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#1 Great Pyrenees Assoc. of So Ca


GREAT PYRENEESJudge: Mr. Walter J. Sommerfelt
GREAT PYRENEES Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

5 RIVERGROVES JOURNEY TO THE SUMMIT , WS57505901 3/14/2017. Breeder: Jean A Boyd. By GCH Rivergroves The Name Of The Game -- Rivergroves Lady Antebellum. John Payne & Audra Payne . Dog.
7 EUZKALZALE BAYOU BOOGALOO BLUES , WS56601701 3/3/2017. Breeder: Terry Denney-Combs & Terrie. Strom By CH Euzkalzale Donegal's Lucky Charm -- GCH R Pyr Euzalzale River Walk!. Terry Denney-Combs . Dog.

11 R PYR DIESEL , WS56624804 3/15/2017. Breeder: Terri Storm. By CH R Pyr Strongsky I Can't Drive 55 -- CH R Pyr Strongsky All Summer Long! GCG. Darren Clark . Dog.
GREAT PYRENEES Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

9 R PYR HUMBLE AND KIND! , WS56624701 3/17/2017. Breeder: Terrie Strom. By CH R PYR Strong Sun I Can's Drive 55 -- GCH R PYR Captainn Morgan's Spiced Rum!. Terrie Strom . Dog.

15 PYRSRUS EXCALIBUR'S TRUE AND DIVINE GLORY , WS53747701 4/7/2016. Breeder: Roland Trinka. and Kristina Trinka By CH Pyrsrus Eyes of the Tiger -- Mistry Odina Pyrsrus Blue Lagoon. Roland Trinka . Dog.
GREAT PYRENEES American Bred Dogs.

19 R PYR APACHE SMOKE OF WAR-CRY , WS54457101 6/11/2016. Breeder: Oscar Herndon. By CH R Pyr Strongsky I Can't Drive 55 -- Mojave Renegades Kohonnie. Terrier M Srom and Leslie Guidera . Dog.

21 EUZKALZALE MYSTIC WARRIOR , WS50915905 7/20/2015. Breeder: Terry M. Denny-Combs. By GCHB R Pyr Jail House Rock! -- CH Euzkalzale Apache Crystal Sky!. Terry M Denny-Combs & Leo Nunez Jr . Dog.
23 PYRHEAVEN'S LOVE ON THE NILE , WS50133401 3/31/2015. Breeder: Greg Rudesill & Susan Moll. By CH Pyrheaven's Kiss My Asterisk -- Pyrheaven's Be My Valentine. Laurel S. Cain Denk, DVM . Dog.
25 TOR PORTHOS POUR LA REINE , WS51491404 6/28/2015. Breeder: John Perke and Marilyn Parke. and Kimberly Kentopp By CH Monark Vagabond -- GCH Karolaska Ator Mariposa Reina. Johns Parke and Andrew Parks . Dog. Carlos Carizzo, Agent.
GREAT PYRENEES Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.
6 R PYR KIBO , WS56624704 3/7/2017. Breeder: Terrie Storm. By CH R PYR Strongsky I Can't Drive 55 -- GCH R PYR Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum!. Valerie Austin & Terrie Storm . Bitch.
8 R PYR XXX'S AND OOO'S! , WS56624702 3/7/2017. Breeder: Terrie Strom. By CH R pyr Strongsky I Can't Drive 55 -- GCH R Pyr Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum!. Terrie Strom . Bitch.

10 PALIN'S ABBEY ROAD , WS44756505 7/1/2013. Breeder: Linda J McInturff and Pat S. McInturff By CH Palin's Sharp Dressed Man -- GCH Palin Chip Off The Block. Stephen Toshiyuki and Linda J McInturff and Pat S Mcinturff. Bitch. Ken Griffith, Agent.
GREAT PYRENEES Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran 7 years and under 10 Bitches.

14GCH EUZALZALE WHICH WITCH? NOT THIS BITCH! CGC , WS32134608 10/28/2009. Breeder: Terry Denny-Combs & Terrie Storm. By GCH Euzualzale PJ 'D" Chanterelle -- Euzualzale Bright Lights Big City. Kimberly Burns & Terry Denney- Combs . Bitch.
GREAT PYRENEES Best-of-Breed/Variety
16GCHS RIVERGROVES DESIGNED TO FINISH , WS39115202 9/22/2011. Breeder: Amy Stonehouse, Jean Boyd. and M. Cox and M. Stewart By CH Rivergroves Dom Perigon CDX RN -- CH Rivergroves Vera Wang. John Payne and Audra Harman-Payne and Alexis Harman. Bitch.
18GCH KAROLASKA TOR MARIPOSA REINA , WS45060004 7/30/2013. Breeder: Kimberly Kentopp. By GCH Karolaska Tor Hermes Of Shadowrun -- CH Karolaska Long Time No See. John Parke and Marilyn Parke and Kimberly Kentopp. Bitch. Carlos Carrizo, Agent.
20GCH EUZKALZALE APACHE ANNIE , WS50915909 7/20/2015. Breeder: Terry Denney-Combs. By GCHB R Pyr Jailhouse Rock! -- CH Euzkalzale Apache Crystal Sky!. Crystal Chapman and Terry Denney-Combs . Bitch.
22CH KAROLASKA TRES JOLIE D'ARNAULT CGC , WS52714504 1/2/2016. Breeder: Kimberly Kentopp. and Carol Kentopp By CH Monark Vagabond -- CH Karolaska Snow Angel By Moonlight. Linda M Whisenhunt and Kimberly Kentopp . Bitch.
29GCH R PYR LONE STAR GAMBLER! , WS43807603 4/6/2013. Breeder: Terrie Strom. By CH Euzalzale Choo Choo Charlie! -- CH R Pyr Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum. Terrie Strom . Dog.
31CH EUZKALZALE RESOLUTE AT MIDNIGHT , WS52275606 1/1/2016. Breeder: Terry M Denny-Combs & Terrie. Strom By CH Euzkalzale Midnight Magic -- GCH R Pyr Euzkalzale River Walk. J Ruff & C Champam & Terry Denney-Combs . Dog.

33GCH GEYSER CREEKS COWBOY CHROME , WS47438705 6/7/2014. Breeder: Norina Shields & Clayton Shields. By CH Geyser Creeks Red Carpet Romeo -- CH Geyser Creeks Just Go With It. Norina Shields & Clayton Shields . Dog. Kellie Miller, Agent.
35CH ABSTRAX YOU DON'T KNOW JACK , WS49973203 1/20/2015. Breeder: Melissa Metzler. and Brice M Wonders By CH Tip'N Chip's Clipper Pride of America -- CH Pyrtection Femme Fatale. Michelle Clark . Dog.
37CH PYRSRUS SER OLAF GHOST OF WINTERFELL , WS51143501 7/8/2015. Breeder: Christy Downs. and Roland Trinka By R Pyr The Main Event of Sho Mor -- CH Pyrsrus Dreamer In The Moonlight CGC. Laura Sommer . Dog. Ken Griffith, Agent.
39GCH PYRSRUS MISTER MAVERICK , WS46964208 4/15/2014. Breeder: Christy Downs and Roland Trinka. By CH Pyrheavens Magic Man -- CH Pyrsrus Dreamer In The Moonlight CGC. Cari Buckman . Dog.
41GCHS EUZKALZALE MONT VALIER CGC TKN , WS43669307 4/13/2013. Breeder: Terry M. Denny-Combs. and Terrie Strom By CH Euzkalzale Choo Choo Charley! -- CH Euzkalzale Rpyr Ella's Midnight Sun!. Linda M. Whisenhunt . Dog.

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