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CHINESE CRESTEDJudge: Mrs. Margo E. Klingler
CHINESE CRESTED Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

5 TAMOSHIRE LONELY AT THE TOP , TS18303201 6/21/2013. Breeder: Sue Klinchhard-Gardner. and James H. Gardner By Whispering Lane Fist Fulla Dollars -- CH Tamoshire Over The Rainbow. Sue Klinckhardt-Gardner and James H. Gardner . Dog.
9 KULANA'S DELIVERANCE , TS16908101 6/24/2013. Breeder: Darlene Anderson. By GCH Kulana's Revolution -- CH Kulana's Curtain Call. Darlene Anderson . Dog.
CHINESE CRESTED Open Hairless Dogs.
11 SHIDA MR. WONDERFUL , TS13676801 8/30/2012. Breeder: Jennifer Young-Johnson. and Eric Johnson By CH Shida Hears A Who At Wocket -- CH Silverwoods Adorbella Okulana. Jennifer Young-Johnson . Dog. Candra Loutzenhiser, Agent.
CHINESE CRESTED Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

6 SIAM MOONCREST STILL N LOVE WITH YOU , TS19603603 10/20/2013. Breeder: Debbie LeGrand and Roxy Smith. By CH Twice As Nice Talkin To The Hand -- Mooncrest Journey to Siam. Roxy Smith and Debbie LeGrand . Bitch.
CHINESE CRESTED 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

8 PENTASTAR'S N LES-LEE'S JOYRIDE , TS18335902 5/11/2013. Breeder: Rachel D. Morris and Leslie A.. Gould By CH Pentastar's Renegade Raceway -- CH Brodiegan How Bizarre. Gina Rector and Rachel D. Morris and Leslie A. Gould. Bitch.
10 CRESTED LC KARLA , TS20315302 9/6/2013. Breeder: owner. By CH Patagonia Ranch Romeo -- GCH Patagonia Ranch Angle Miracle Hoard Gold. Miriam Guzzino . Bitch. Carlos Carrizo, Agent.
CHINESE CRESTED Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
14 TAMOSHIRE NO PLACE LIKE HOME , TR81093802 10/12/2008. Breeder: Sue Klinckhardt-Gardner & James. H. Gardner By CH Whispering Lane Just Follow Me -- CH Tamoshire Jellybean. Sue Klinckhardt-Gardner and James H. Gardner . Bitch.
CHINESE CRESTED Open Powderpuff Bitches.

16 WHISPERING LANE SHAKE RATTLE AND ROLL , TS18589306 6/6/2013. Breeder: Carol and Mike Baldwin. and Michelle Boyd and Caro By CH Whispering Lane Frontseat Freddie -- Whispering Lane IF You Got It Flaunt It. Sue Klinckhardt-Gardner and James H. Gardner . Bitch.
CHINESE CRESTED Best-of-Breed/Variety

15GCH CRESTLINE BUMBLE ARDY , TS10067502 4/12/2012. Breeder: M Vila and P Buckelew. and D Wilson and K Wilson By CH Holliwould Bad Boy -- GCH Crestline Olive Oyl. Mercedes Vila & Patricia Buckelew . Dog. Michelle Paulin-Brown, Agent.

17GCH KULANA'S SHAKE, RATTLE N' ROLL , TS04021503 4/6/2011. Breeder: Darlene Anderson. By CH De La Mahafu's Chico-Chagall De Aja -- CH Kulana's Victory Dance. Gina M. Rector . Dog.
18CH SUN-HEE'S BE PROVOCATIVE , TS00723701 7/4/2008. Breeder: Helena Karlsson. By Habiba Rock Star -- Sun-Hee's Temptation. Jennifer Young-Johnson . Bitch. Candra Loutzenhiser, Agent.

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