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Kennel Club of Palm Springs


SALUKISJudge: Ms. Rita Biddle, Esq.
SALUKIS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

7 VINDHEM KYZYL KUM MAHA BAKKEER , HP51763501 5/28/2016. Breeder: Owners. By CH Kyzyl Kum Takezo -- CH Kyzyl Kum Ai-Khanoum. Wendy & Brian Duggan Lennart Johansson . Dog.

9 HELDORADO STAMPEDE AT SUNDOG SALOON , HP52201701 5/24/2016. Breeder: Suzi Smith and Cathi Steiner. By CH Salish' Scimitar Devil His Due -- GCH Scimitar Solar Strom JC,. Suzi Smith & Steve Smith . Dog.

15 JIDDA-ZABARRE A SILVER LINING , HP51692005 4/17/2016. Breeder: Karen Archibald. and Julie Zucker By CH Zabarre Avi Ben-Elaba -- CH Jidda Tigris Galena Zabarre. Deborah J Whaley and Karen Archibald . Dog.
SALUKIS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

19 TIGRIS AMOR BISHARA , HP50900305 2/12/2016. Breeder: Jennifer Trefonas. By CH Salish's Scimitar Devil His Due -- Tigris Jidda Persian Turquoise. Edwar Bishara . Dog.
21 ZIA IMPALA ALASKAN DREAM , HP51151402 2/3/2016. Breeder: Lois-Ann Snyder, Sally L Reigle. By Freespirits As You Like It -- Impala Chile De Arbol. Rebecca Ann Eull . Dog.
SALUKIS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

25 ALBION'S ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT , HP50679605 11/14/2015. Breeder: Karen and Jerry Browning. By GCH Hillside's CaribbeanPirate At Albion -- CH Shasei Prelude To A Kiss. Kelly Mattiuz and Jerry Browning . Dog.

27 DESPERADO PB LIVE AT RED ROCKS , HP50388704 11/18/2015. Breeder: Tina and Richard Jumbelick. By GCHS Impala Ladies Love Outlaws -- DCH Desperado Pb Peppermint Patty SC. Carmen Day and Anna Meszaros, Tina Jumbelick and Richard Jumbelick. Dog.
SALUKIS Amature Owner-Handler Dogs.

31 IMPALA RUNNIN' MOONSHINE , HP48268001 8/14/2014. Breeder: Lois-Ann Snyder. By GCH Impala Ladies Love Outlaws -- GCH Chubasco Goldi Looks For Impala RN SC. Tracey Jaquish and Lois-Ann Snyder and Emerson Jaquish. Dog.
SALUKIS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

33 WILD WEST SHOW AT SUNDOG SALOON , HP52201702 5/24/2016. Breeder: Suzi Smith and Cathi Steiner. By CH Salish' Scimitar Devil His Due -- GCH Scimitar Solar Storm Jc, CGC. Suzi Smith and Cathi Steiner . Dog.
SALUKIS Open Dogs.

37 FC DADAELIS RABDAN DREAM COME TRUE SC, CGC , HP44451801 8/13/2012. Breeder: Marilyn LaBrache Brown. By CH Elysian Fields Saudan -- CH Dadaelis T'Cai Rabiah. Rebecca Ann Eull . Dog.
39 DESPERADO PB FIERCE PASSION CHEZDAY , HP43036803 5/12/2012. Breeder: Tina and Richard Jumbelick. By CH Aijalon Aztedc Dancer Chezday -- DCH Desperado Pb Peppermint Patty. Carmen K. Day and Tina Jumbelick and Peter Day . Dog.

41 TUBILA'N AEOLUS YOUR WILDEST DREAM , HP41420804 8/31/2011. Breeder: Janis & Lori Gootemaat & Kevin &. Dawn Carlson By DCH Impala Chobasco Toocson, SC -- CH Aeolus' Stole My Heart, JC. Sharon Stead . Dog.

45 ZABARRE ELLORA JAMIE , HP34542705 6/14/2009. Breeder: Julie and Ryan Zucker. By CH Zabarre Springtime Timbavati -- CH Zabarre Xalimen R. J.'s Rima. Ann Mary Pine and Julie Zucker and Susan Weitz. Dog.
SALUKIS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
6 SADIK PRIDE AND JOY , HP49990901 8/9/2015. Breeder: owner. By CH Lorrequer Kharyder -- GCH Sadik Akhtar Piece of My Heart JC. Catherine L. Chapman . Bitch.

10 ASHANU STELLA ROSA , HP43765602 6/6/2012. Breeder: Anne Perlow Bearden. and Melody Odekirk By GCH Ranesaw May You Sail A Gentle Sea JC -- Noble Ahsanu Unforgettable. Anne Perlow Bearden and George Bearden . Bitch.
SALUKIS Open Bitches.
12 KHIVA'S JONDEE EVENSTAR OF QUEEBA RN CGC SC, HP44152501 10/3/2012. Breeder: Deborah Satterfield. and Craig Stephens & Valerie Ham By GCH Timaru Shadowfax -- GCH Khiva's Natasha Vananda. Gayle Gardner MFA . Bitch.

14 AURORA'S STELLA BY STARLIGHT , HP49192106 4/16/2015. Breeder: Julie L. Mueller. and Eugene Blake By GCH Aurora's The Song and Dance Man -- CH Aurora's What's Love Got To Do With It. Bonnie Dicus and Jane Conrow . Bitch.

16 YAMADAN'S HADIYA AL-MAAS BAHIIM , HP41021606 5/14/2011. Breeder: Brad Gamble & Stephanie Gamble. By Yamadan Wahlid Kabir Al Adead -- Yamadan's Red Chile of Arabesque. Sharon Stead and Stephkanie Gamble . Bitch.

