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San Gabriel Valley Kennel Club


BULLDOGSJudge: Mr. Edd E. Bivin
BULLDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

5 LADY LUCK'S N MAXX'S KNOW WHEN TO HOLD EM , NP43497603 7/17/2016. Breeder: Amber Vallejo. and Patricia and John Merkt By Lady Luck's Only The Boss -- Lady Luck's Charging To The Maxx. Amber Ferreira-Vallejo and Patricia and John Merkt . Dog.
9 QUESADA'S HEAVENBOUND ACE UP MY SLEEVE , NP44110702 8/15/2016. Breeder: Wilfredo Quesada. By GCH Cherokee Legend Cowboy -- GCH Cherokee Legend Nina. Wilfredo Quesada . Dog.

11 DENNILANE'S RUN FOR THE ROSES , NP44102301 8/13/2016. Breeder: Denis Balanag. and Lalaine Policar By GCH Classay Major League HGM In God We Trust -- GCH Dennilane's Sauvignon Blanc. Dennis Balanag and Lalaine Policar . Dog.
BULLDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
15 ROYAL SUN'S NEW SPEEDWAY BOOGIE , NP29216202 1/19/2011. Breeder: Yvonne Miller. By CH Fliippins Scout -- GCH Royal Sun's Sugar Magnolia. Yvonne Miller . Dog.

17 NEWCOMB'S SPIKE , NP42339604 3/17/2016. Breeder: Brenda Newcombe & Link Newcombe. By CH Little Ponds George -- GCH Newcomb's Lacy Underall. Sean Farley & Link Newcomb . Dog.
BULLDOGS American Bred Dogs.

21 LADY LUCK'S BET THE MAXX , NP40616201 8/11/2015. Breeder: Amber Ferreira Vallejo and. Patricia and John Merkt By GCH Itsa Brix -- Lady Luck's Chargin To The Maxx. Stewart Allan Tulledge and Inarose Ann Verdugo, Patricia and John Merkt. Dog.

25 BIGPAPI BULL JESSIE JAMES , NP44223301 3/24/2016. Breeder: Paulo Barahona Chacon. By Inter MeljAbe Gambino -- La Chata Across Other. Adrian & Michelle Quesada & P.B. Chacon . Dog.
BULLDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.
6 TALE TORCHES BURNING BRIGHT FOR FRANKY , NP43533401 6/4/2016. Breeder: owner. By GCH Patton's Attila The Hun Of Pannonia -- TaleTorches Burning Bright Juliet. Debra Munti . Bitch.

8 GUNSLINGER HEAD OVER HEELS @ LONE HAWK , NP43638901 7/16/2016. Breeder: Andrew and Susan Rohringer. and Jay & Christine Serion By GCH Patton's Atilla The Hun Of Pannonia -- Validus Gunlinger Rebel Rousin' Ruby. Sherry Webb and Susan and Andrew Rohringer . Bitch.
BULLDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
12 CAMELOT'S ANGEL OF OPEN SKYES , NP41923201 12/7/2015. Breeder: Adrian and Michelle Quesada, J. Podgarski and D Latronica By GCH Fabrizio Zephyr of Camelot -- Isabeau, Lady Camelot. Adrian & Michelle Quesada . Bitch.
BULLDOGS Open Bitches.

16 NOVA-SHALEY'S MISS SALLY RIDE , NP33508405 1/18/2013. Breeder: Lesley DeHaas and Shaley DeHaas. O'Briant By GCH Graybulls Moonshine in A Mason Jar -- GCH Shaley's Ollie Ollie Oxen. Cindy Liebeck and Lesley DeHaas . Bitch. Jay Serion, Agent.
BULLDOGS Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Bitches.
26GCH B&S SMOKE'N HOT LIL , NP24662908 10/20/2009. Breeder: owner. By CH Babbys Turn It Up A Notch -- B&S Lady Brickel. Scott and Bonnie Johnson . Bitch.
BULLDOGS Best-of-Breed/Variety

22 MAJESTIC'S MIXED EMOTIONS , NP39829703 4/11/2015. Breeder: Shalisa Neeley. By Majestic I'm Her Man -- Majestic This Girl is on Fire. Chelsea Conway . Bitch.
27CH DENNILANE'S BLACK EYED PEAS , NP40169301 5/12/2015. Breeder: Dennis Balanag. and Lalaine Policar By CH Dennilane's Chip Off The Old Block -- GCH Dennilane's Sauvignon Blanc. Dennis Balanag and Lalaine Policar . Dog.
28CH SHOWBIZ GRAYBULLS NEWGIRL IN TOWN , NP41349302 9/29/2015. Breeder: Joan Fisher & Kay Gray. & Anne Hier By GCH Graybulls Personal Vendetta -- GCH Showbiz The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree. Kay Billl Aimee Gray & Joan Fisher . Bitch.
30GCH E. CLIVE'S PRACTICAL MAGIC @ LONE HAWK , NP34853703 6/13/2013. Breeder: Kimberly West. By GCH E. Clive's Bloomin Skirt Chaser -- GCH E. Clive's Witchful Thinking. Sherry Webb and Kimberly West . Bitch.
31GCHS CLASSAY MAJOR LEAGUE HGM IN GOD WE TRUST , NP34159401 3/10/2013. Breeder: S& A Worley & H & T McDermott. By CH Little Ponds George -- Major League Classay a Penny For Your Thoughts. Dennis Balanag and Lalaine Policar . Dog.
33CH LA-NAN-DORS FLYING MACHINE BY DELEN CLOS , NP39444202 2/23/2015. Breeder: Nancy Harrison. By GCH Majestic I'm Her Man! -- Delen Clos Cherokee Molly. Gay Lewis & Cindy Liebeck . Dog.

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