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Simi Valley Kennel Club


BASENJISJudge: Mr. Juan Alberto Grillo Londono
BASENJIS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.
21 KAZOR'S WILEY WILLIAM , HP54764703 11/26/2017. Breeder: Carol A Webb. By GCH Skyhi Budget For Fashion -- GCH Kazor's Mak'n My Way. Raquel Flores-Ruland and Carol A Webb . Dog.

23 KAZOR'S SNEAKY PETE , HP54764704 11/26/2017. Breeder: Carol A Webb. By GCH SkyHi Budget For Fashion -- Kazor's Mak'n My Way. Carol A and Brian J Webb . Dog.
BASENJIS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

25 SULOUS PHARAOH RAMESSES , HP55164705 1/31/2018. Breeder: Susan A Howard & Sherry Stevens. By GCH Zindika's Zin Tandem With Dlucks -- CH Nowata's Crime Scene Investorgator. Susan A Howard . Dog.
27 ASTARTE'S KICKING ASH WITH PIPS , HP54703803 12/11/2017. Breeder: owner. By Astarte's Heroes Forever With Pips -- GCH Astarte's Trianna With Pips. Stella Sapios . Dog.

29 ZINDIKA MADE THE GRADE , HP54884702 1/9/2018. Breeder: Owner. By GCH Zindika's Intandem Wiht Dlucks -- GCH Zindika's Got It Made. Cecily Rappe . Dog.

33 STARFYRE'S TOYOTA LE , HP54996201 12/1/2017. Breeder: owner. By Starfyre's Tri'D 2 Disguise St Nick -- GCHB Starfyre's Spiced It Up SC. Denise Searcy and Kathy Grayson . Dog.
BASENJIS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
12 ZINDIKA MADE MY DAY , HP54884701 1/9/2018. Breeder: Cecily D Rappe. By GCH Zindika's In Tandem With Dlucks -- GCH Zindika's Got It Made. Bridgette Lesar & Cecily D Rappe . Bitch.
BASENJIS American Bred Bitches.

14 KHANI'S SULOU TEAZER JUNGLE JUICE , HP52896404 12/23/2016. Breeder: Kathryn R Britton, John P. Gaidos, Ainsley K Halemanu By Kabar Khani's Mib Agent J -- CH Khani's Teazer Tequila Sunrise. Susan A Howard and Kathryn R Britton . Bitch.
BASENJIS Open Bitches.
16 KLASSIC'S JOY RIDE TO TANZA-JAMAA , HP52935204 1/15/2017. Breeder: Sue Kite and Neina Jones. and Jeffrey Gillespie and B. Jone By GCHS Klassic's Slam Dunk -- CH Klassic's Merry Jones. Jeff Sheldon and Ty Rollins and Pat Fragassi . Bitch.

18 AKUABA N ELDORADO TIMES GALA , HP53314604 12/29/2016. Breeder: Pamela A Geoffroy and Sheila Lund. and Susan Coe By CH Changa's Gala Celebration -- GCHG Akuaba N Eldorado a Geoffroy. Barbara Naddy and Pamela A Geoffroy . Bitch.
BASENJIS Best-of-Breed/Variety
20CH SULOUS ANFUSHI , HP52934902 2/12/2017. Breeder: Susan A Howard. By Sulous Moon Turns Zozer -- Dune's Lady By The Bay. Susan A Howard . Bitch.
22GCH JASIRI-SUKARI SPIT IN THE FIRE 2 WIN CAA SC, HP51924203 7/5/2016. Breeder: Julie & Kathy Jones. By GCHG Jasiri-Sukari Win Tin Tin SC -- CH Jasiri-Sukari Zenyatta. Connie Langford & Julie & Kathy Jones . Bitch.
24GCH JASIRI-SUKARI PHOEBE GAITS , HP52907302 1/7/2017. Breeder: Julie and Kathy Jones. By CH Signet Southern Comfort -- CH Jasiri-Sukari Here Comes Honey Woo Woo. Julie and Kathy Jones and Ming Chua . Bitch.
28CH ASTARTE'S SONG OF LAYLA WITH PIPS , HP52438301 11/17/2016. Breeder: Stella Sapios. By CH Taji's Extremely Charming Weatherman -- GCH Astarte's Trianna With Pips. Sara McMurrey & Stella Sapios . Bitch.
39CH EL DORADO N AKUABA MASTER OF SWORDPLAY CA TKA , HP50440003 10/5/2015. Breeder: Pamela Geoffrey, Sheila Lund. and Susan Coe By Eldorado's Akuaba One More Time -- Mata Hauri Summer Storm. Alyce Sumita and Glenn Fukuma . Dog.
43GCH ZINDIKA'S IN TANDEM WITH DLUCKS , HP52953201 1/10/2017. Breeder: Cecily D Rappe and Natalie Scherw. By CH Kazor's Little Jack Horner -- GCH Zindika's Got Moxy. Cecily Rappe . Dog.
45CH ASTARTE'S SIR TRISTAN WITH PIPS AT KAZOR , HP52483805 11/28/2016. Breeder: Stella Sapios. By CH Kazor's Little Jack Horner -- CH Astarte's Royal Odette. Carol A Webb and Stella Sapios . Dog.
49GCH DLUCKS SVENGALI ZINDIKA'S OVERNIGHT SENATION , HP46896403 1/25/2014. Breeder: Carol Wyatt, Ceci Rappe, Gail. and Alan Aiello By GCH DC Atarasi's D'Lucks Edition SC -- CH Kazor's Tribute To Zindika. Natalie Scherwin . Dog.

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