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Long Beach Kennel Club


FRENCH BULLDOGSJudge: Dr. Albert P. Bianchi
FRENCH BULLDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.
5 OVERTOP PLAY THE WORLD AT HILSMAN , NP47963301 3/11/2017. Breeder: owner. By GCHB Overtop Cream Majesty -- Hilsman's Stella Artois. Ng Koon Keung & Viva Zhen Luo . Dog.
FRENCH BULLDOGS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

7 EXCELLENT KING JP'S HOLY NIGHT , NP48277001 12/25/2016. Breeder: Kazumi Kurata. By Excellent King Jp's Oriental Gem -- Excellent Kind Jp's Aurora. Masaki and Keiko Shimizu and Kazumi Kurata . Dog.

9 WALLACE SUN DE LA REINE , NP45553704 12/23/2016. Breeder: Alvin Samala & Darrl Bedoy. By La Grand Pierre De La Reine -- Parfaitement Naturel De La Reine. Alvin Samala & Tanya and Dick Sun . Dog.

11 LOWLFRANCHCELEBRATES THE CZAR , NP45482502 12/31/2016. Breeder: Linda Wolfinger. By GCH Miradon Celebration At Wolfranch -- Hilsman Lwolfranch Smoking Hot. Glenn and Sandra Garza . Dog. Brianne Rock, Agent.

15 MON PETIT CHOU THE GREAT GATSBY , NP45012601 11/25/2016. Breeder: Connie Hughes. By V'impulse Maricolo Miracle -- Mon Petit Chou Vanilla Bean. Connie Hughes . Dog.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Amature Owner-Handler Dogs.

17 BAYHILL TEXAS SON , NP44002901 7/22/206. Breeder: owner. By CH Abri's BayHill Legacy -- BayHill Floribunda. Linda Maugeri and Dennis Nash . Dog.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
19 APPELEZ MOI HELMUT DE LA REINE , NP40662805 6/28/2015. Breeder: Alvin Magadia Samala. and Darryl Robles Bedoy By GCH Verite De La Reine At Belboulecan -- Parfaitment Naturel De La Reine. Alvin Samala and Phillip and Lalaine Soloman . Dog.

21 DENOBLE'S BREAK FROM THE NORM , NP39782601 4/5/2015. Breeder: owner. By Sequoia's Ice Man -- DeNoble's Let Freedom Reign. Rhonda M Cole . Dog.

23 DK'S SLIPPING JIMMY AT MIDNIGHT , NP43101501 4/7/2016. Breeder: Owners. By GCH Dk's Little Jerry at Midnight -- CH Dk's Tammy Why Not. Marcel Daignault & Ann Bingaman . Dog.

25 SOY VER PARA CREER DE CIMABULL , NP48398401 12/4/2016. Breeder: Romina Andrea Ciccale. By Fabelhaft Mokaodc Dragonfire -- Soy Nina Ricci De Cimabull. Romina Andrea Ciccale . Dog. Jennifer Wornall-Rangel, Agent.

27 LIEN M.S.Y. FRENCHBURU , NP44933601 11/29/2016. Breeder: Tim Fuller. By GCH Daystar's Git-R-Done Desert Breeze -- Catch Me If You Can Monet. Masaki and Keiko Shimizu and Masashi Sibasaki . Dog.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 FESSEL'S SHAYNA , NP46965404 6/2/2017. Breeder: Barry Baum and yolanda Anderson. By Fessel's Nefesh Of Ness Gadol Modani's Lila Toy -- Princess Bella. adina Klaus . Bitch.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

10 GOLDSHIELDS BELLA LUNA OF MYSTIK , NP47117704 2/7/2017. Breeder: Perry Payson. By CH Fuhrep Of Secutor -- CH Lionhearts Color Me Beautiful. Toni A. Lenhert and Perry Payson and Hilary Branscum. Bitch.
FRENCH BULLDOGS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

12 LOVE DE LA VILLARENSE , NP47108101 11/10/2016. Breeder: Juan Antonio Cano Hidalgo. By Invictus De La Villarense -- Hatsumi De La Villarense. Hongfei Lu . Bitch. Jennifer Wornall-Rangel, Agent.

