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Santa Barbara Kennel Club, Inc.


VIZSLASJudge: Ms. Elizabeth "beth" Sweigart
VIZSLAS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 RUSSET LEATHER DANCE OF THE FATHERS , SS04224503 2/9/2018. Breeder: Bev Wanjon. By Russet Leather Stormwinds Kizmar Duel In The Sun -- Russet Leather Princess Of Thew Water. Valerie Hoffman & Beverley A Wanjon . Dog.

7 DRYCREEK'S KICK EM UP RAZZLE-DAZZLE , SS03905205 2/11/2018. Breeder: Nancy E Colwell, Robert. Studer, Kathleen Boyd By FC AFC Kick Em Up Bullet JH -- FC Drycreek's Escape Velocity. Melody Starr . Dog.
VIZSLAS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.
11 KOPPERTONE'S RUSSET LEATHER THE GOAT , SS02967701 10/11/2017. Breeder: Owners. By GCHS Russet Leather Ride to the Top -- GCH Koppertone's Hott Pants. Kathy Derham & Mark Goodwein & Alyson Lyons & Shauna Summers. Dog.
VIZSLAS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

15 KOPPERTONE'S DIAMOND DOG DOVER SHORES , SR98069903 3/23/2017. Breeder: Mark Goodwein & James & Noemi. Doohan By GCHS Renaissance Tambopata Tje Lion Hearted -- CH Yoshibel Bat Levi. Ted & Kim Tapfer and Mark Goodwein . Dog.
17 RUSSET LEATHER JACKSONS RIVER , SR99320004 3/28/2017. Breeder: Beverly Wanjon. By GCH Russet Leahter Stormwinds Kiszmar Dual In the Sun -- Russet Leather Whispering Sands. Andrew Davis & Bev Wanjon . Dog.
VIZSLAS Amature Owner-Handler Dogs.

19 FIRE MOUNTAIN ORION SON OF FIRE , SR96977302 1/9/2017. Breeder: Jeff Olsen & Shirley Olsen. By Stormwinds Russet Leather Here Comes the Sun -- CH Cameo's Spark of Fire Mountain Cd RN THD. Susan E. Bartky & Ernest G. Zenker Jr . Dog.
VIZSLAS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

21 MOONLIGHT ALL IN GOOD TIME , SS01855902 10/27/2017. Breeder: Karen Lake. By GCHS Russet Leather Ride to the Top MX MXJ -- GCH Moonlight's Rock'N Ow'T RN CGC. Amy & Bill Koman & Karen Lake . Dog.
VIZSLAS Open Dogs.

23 KORONA HERCEG PHOENIX CGC TKN JH, SR97567901 12/1/2016. Breeder: Robert Miller and Dr. Sylvia J.. Kerr & Robert Miller By CH Golden Empires Trace -- CH Korona Nyircsazari Remeny. Phyllis Zalvarez . Dog.
VIZSLAS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 KOPPERTONE'S TWIST AND SCOUT , SS02847406 12/31/2017. Breeder: Mark Goodwein & Bonnie Goodwein. & Martha Williams By Dorratz Edenvale Stars Align -- CH Koppertone's Golden Starglazer. Allison & Matthew Gleason . Bitch. Loran Morgan, Agent.

8 KOPPERONE'S REINA SOFIA , SS02847404 12/31/2017. Breeder: M Goodwein & B Goodwein. & M Williams By Dorratz Edenvale Stars Align -- CH Koppertone's Golden Stargazer. David R Lawson & Richard L Manary & Mark Goodwein. Bitch. Michael Strockbine, Agent.
VIZSLAS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

10 DERBY RUSSET LEATHER WILD CAT JH, SR98323303 3/26/2017. Breeder: Ron Laughlin, Sarah E Barr and. Brenda Laughlin By FC AFC Southwinds Nothin Runs Like a Deere -- GCH Derby's Till I See You Again. Beverly Wanjon and Betty Meadows Bresnahan . Bitch.
VIZSLAS Open Bitches.

12 RUSSET LEATHER APACHE ANNE , SR91254701 12/10/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Russet Leathers Stormwind Lightening Strikes -- CH Russet Leather Peyton Red. Debbie Shelley & Beverly Wanjon . Bitch.

