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OPEN CLASS BJudge: Ms. Patricia A. Strong
170OTCH HEELALONG CHIMMEY SPARK, UDX8 OGM , DN21049601 2/9/2008. Breeder: Cathy Ottman. By CH Wildlife's Sonic -- Heelalong OffOn Katydid's Hop UD. Owner: Dick Guetzioff .Bitch, BORDER COLLIES.

171 ORCHARD RUN MAKE NO MISTAKE UDX2 OM3 , DN29820701 10/10/2010. Breeder: Dianne Deal. By Riggs -- Bett. Owner: Lynn Buck .Bitch, BORDER COLLIES.

173 VANGARD BEATRICE, CDX RE , DN15399503 7/29/2006. Breeder: Robert Simpson, Gail Deuel &. Natalie Jones By CH Merthyr Harvey Nough Will Do -- Vangard Selena. Owner: Gail Deuel .Bitch, PEMBROKE WELSH CORGIS.
174GCH BANSHEE'S DUKE OF ROTT'N ACRE'S, RE,CD , WS26459308 4/30/2008. Breeder: Barbara Forrester. By CH Crystal's Topaz V Ponca -- CH Evrmor's Princess of Maplemor. Owner: Joyce A. Eaton .Dog, ROTTWEILERS.

176CH SEADREAM EVEN KEEL, CDX,CWD , WS13314711 4/20/2005. Breeder: Geri Zuckerman. By CH Afortunado Buccaneer Legacy, NA NAJ -- CH Seadream Satin Doll, CD. Owner: Geri Zuckerman .Bitch, PORTUGUESE WATER DOGS.

178 MACH SNEAKY RED DEVIL CD, MSG, MJC, MXF, TQX, T2B , PAL252213 3/2/2009. Breeder: . By -- . Owner: Debbie Brooks .Dog, BORDER COLLIES.

179 PATRIOT RP'S RAPID FIRE UD GO RE OAP , DN16352101 10/20/2006. Breeder: Jana Brady. By Patriot's Lockeye Red Alert OA OAJ -- Norwood KMAC's Red Hot Rocket PT. Owner: Melinda Masch .Dog, BORDER COLLIES.

181CH MAINLAND HIGH NOON UD PT , DN22286402 8/5/2008. Breeder: Linda Susan Griffith. and Jo Virden By CH Brangay Spotlight Unconditional -- CH Sunburst Mainland's Casandra. Owner: Lesa Storey .Dog, SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS.

182 HILLOCK JOVIS JAMOCA ALMONDFUDGE RE UD, SR27807004 7/9/2005. Breeder: Tammy Tomlinson, Corinne Miklos &. Robert & Grace Samios By CH Hillock's Bad As I Want To Be -- Hillock's Get Shorty, OAP OJP. Owner: Vivien Gilli and Pamela L. Sage .Bitch, RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN).

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