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BULLDOGSJudge: Mrs. Vicki L. Abbott
BULLDOGS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 SODARO'S ANGEL OF MMUSIC , NP37394704 6/2/2014. Breeder: owner. By GCH E Clive's Bloomin Skirt Chaser -- Sodaro's Diamante Nel Grezzo. Shanna, Anthony & Antony Sodaro . Dog.
BULLDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

11 MAJESTIC MADISON II , NP37554601 4/21/2014. Breeder: Shalisa Neely. By GCH Majestic I'm Her Man! -- Lizaveta. Shalisa Neely . Dog.
BULLDOGS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

15 BEEFEATER'S STOUT SCOUT , NP36077701 12/19/2013. Breeder: Diane & Joseph Maloney. By CH Beefeater's Sir Ivanhoe of Rosecliff -- Rosecliff's Lady Red On The Rocks. Renee McCandlish & Laura Haney . Dog.
17 HULK LA BESTIA , NP38165601 10/4/2013. Breeder: Fernando Francisco. & Gaytan Richaud By GCH Clive's Bloomin Skirt Chaser -- Powbulls Mamacita Sexy. Armando Mata . Dog.
BULLDOGS American Bred Dogs.

19 WINDSONG FARM'S STELLAR PERFORMANCE , NP30560806 9/27/2011. Breeder: Pat Brown. By GCH Windsong Farm's Jubalation -- Windsong Farm's Halleluia Chorus. Rhonda and Madison Evanow and Pat Brown . Dog.
23 AB & JO PERIGNON WHITE STAR , NP35482402 8/26/2013. Breeder: Aurelio Arroyo. By GCH Ks Note Bul Sisco Kid -- Arroyo's Indian Little Empire. Abraham Rosales & Josie Briones . Dog. Alejandro Garcia, Agent.

25 POP-A-TOP MAJOR LEAGUE BLACKJACK , NP35059101 6/18/2013. Breeder: Chris and Rayne King, H and T. McDermott, B Almojers By GCH Dowats Secisive Double Dowen -- CH Major League Some Like It Hot. Chris and Rayna King . Dog. Dennis O'Conner, Agent.

29 ADDICTED 2 THE JACKPOT AT BULLDOZE , NP35450502 8/23/2013. Breeder: Linda Seidel and Cheray Norman. By GCH Imperious Hamitup Holy Diver -- Addicted 2 Caribou Lou. Vicki Kirkwood and Linda Seidel . Dog.

35 GRAND PALADIN LEONIDAS KING OF SPARTA , NP29971604 9/19/2011. Breeder: Stephanie Waymire and Shalisa. Neely By CH Majestic Johnnie Walker -- Majestic Stephanies Princess Belle. JayCei Miller and Stephanie Miller . Dog.

37 MAXIMUS ESCOBAR , FCM5518A 8/12/2010. Breeder: Bernabe Escobar. By Azul Rodriguez -- TopBull. Genero Zavala Rodriguez . Dog. Alejandro Garcia, Agent.

39 MAJESTIC FORMULA 1 , NP35411101 8/5/2013. Breeder: owner. By GCH Majestic I'm Her Man! -- Trent's Adorabull Raindrop. Shalisa and Geoffrey Neely . Dog.
BULLDOGS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

8 CHEROKEE LEGEND SACRED DANCER , NP37631204 7/1/2014. Breeder: Cody Sickle, Connie Chambers. and Tom Mcintire By GCH Cherokee Origin Just Johnni -- Cherokee Legend Dream Girl. Anna Dolegiewicz . Bitch.

10 MAGNUS DAYTONA MATA , JB7431C MX 7/26/2014. Breeder: Armando Mata-Alvarez. By Justin Fernandez -- Kendra Carrales. Luis Armando Mata-Alvarez . Bitch.
BULLDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

14 AB & JO CALIFORNIA DREAMING , NP37045705 3/27/2014. Breeder: owner. By GCH Magic Valley's Debonair Strut -- AB & Jo Feta. Abraham Rosales & Josie Briones . Bitch. Alejandro Garcia, Agent.

16 ULTIMATES COWGIRL , NP37225203 3/21/2014. Breeder: Owners. By Cherokee Legend Cowboy -- Ultimate Vivilove Sooki. George & Kimberly Lai & Jacob Lai and Rosemary Dorson and Arlene Harwood. Bitch.

18 BOMBER'S SKYE'S THE LIMIT , NP37608401 5/12/2014. Breeder: Erica Peters. By GCH Empires Prince Marcus -- GCH Bomber's B52. Erica Peters . Bitch.
BULLDOGS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

20 VALIDUS PACIFIC LOIS LANE , NP37479801 10/21/2013. Breeder: Jay Serion and Christine Serion. By Shining Rise Sensation -- Validus Pacific Isla Of Alki. Betty Buelteman and jay Serion, Christine Serion and Ronald Villafuerte. Bitch.