14 HIGH TIDE'S AVANT GARDE JH , SR89937405 9/15/2015. Breeder: Alex and Amy Reinecke. By GCH Rozsa Huntmore Citori Lightnin MH -- CH Mtnpride Mazey's Stars Iined Up Bright As Sunsh. Alex Reinecke . Bitch.
16 KOPPERTONE'S HAWAIIAN SUNSHINE AT RELWOOD , SR98069901 3/23/2017. Breeder: Mark Goodwein and Noemi and James. Doohan By GCHS Renaissance Tambopata The Liom Hearted -- CH Yoshibel Bat Levl. Laurella Pang and Mark Goodwein . Bitch.
18 RUSSET LEATHER PAWNEE MOON , SR93573803 5/12/2016. Breeder: Beverly A Wanjon. By GCH Russet Leather Stormwinds Lightning Strikes -- Kyllburg n Woodland Russet Leather Painted Lady. Tracy Ikada and Beverly Wanjon . Bitch.
20 SLEEPY HOLLOW ANTICIPATION , SR95596601 4/14/2016. Breeder: Rita L Mather. and Vicki May By CH Sleepy Hollow Walk Like A Man -- Serenity Can't Get Enough. Rita L. Mather . Bitch. Susie Olivera, Agent.
VIZSLAS Best-of-Breed/Variety
9 ELGIN SOLARIS GOOD NEWS TRAVELS FAST , SS01843501 9/25/2017. Breeder: Edwin Foster Jr. and Beth T Kirven By CH Rosewood's Sweet Revenge CD -- CH Solaris Goody Two Shoes. Cathleen Cline and Edwin Foster Jr, Tammy Romatko, Stephen M Cabral. Dog. Stephen Cabral, Agent.
22CH CLASSICAL ELGIN'S SOMEONE LIKE YOU , SR87728701 1/5/2015. Breeder: Cathleen Cline, Stephen M Cabral. and Linn Cabral By GCH Cariad Elgin's Barna Medve CD RN -- GCH Classical Rumor Has It CDX RA. Edwin Foster and Cathleen Cline . Bitch. Jennifer Arthington, Agent.
24GCHB MOONLIGHT'S EASY TO KEEP CGC TKN , SR86858106 2/9/2015. Breeder: Karen Lake, N Guarascio. and T Westerbeck By GCHG Jen's Penny Matra Baci's Boogie Fever -- GCH Moonlight N Tamaron When Stars Align, CGC. Karen Lake . Bitch.
25 SLEEPY HOLLOW IT AIN'T EASY , SR95598001 10/14/2016. Breeder: Rita L Mather. By Sleepy Hollow Testing Boundaries -- CH Sleepy Hollow Applause! Applause!. Stephen Esser & Pamela Esser & Rita Mather . Dog. Susie Olivera, Agent.
29CH CLADDAGH SMOKIN' HOTT WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT , SR92156603 3/17/2016. Breeder: Kathy Derham, Mark Goodwein,. Alyson Lyons and Shauna Summers By GCHG Solaris Smokin' Hot Habanera -- CH Koppetone's Hott Pants. Kathy Derham and Alyson Lyons, D Martin, and Shauna Summers. Dog.
31GCHG GOLDEN EMPIRE'S DOUBLE ACTION REMINGTON JH, SR87937007 5/18/2015. Breeder: Melody Daggs and. Michele Coburn By GCH Renaissance Tambopata The Lion Hearted -- Golden Empire's Quintessential Dance. Sarah and Robert Johnson and Melody Daggs . Dog. Conor McFadden, Agent.
33CH RUSSET LEATHER SKYCHIEF CGCA TKI JH, SR93573802 5/12/2016. Breeder: Beverley Wanjon. By GCH Russet Leather Stromwinds Lightning Strike -- Kyllburg N Woodland Russet Leather Painted Lady. Ken Kraft & Beverley Wanjon . Dog.

35GCH CLASSICAL ELGIN'S NORTHERN LIGHTS , SR70752202 9/15/2011. Breeder: Cathleen Cline and Preston Lane. and Marcia Folley By CH Rosewood's Sweet Revenge -- GCH Classical That Girl. Cathleen Cline and Edwin Foster . Dog. Stephen Cabral, Agent.
37GCH RUSSET LEATHER KOA SCOUT CGC RI FDC , SR91254702 12/10/2015. Breeder: Beverly and Adrian Wanjon. By GCH Russet Leather Stormwinds Lightning Strikes -- CH Russet Leather Peyton Red. Jim McClintock & Richard Graves & Beverly Wanjon. Dog.

39GCHB COMYNARA TANNER IS THE SILVER LINING RIDE JH, SR90751801 11/11/2015. Breeder: Dr. Susan J. Mulley. By GCH Russet Leather Ride To The Top JH AX AXJ -- Comynara Mostly Mayhem. Mary Grant & David Hertzel & Dr. Susan J. Mulley. Dog. Lauren Hay-Lavitt, Agent.
41CH RENAISSANCE NIGHT ON TH'TOWN , SR84447401 9/29/2014. Breeder: Jeff Thompson & Linda Durham. By GCH Renaissance Lord of Th'dance SH -- CH Renaissance MS Red Morning Light. Sebastian Duran . Dog.

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