14 MON PETIT CHOU PRINCESS ZELDA , NP45012602 11/25/2016. Breeder: Connie Hughes. By V'Impulse Maricolo Miracle -- Mon Petit Chou Vanilla Bean. Connie Hughes . Bitch.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

16 BAYHILL STORYTIME ROMANCE , NP44254902 9/27/2016. Breeder: Owners. By Storytime Bonanza -- BayHill Suits My Fancy. Linda Maugeri & Lisa Ethridge . Bitch.
18 DENOBLE'S PILLOW TALK , NP45811001 3/30/2017. Breeder: Rhonda Cole. By Frenchescas Simply Irresistible -- DeNoble's Let Freedom Reign. Rhonda M Cole . Bitch.
20 FESSEL'S L'DOR OF NES GADOL MODANI'S LAILA TOV , NP41750602 12/29/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Lionheart's Fortune Five Hundred -- GCH Fessel's Nes Gadol Modani's Laila Tov. Dr Barry and Linda Baum . Bitch.

22 VONDURAN MISTRESS OF DARK AT POMPEII , NP42012201 12/3/2015. Breeder: John and Jacqueline Duran. By Dorans Jimmy Choo -- Vonduran's Three Six Nine The Goose Drank Wine. Lafayette McGowan and John Kunipo and S Kunipo. Bitch.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Best-of-Breed/Variety
24 BANDOG BAYOU'S SHOWGIRL AT OVERTOP , NP46400403 1/7/2017. Breeder: Luis Sosa. By CH Bandog N Tx-Star Its Not Easy Being Green @2stars -- Bandog Bayou's Emmie Lou. Viva Zhen Luo and Craig Stephens . Bitch. Valerie Nunes, Agent.
26CH IMPERIALE YVET'S REBA MCENTIRE OF IRONWOOD , NP42672203 11/15/2015. Breeder: Juanita Imperiale & Stephanie. Chilton By CH Imperiale Bella Ridges RayPhillippe of Ironwood -- Imperiale Bella Ridge's Lady Gaga. Juanita Imperiale & Stephanie Chilton & Yvette Ellingwood. Bitch.

28CH REVERIES WINDSWEPT GRAND BALLABILE , NP45727001 12/14/2016. Breeder: Anibal Sanchez. and Arlie Amarie Alford By GCHS Lebull's Reveries Song of War -- Infinity Love Halapa Hilaris. Melissa Fitzgerald . Bitch. Jean Gauchat Hargis, Agent.
29 LA BETE QUINTESSENTIAL GENTLEMAN AT LECIRQUE , NP44955902 10/31/2016. Breeder: Owners. By GCHG Le Petit Prince de La Bete -- GCH Golden Girl De La Bete. Blake Hamman and Dr Peter Photos . Dog.
31GCH OVERTOP CREAM MAJESTY , NP44972301 4/23/2016. Breeder: Ng Koon Keung. By GCH Bowhunter De La Bete -- Zhen Luo & Ng Koon Keung. Zhen Zuo and Ng Koon Keung . Dog. Valerie Nunes, Agent.
33CH V'IMPULSE MARICOLO MIRACLE , NP42591101 11/5/2015. Breeder: Aurelia Szkatula. By Impulse Bitt Box -- Julia Maricolo Miracle. Connie Hughes . Dog.

35CH HEAVEN'S KISSED GOTTA HAVE SPIKE , NP37669103 6/26/2014. Breeder: Salvadore Ricrdo Guzman. By bluebells Silverhammer Louis Vuitton -- Honey XI. Desiree Ann Ortiz . Dog. Robert Scott, Agent.

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