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SIBERIAN HUSKIESJudge: Col. Joe B. Purkhiser
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

7 ECHO CALL'S NIKO SUAVE , WS41918502 9/1/2012. Breeder: Richard A Collette M Gagne. By GCH Echo Call's Bullet Proof -- Echo Call's Fair Banks. Joseph Alarcon and Richard and Collette Gagne . Dog.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

11 ALEUTIAN'S RACE INTO SPACE , WS36861201 1/19/2011. Breeder: Jennifer Ozols. By CH Koobear Chicago -- CH Echo Call's Miss Kentucky Derby. Jennifer Ozols . Dog.
15 ECHO CALL'S LEGACY OF NAKOTA , WS35794004 11/18/2010. Breeder: Richard A. & Collette M. Gagne. By CH Echo Call's Legend In His Time -- Echo Call's Fairbanks. Joseph Alarcon . Dog.

19 SAGEBRUSH'S RED WINE & BLUE , WS39264902 11/11/2011. Breeder: Sherri L Del Pozo and Bonnie. Finelli, Marcy Lew & Nanc By CH Paragon's Every Now & Zin -- CH Sagebrush's Blue Point. Bonnie Finelli and Sherri Del Pozo . Dog.
21 KALPAN AS UNANSWERED PRAYERS , WS15806504 12/9/2005. Breeder: Michelle Reid & C. Peterson. By CH Cracar/Katos Whitewater Rapids -- Crracar/Kalpanas Livn A Dream. Michelle Murray . Dog.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

6 BRITESTARS COLOR BY DESIGN , WS34863503 2/24/2010. Breeder: Barbara House. By GCH Brite Stats Fully Loaded -- CH Britestars Red Hot Chilipepper. Randee McQueen and BarbaraHouse . Bitch.
8 TUNDRA-MYSTIC'S MOONLIT SNOWDRIFTER , WS38929703 9/10/2011. Breeder: Lori Brown and Julie Lawter. By CH Tundra-Mystic Just One Look -- CH Kristari's She's Got The Look II. Lori Brown and Julie Lawter and Raul Arzola . Bitch.

16 HUSKAVARNA'S SURE BET , WS38904004 10/21/2011. Breeder: Paula S. Marcy and Glenavon Marcy. By CH Huskavarna's High Roller -- CH Huskavarna's Point Of Grace. Chris & Tammy Porter . Bitch.
18 TOPAZ BEE DAZZLED , WS29135902 1/18/2009. Breeder: Cheryl French. By CH Topaz Back In The Saddle -- CH Topaz Stings Like A Bee. Jean Buscaglia-Yurkiewizz and Cheryl French . Bitch. Lauren House, Agent.

20 BRITESTARS MIMOSA SUNDAY , WS38568104 4/23/2001. Breeder: Lauren House and Cheryl French. By GCH Britestars Fully Loaded -- CH Topaz Return To Sender. Lauren House . Bitch.

24 TUNDRA-MYSTIC'S BEAUTIFUL BLESSINGS , WS38929701 9/10/2011. Breeder: Lori A. Brown and Julie Lawter. By CH Tundra-Mystic's Just One Look -- CH Kristari's She's Got The Look II. Lori A. Brown and Julie Lawter . Bitch.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Best-of-Breed/Variety
25GCH AFFINITY'S PERFECT PATRIOT, CGC , WS23876202 10/14/2007. Breeder: Lisa Green & Elizabeth Demartino. & Diane Spendale By CH Serenity Democratic Veto -- CH Trillum Blue's Affinity Of Luv. Chris & Tammy Porter . Dog.
26GCH ALNISAR'S PRINCESSA ANASTACIA , WS25225001 3/6/2008. Breeder: John and Yelena Rosenbaum. By CH Koobear Chicago -- Echo Call's Alexandra the Queen. John and Yelena Rosenbaum . Bitch.
27GCH KIERAN'S DE WOLF OF SHILOH , WS17065603 1/9/2006. Breeder: Brenda Valletta, Kieran Kelley. and Jo Geletich By Wildestar's Spinning Eagle -- HBD's Little Red Riding Hood. Edward & Belle J. Stein . Dog. Stephen Cabral, Agent.
28CH AATUK N ALPINE'S SURFER SPICE , WS24274504 11/2/2007. Breeder: Janet Olsen, Glen Barker, Kim. Rasmussen, Todd Woods By CH Aatukwoods Formal Affair -- CH Alpine's Little Surfer Girl. Kim Rasmussen and Todd DL Woods MD . Bitch.

29CH MYLA'S POINT BLANK LEGACY , WS38071001 4/14/2011. Breeder: Marie Ann Falconer. By GCH Myla's Point of Reference -- CH Myla's Lola. MaryLynn Fernandes and Robert DeCrevecoeur . Dog.

31GCH BRITESTARS JAMESONS WHISKEY , WS38568103 4/23/2011. Breeder: Lauren House & Cheryl French. By GCH Britestars Fully Loaded -- CH Topaz Return to Sender. Lauren House and A Aquirre . Dog.
33GCH SHAMROCKS KISS ME I'M IRISH OF POLI , WS39344604 11/14/2011. Breeder: Kathi Anderson & Barry L. Brunner. and Frank and Mickey Polimen By GCH Poli's ForgetAboutIt -- CH Shamrock's When Irsh Eyes R'Smiling. Dr. Dennis and Kathi Anderson . Dog.

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