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Santa Maria Kennel Club


BORDER COLLIESJudge: Mr. James G. Reynolds
BORDER COLLIES Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

7 DESERTSHORE LIVING A CHARMED LIFE , DN51910003 12/14/2017. Breeder: Lisa Weeks. By GCH Flower of Old Hill Peace of Mind for Overdrive HSAs CA -- Desertshore Silver Sliver. Lisa Weeks . Dog.
9 POWERHOUSE'S HERO OF THE APOCALYPSE , DN49866903 9/5/2016. Breeder: Kyle and Heather Henisey. By CH Kagee Never Met A Man -- CH Powerhouse's Bulletproof HSAs RN. Tony Haskett and Heather Henisey . Dog.

11 FALLON'S SILVER CHIP , DN47274201 9/12/2016. Breeder: Leslee Priddy, Pam Waher,. Rick Washer By Outburst Just For Ewe -- CH Avatars Livin Large For Bayshore. Pam and Rick Washer . Dog.
BORDER COLLIES American Bred Dogs.

15 EMBRACE THE FANFARE AT GLADWYN , DN41211901 12/5/2014. Breeder: Donna Lawson. By Gladwyn Begin The Fanfare -- Dvlstr Sunshine Gladwyn Embrace The Journey. Katelyn Rosilez . Dog. Trina Matteson, Agent.

19 POWERHOUSE'S CHARGE INTO THE FRAY , DN49887902 4/14/2017. Breeder: Heather Henisey. By GCH BB's Barnstorming Daredevil CGC -- CH Powerhouse's Bulletproff RN HSAS. Heather Henisey . Dog.
21 SHOREWIND SPELLBOUND'S DRAGON RIDER , DN45831503 3/20/2016. Breeder: Callie Bell. By GCH Avatar's Unwrap the Chocolate Bayshore -- CH Bayshore Forever Spellbound CGC. Catherine Zinsky . Dog.

27 MERRINDA MR STEAL UR GIRL , DN50282101 5/24/2016. Breeder: Lynn Allishogn. By CH Etherial This Is A Poart of Me -- Tullacreast Diamonds On The Inside. Kyle and Heather Henisey . Dog.

51 UNEXPECTED ONE MOMENT IN TIME , DN36035601 12/21/2012. Breeder: Andrea Latham. By CH Lookout Une[eced Time of My Life -- CH Outburst Unexpected Chaos. Andrea Latham & Shannon Caffey . Dog.
BORDER COLLIES Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 DESERTSHORE TAKE A CHANCE ON ME , DN51910002 12/14/2017. Breeder: Lisa Lynn Weeks. By GCH Flower of Old Hill Peace of Mind Overdrive -- Desertshore Silver Silver. Lori & Richard Buxton & Lisa Weeks . Bitch.

8 SHEPSTONE SALTWATER HEART , DN52631702 10/21/2017. Breeder: Owners. By CH Roughstocks Am I Blue Cd RN PT -- Bellaclan She's A Dime. Christy Hittner & Laura K S Shaw . Bitch. Trina Matteson, Agent.

10 SIMARO RISE LIKE A PHOENIX , DN52910701 11/5/2017. Breeder: Silvia Adelsperger. By Tonkory Gold Digger At Huntly -- Simaro Night In White Satin. Katelyn Rosilez . Bitch.
BORDER COLLIES 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

12 MONDENKIND'S POETRY IN MOTION , DN49433201 3/17/2017. Breeder: Carol Michel and Pamela Norman. By GCHG Wildfire's My Boy Four RN -- GCH Majestic River Song RN. Adrian and Deanna Smith . Bitch.
BORDER COLLIES Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
14 DESERTSHORE SHE'S NO ANGEL , DN42535103 4/16/2015. Breeder: owner. By CH Etherial Can You See Me -- CH Desertshore Silver Sensation PT CGC. Lisa Weeks . Bitch.

16 FALLON'S SILVER HELLCAT , DN44726301 12/14/2015. Breeder: owner and Jeanne Hagen-Santiago. By GCH Lookout Something's Brewing with Redwood -- GCHB Fallon's Lookout Cricket. Pam and Rick Washer . Bitch.

18 POWERHOUSE'S TOUGH AIN'T ENOUGH , DN42677201 4/18/2014. Breeder: Owners. By GCHS Janbell Jamieson -- GCHG Powerhouse's Bulletproof HSAs. Kyle and Heather Henisey . Bitch.

