PM10
    Australian Shepherd27:02 PM10
    Basenji27:01 PM9
    Basset Hound27:01 PM9
    Beagle Fifteen Inches27:01 PM9
    Bearded Collie27:02 PM10
    Belgian Tervuren27:02 PM10
    Bloodhound47:01 PM9
    Border Collie27:02 PM10
    Boston Terrier27:02 PM9
    Bouvier Des Flandres67:02 PM10
    Boxer67:00 PM9
    Bull Terrier (Colored)107:01 PM10
    Bull Terrier (White)67:01 PM10
    Bulldog67:00 PM9
    Bullmastiff27:00 PM9
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel87:00 PM10
    Chinese Crested47:00 PM10
    Chinese Shar-Pei27:02 PM9
    Cocker Spaniel (Black)27:03 PM9
    Dachshund (Smooth)27:01 PM9
    Dachshund (Wirehaired)67:01 PM9
    Dalmatian47:02 PM9
    Doberman Pinscher47:00 PM9
    English Cocker Spaniel27:03 PM9
    English Springer Spaniel47:03 PM9
    Flat-Coated Retriever27:03 PM9
    Fox Terrier (Smooth)27:01 PM10
    French Bulldog27:02 PM9
    German Shorthaired Pointer27:03 PM9
    Giant Schnauzer27:00 PM9
    Glen of Imaal Terrier27:01 PM10
    Great Dane87:00 PM9
    Great Pyrenees27:00 PM9
    Irish Terrier27:01 PM10
    Irish Wolfhound27:01 PM9
    Italian Greyhound27:00 PM10
    Japanese Chin27:00 PM10
    Keeshond27:02 PM9
    Kuvasz27:00 PM9
    Labrador Retriever67:03 PM9
    Lowchen27:02 PM9
    Mastiff27:00 PM9
    Miniature Bull Terrier127:01 PM10
    Miniature Pinscher47:00 PM10
    Miniature Schnauzer27:01 PM10
    Pembroke Welsh Corgi47:02 PM10
    Pointer47:03 PM9
    Polish Lowland Sheepdog27:02 PM10
    Poodle (Miniature)27:02 PM9
    Poodle (Toy)27:00 PM10
    Pug27:00 PM10
    Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)27:03 PM9
    Rhodesian Ridgeback27:01 PM9
    Rottweiler27:00 PM9
    Russell Terriers27:01 PM10
    Saluki47:01 PM9
    Samoyed27:00 PM9
    Sealyham Terrier27:01 PM10
    Siberian Husky27:00 PM9
    Spinone Italiano27:03 PM9
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers67:01 PM10
    Tibetan Terrier47:02 PM9
    Vizsla47:03 PM9
    Weimaraner47:03 PM9
    Whippet87:01 PM9

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