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RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN)Judge: Col. Joe B. Purkhiser
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 PROMISE'S SHINING STAR BRUNO BEAR , SR85608001 10/7/2014. Breeder: Judy Inman. By GCH Quailwood Summer Rain At Ridgeview -- Promise's Seeking Maximum Joy. Sabine Dochmaschewsky . Dog.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) American Bred Dogs.

9 CALICL'S HIGHLAND FLING , SR76859706 2/28/2013. Breeder: D & S Sangstrom & Joy Can Wie. & Mary Thompson By CH Autumnwind's Mr. Bumper McBear THD -- Calico's Fannie Mae. Mary Thompson and Joy Van Wie . Dog.

11 KRISTIL'S SLAM DUNK , SR80394712 11/15/2013. Breeder: Debra Oster & Kristilyn. Falkenthal By CH Hytree Summits Time Square -- CH Kristil's Shake What Your Mama Gaveu. Jeff Byroads & Tami Byroads . Dog. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.

15 DOIZAKI-DALANE TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE TOWN , SR73314704 3/30/2012. Breeder: Hisato Doizaki and Jane Jensen. By CH Rush Hill's Haagen Dazs JH CDX AX OAJ -- GCH Dalane Doizaki Buckingham's Pride. Hisato Doizaki and Jane Jensen . Dog. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.
17 RUSH HILL'S KOSTA BROWNE HUSH HUSH , SR69189902 7/22/2011. Breeder: Tonya and Mark Struble. By GCH Peterwhite's Melik Angle -- CH Rush Hill's Here We Go Again. Chris Card . Dog.
19 MY BUDDY'S KNEE DEEP IN HOT WATER TDX , SR80872106 8/8/2013. Breeder: Leeah Chew DVM. By GCH Springcreek Everlore All Time Hi MH CDX -- My Buddy's Take My Breath Away RN. Angela Pryor . Dog. Robert Scott, Agent.

21 JOVI'S M. HARMON , SR76173601 11/6/2012. Breeder: Vivien Gilli & Joyce Mathison. By GCH Confetti Gangways Field N' Track -- Bearabella Jovi's This Lil Heart O Mine, RA. Vivien Gilli & Joyce Mathison . Dog. Jenny Wornall-Rangel, Agent.
23 24KT STONECREST'S WILD ONE , SR67320007 4/5/2011. Breeder: Judi Voss. By CH Stonecrest's Super Cruiser RN JH -- 24KT Magic Sorcerer's Apprentice. Lindsay Levendoski and Sherry Brothers . Dog. Robert Scott, Agent.
25 PARAGON'S SUMMITS JINGLE ALL THE WAY , SR71703207 11/13/2011. Breeder: Amy Heuslein and Beth Johnson. By CH Goodtime's Best Case Scenario, CD JH -- GCH Summits Every Fashion Venture. Tim and Angela Hauert and Amy Heuslein . Dog. Jennifer Wornall-Rangel, Agent.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.
6 AUTUMNWIND SHE'S RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY , SR84963004 10/24/2014. Breeder: Linda and Mike Isaacson and. Marjorie Blake By GCH Harborview Under Construction -- Quailwood Only In My Dreams. Theresa Dolan . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

8 AUREUS TAPESTRY CHANGE OF HEART , SR83718609 7/23/2014. Breeder: Valerie and Mike Brennan. By CH Scotts 24K Aureus 79 -- CH Quailwood Sunshine After The Storm. Terrie Johnson and Dana Montague . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

10 AUTMNWIND DONíT FENCE ME IN , SR80688604 12/7/2013. Breeder: Linda & Michael Isaacson. By GCH Tornelea Here's Looking at you, Kid -- Autumnwind McBear Catch A Falling Star. Deanna Fowler . Bitch. Kathy Grayson, Agent.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) American Bred Bitches.

12 DALANE YES I CAN , SR79868706 10/1/2013. Breeder: Jane and Dale Jensen. By GCH Rush Hill's Drama'geddon JH -- CH Dalane-24K Magic & Mystery. Eva M. Harris . Bitch. Erin Hooper, Agent.

14 SCOTT'S 24K FREE AT LAST , SR76476602 11/28/2012. Breeder: Joanne & Steve Scott. By Scotts24K Who Wants To Be A Millionare -- Scott's 24K Emerald Isle. Tomara Twigg and Joanne & Steve Scott . Bitch. Robert Scott, Agent.
16 WOODLAND SUNBEAMGOODVOLLEYMSMOLLYATMOHRCREST , SR77737702 4/22/2013. Breeder: Sharon Shilkoff &. Cathie Turner By CH Sunbeam's Private Party -- CH Woodland Take a Chance on me. Jennifer Mohr and Sharon Shilkoff and Mike Mohr. Bitch. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.

18 SHADES OF GOLDS A WALK THRU TIME IN THE AUTUMNWIND , SR77443002 3/11/2013. Breeder: Linda Fagrell. By CH Autumnwind's Mr Bumper McBear -- Shades of Golds Good Luck Charley. Linda Isaacson and Mike Isaacson . Bitch. Shane Hooper, Agent.

20 DALANE-DOIZAKI NO SHANTYTOWN GIRL , SR73314705 3/30/2012. Breeder: Hisato Doizaki and Jane Jensen. By CH Rush Hill's Haagen Dazs , JH CDX AX OaJ -- GCH Dalane Doizaki Buckingham's Pride. Hisato Doizaki and Jane Jensen . Bitch. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.

22 24KT ESQUIRE'S DOUBLE SECRET AGENT , SR80098601 10/11/2013. Breeder: Judi J Voss and Del Voss. By CH Gracious Golds A Lover Not A Fighter -- CH 24kt There's That Girl. Dana Douglas and Theresa Scott and Judi J Voss . Bitch. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.
RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN) Best-of-Breed/Variety
29GCH SANDPIPER'S LET FREEDOM RING , SR69305401 7/4/2011. Breeder: Patty Pace. By GCH Rush Hill Run'n Amuck at Abelard, OA OAJ -- CH Avalor Sandpiper Tickled Pink. Toyomi Tsumura . Dog. Bruce Schultz, PHA, Agent.
31 ICARIAN'S CANNELLONI COWBOY FIND LOVE , SR71062901 10/27/2011. Breeder: A Scott Jenkins and. Ramsey Fadiman By GCH Rush Hill Run'n Amuck At Abelard -- Icarian Picked A Fine Time. Ramsey Fadiman and A Scott Jenkins . Dog. Laurie M. Jordan-Fenner, Agent.
33GCH WOODLAND CASABLANCA , SR66604303 1/19/2011. Breeder: Sharon L Shilkoff. By CH Rush Hill Run'n Amuck at Abelard,AXP AJP NFP -- CH Woodland Kerry Oakie. Leah Ann Thompson . Dog.

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