20 BALMORAL'S BETTER THAN REVENGE , DN31814111 6/10/2011. Breeder: Tina Neel and Kim Hastings. By CH Brackenhill Turnin Up The Truth -- CH Sportinfield She's A Big Star. Tina Neel . Bitch.
22 WEDGEWOOD BLACK MAGIC JINX ON MARSHFARMS , DN48030606 10/7/2016. Breeder: Deborah E DeGidio. By GCH Wedgewood Gandolf the Great -- GCH Wedgewood Abracadabra. Libby Marsh . Bitch. Tara Schultz, Agent.
BORDER COLLIES Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Bitches.

24GCH BLACKBOW'S STERLING SWEET SENSATION , DN30991602 6/14/2011. Breeder: Carlene Groom. By GCHS Pawcific Way Out West, RN, NA, NAJ -- CH Sterling Such A Treat. Julie Despot . Bitch.
BORDER COLLIES Best-of-Breed/Variety
25 MVR DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH , DN50032801 6/1/2017. Breeder: owner. By Versailles Royal Outlaw Now Running Small Town -- CH Danari Destined For Diamonds. Karen Marquardt . Dog.
26GCH NOBLESTARZZ MUSIC OTH WIND , DN49576601 7/3/2016. Breeder: Ambre Smith. By Pukawidgee Name of the Wind -- GCH Bellaclan Sunset Symphony. Carla Giudice-Hu & Ambre Smith . Bitch. Trina Matteson, Agent.
28GCH DESERTSHORE SILVER SENSATION, PT, CGC , DN32559403 12/25/2011. Breeder: Lisa Weeks. By GCH Wildblue tartan sett RN -- Desertshore Wilde Irish Charm PT, HSAS. Lisa Weeks . Bitch.
29 EMBRACE'S MAJESTIC EXTRA SPECIAL TREAT CGC TDI AD , DN44626901 12/27/2015. Breeder: Donna G Lawson. By GCH Majestic Elite Clever Endeavor PT -- CH Dvlstr Sunshine GladwynEmbrace The Journey. Susan McClair . Dog.
30CH KAGEE TURNIN SEXY UP WITH POWERHOUSE , DN40535602 9/3/2014. Breeder: Katie Rodgers. By GCH PowerHouse's Sure Shot HSAs RE -- CH Noteworthy Heart of Hot Gold RE HSAs. Kyle and Heather Henisey . Bitch.

31GCH ALLEYMOON CURTAIN CALL TO GLADWYN , DN45983301 2/20/2015. Breeder: Francesca Balducci. By Allymoon Essereononessere -- Allymoon Grace O'Malley. Lori Davidson & Lisa Lee & Doreen Kropf. Dog. Moira Cornell, Agent.
32CH ARRODARE READ ALL ABOUT IT TO CORDILLERA RN HSAS , DN43409801 10/20/2014. Breeder: Joanne Ratcliffe. By CH Sashdan Smokin Joe -- CH Altricia Lady Grace By Arrodare. Sonja Donaldson & Joanne Ratcliffe . Bitch.
33GCH LUNA'S M4 SHERMAN , DN44977301 11/19/2015. Breeder: Christine Sage. By GCH Wedgewood Cat In Stone at Avatar Bayshore -- CH Fallons Bonnie Lass V Luna HSAs. Anita Forde . Dog. Trina Matteson, Agent.
34GCH BON-CLYDE'S SHOOT FOR THE STARS , DN45068401 2/10/2016. Breeder: Bonnie Buchanan. By GCHG Majestic Elite Clever Endevor -- GCH Nahrof Doctors Orders Of Bon-Clyde. Barbara Laffer & Michael Brill & Bonnie Buchanan . Bitch. Bruce Schultz, Agent.
35GCH STORY REX OPUS ONE , DN48344401 9/21/2016. Breeder: Natalie Ballardini. By Simaro Cold As Ice -- Pukawidgee Bush Romance. Callie Bell and Amy Novak-Harsch . Dog.
37GCHS POWERHOUSE'S SUPERSTITION , DN38044901 11/14/2013. Breeder: Heather Henisey. By GCH Wildblue Tartan Sett HSAs RE -- CH PowerHouse's Black Cat Bone Hsas RE. Kyle and Heather Henisey . Dog.

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