22 GODD'S CHRISTMAS FONT A NOSE'S STAR , NP36254807 12/24/2013. Breeder: Brenda and Joel Fontanos. By GCH Cherokee Orgin Just Johnny -- Font A Noses Only Colors of the Wind. N & M Goddard and Sarah Janeway, B & J Fontanos and Adrian Quesada. Bitch.
BULLDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

28 SODARO'S DIAMANTE NEL GREZZO , NP27737801 8/6/2010. Breeder: Shanna Sodaro. By CH Roja's The Return -- Sodaro's C.C. Of Lily. Shanna, Anthony & Antony Sodaro . Bitch.
30 NEWCOMB'S LACY UNDERALL , NP35825002 10/11/2013. Breeder: Brenda Newcomb, C Johnson, B Long. By CH Dickey's Nostradamus -- CH Newcomb's BC Katie Scarlett. Brenda Newcomb & Claire Johnson & Link Newcomb . Bitch.

32 CAPRI HERNANDEZ , NP38137801 1/29/2013. Breeder: owner. By Aston Martin Hernandez -- Furia Hernandez. Eduardo Hernandez and Juan Garcia . Bitch.
BULLDOGS Open Bitches.

38 BLOCKS BELLE OF THE BALL @ STORYBROOK , NP35035502 5/21/2013. Breeder: Karen Block. By CH Empires Big Pete -- Blocks Waltzing Matilda at Empire. Rhonda and Madison Evanow and Karen Block . Bitch.

40 CHEROKEE LEGEND SNOW WHITE , NP36532802 11/29/2013. Breeder: Cody Sickle and. Connie Chambers By CH Cherokee Legend Stetson -- Cherokee Legend Olivia. Ed and Gail Harris and Cody Sickle and Connie Chambers. Bitch. Jay Serion, Agent.

42 JAYCIE'S BUBBLING BROWN SUGAR , NP28046901 11/23/2010. Breeder: owner. By Undeniabulls Prince Namor -- Noble's Royal Mya. Jennifer Harcharik . Bitch.
44 CANDY ROSALES , JB5806D MX 7/15/2013. Breeder: Rosales. By Judce Rosales -- Rojas Wanda. Luis Armando Mata-Alvarez . Bitch.
46 MAJESTIC DIAMOND GIRL , NP33134001 10/17/2012. Breeder: Shalisa and Geoffrey Neely. By CH Graybull's Martin Miller -- CH Majestic Ruby Begonia. Clifford Legaspi . Bitch.
BULLDOGS Best-of-Breed/Variety
41GCH KOKOPELLI'S D1 WILD ELECTRIC SLIDE , NP28688307 3/8/2011. Breeder: Dino and Christie Garza. By CH D1's Iron Horse -- D1's Santa Maria. Cynthia Carlson and Dino and Christie Garza . Dog.

43GCH DOWAT'S THE GLADIATOR , NP33165401 10/15/2012. Breeder: A&S Worley and L & D Watson. By GCH Dowats Decisive Double Down -- Dowats Betty Boop Classay. Jamie Vasquez and Randall Jenkins and Linda Scott. Dog.

45GCH IMPERIOUS HAMITUP HOLY DIVER , NP31474903 2/27/2012. Breeder: Kelly and Rick Franz Suzanne. and Rick Glover and Scott Durham By CH Hetherbull Tmar's Double R Nothing -- Imperious Hamitup In Paris. Kim Krisch and Rich Meck . Dog.

49CH BIG BOSS , NP38165501 12/12/2013. Breeder: owner. By GCH Exact Classic Kokie's Brick -- Tru Blood. Pablo Zarco . Dog. Alejandro Garcia, Agent.
50GCH DAYANA HERNANDEZ AGUILAR , NP34267801 11/8/2011. Breeder: Eduardo Hernandez. By GCH Manchester Hernandez Acosta -- Kimberly Cuanalo. Eduardo Hernandez . Bitch.
52CH BULLSEYE BISH BERTHA BRIGHT EYES , NP35093903 7/19/2013. Breeder: Anna Dolegiewicz and Richard. and Cheyenne Baker By Cherokee Orgin Just Johnny -- Merrills Juicy girl. Anna Dolegiewicz and Richard and Cheyenne Baker . Bitch.
53GCH WILSON'S I'M YOUR HANDYMAN , NP33426602 11/25/2012. Breeder: Cindy and Joel Wilson. By GCH Wilson-Dion's WD-40 -- CH Wilson's Temple Tantrum. Landon and Jennifer Jordan and Jay Serion . Dog.
54 BOMBER'S KITTY HAWK , NP35225001 6/13/2013. Breeder: Erica Peters. By GCH Empires Prince Marcus -- GCH bomber's B52. Erica Peters . Bitch.

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