18 TEZZY AV VILJE OG VE , HP50091701 3/25/2015. Breeder: Tonje Heimdal. By Dahqin Baquir -- Amasonelands Shahdi Jala. Wendy and Brian Duggan . Bitch.
20FC IMPALA REDNECK GRRRL LIKE ME SC, HP46700605 11/14/2013. Breeder: Lois-Ann Snyder. By CH Impala Red Headed Stranger -- GCH DC Chubasco Goldi Looks For Impala RN SC. Deborah Whaley & Lois-Ann Snyder . Bitch.
22 ALII ENCHANTMENT PASSING THOUGH , HP49861201 5/4/2015. Breeder: Teila and Teirnee Childers. By Alii Daddy Longlegs -- Alii Hooray For Hollywood. Micky Buddingh and Tiela and Teirnee Childers . Bitch.
SALUKIS Best-of-Breed/Variety
24 HEDIYEH MYIESHA EXCELSIOR FOUREVER AFTER , HP47889303 8/24/2014. Breeder: Carol and Russell Pearce. & J Arron & J Pearce By GCH Sundara's Here Comes the Sun -- GCH Hediyeh Uriela Priya Bat Yosef. Carole Beyerle . Bitch.
28CH SCIMITAR SOLAR STORM JC CGC , HP41634205 6/14/2011. Breeder: C. Steiner, M. Clark, W. Sirianni. and P. Sirianni By CH Z'Bee Che Bellina Dante -- CH Sirianni Red Scimitar. Suzi Smith and Cathi Steiner . Bitch.
30CH KARNAK'S AJAH ROSE OF SUNDARA , HP45628705 5/9/2013. Breeder: Patricia Mary Karnik. By GCH Sundara's Here Comes The Sun -- GCH Karnak Reign's Sehrene. Hanna Rose Haag & Michelle Haag . Bitch.
32CH SADIK RFR SUMMER BREEZE JC , HP43837201 9/7/2012. Breeder: Catherine Chapman & Karon Lonero. By GCH Desperado PB Charlie Brown -- CH Sadik Briza Wind. Catherine L. Chapman . Bitch.
36CH SIRHAN ZAHARA AKHTAR WINDSTORM , HP48482001 6/23/2014. Breeder: Dee and Brian Laurie-Beaumont and. Randy & Starr White By Lamaan Idris -- GCH Windstorm Taliah El Sirhan CGN. Jim and Linda Griffin . Bitch.
38GCH AL QAHIRAH A LOVESONG OF TWO HEARTS , HP39204303 11/1/2010. Breeder: Lillian Murphy. By CH Sringar Cairo Styx-Tekenu -- Sringar Lady Godiva Of Cairo. Lisa & Todd Boswell and Lillian Murphy . Bitch.

49CH AHSANU MOVES LIKE JAGGER , HP43765601 6/6/2012. Breeder: Anne Perlow Bearden and Melody. Odekirk By GCH Ranesaw May You Sail a Gentle Sea JC -- Noble Ahsanu Unforgettable. Anne Perlow Bearden and George Bearden . Dog.
51GCH IMPALA LADIES LOVE OUTLAWS , HP41452603 9/15/2011. Breeder: Lios-Ann Snyder. and Margie C. Choinski By CH Z'Bee Che Bellina Dante -- CH Impala Habanero. Lois-Ann Snyder . Dog.
53CH AL SAYAD DAR ARABEAN KNIGHTS , HP40642703 4/27/2011. Breeder: Fiona Bennett and Charles Record. By CH D'Ansor's Santiago -- Al Sayad Tigris Art Kalliste. Fiona Bennett and Charles Record . Dog.
55CH BAHA HEART OF GOLD CGC JC, HP45075106 2/17/2013. Breeder: Caroline Coile. By GCH Baha Persian of Interest CD RN SC NA AXJ NF -- GCH Bark & Dives JP Baha Luna of Khiva RN Sc. Lisa & Todd Boswell . Dog.
57GCH SUNDARA'S HERE COMES THE SUN , HP34895401 5/13/2009. Breeder: Michelle, Michael-Paul and. Reily Haag By CH Blue Nile Vanilla Ice -- CH Sundara's Liberte de'Sundown. Michelle Haag and Erin M Coogan . Dog.
59CH IMPALA RED HEADED STRANGER , HP41452601 9/15/2011. Breeder: Lois-Ann Snyder and Margie C. Choinski By CH Z'Bee Che Bellina Dante -- CH Impala Habanero JC. Lois-Ann Snyder . Dog.

61GCH RANESAW RSA A NIGHT ON THE TOWN , HP41665205 10/5/2011. Breeder: Ronald J Wassenaar, Jacquelyn M. Wassenaar,Pamela Mohr,John Mohr By GCH Ranesaw May Youy Sail A Gentle Sea JC -- Shahtani Moonstruck. Ronald J Wassenaar and Jacquelyn M Wassenaar and John Mohr and Pamela Mohr. Dog.
63GCH CAKRA JP DHARMA ONE HEART , HP50829801 10/3/2013. Breeder: Hidemitsu Shibuya. By Carma's Indian Summer -- Cakra JP Anjari Dipa. Hidemitsu Shibuya . Dog. Andy Linton, Agent.
65 CH AURORA'S RHYTHM OF MY HEART , HP49192101 4/16/2015. Breeder: Julie L Mueller. & Eugene Blake By CH Aurora's The Song And Dance Man -- CH Aurora's What's Love Got To Do With It. Julie L. Mueller & Eugene Blake . Dog.

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