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GERMAN PINSCHERJudge: Mr. Ken J. Murray
GERMAN PINSCHER Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.
5 STARVIEW ROCK N ROLL STAR OF LEILANI , WS47790501 3/30/2014. Breeder: Ladonna Loken. By CH Severhaus Jasper Leilani -- GCH Adel Impetuous Temerity RN NA NAJ. Ladonna Loken . Dog.
GERMAN PINSCHER Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
10 IMMER TREU LUCKY CHARM , WS47818701 7/18/2014. Breeder: Owner. By CH Kaitler Sir Costly Dollar -- GCH Lilla Eneby's Xip'Xperia RN. Lorraine Shore . Bitch.
12 DAVEREN'S I LOVE MOO , WS47926001 3/29/2014. Breeder: Jill Eastman. By CH Lilla Enebys Cisco Kid -- Daveren's Only You. Jill Eastman . Bitch.
GERMAN PINSCHER Best-of-Breed/Variety
7GCH DAVEREN'S WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR , WS41121503 5/29/2014. Breeder: Jill Eastman. By CH Legacy's Gold En Nuggett -- CH Daveren's William The Conqueror. Tamara Phillippi & Jill Eastman . Dog.

9GCH OAKWOOD V KAITLERS REVIVAL , WS21055504 2/20/2007. Breeder: Kimberle Schiff and Michele Beyer. By Kaitler Madrake -- Kaitler Mind Over Matter. Judy Vandervort . Dog.

11 DIAMOND BAY CHEVELLE BENTLEY TRIBUTE , WS43304805 1/20/2013. Breeder: Valerie J. Vihlen Schluter. By GCH Oakwood V. Kaitlers Tribute CA CGC -- GCH Spirits Cerlinan Eneys Chevelle CD, BN, RE N. Valerie Vihlen-Schluter and Evan Jean Steele . Dog.

16GCH ADEL IMPETUOUS TEMERITY, RN NA NAJ , WS28036302 9/30/2008. Breeder: Amy Issleib. and Diane Austin By CH Laatain Baron -- CH Dreamcatcher Reign V Adel. Ladonna Loken . Bitch.

17CH DESERT MOON DANCE THE TANGO , WS46672905 3/20/2014. Breeder: Karen Radcliffe. By Eno'Kiss Me Baby Star of Elune -- CH Spirits Dazzling Red Ruby. Darci Lang and Karen Radcliffe . Dog.
20CH HICKSON PSYCHE CHARM , WS48248201 1/19/2014. Breeder: Joanna Maard. By Hickson Matrix of Milo -- Hickson Jinxed By Java. Cheryl Fuss and Magno Salva . Bitch.
22GCH DAVEREN"S PARTY GIRL , WS39814401 9/13/2011. Breeder: Jill Eastman. By CH Legacy's Gold-En Nugget II -- GCH Daveren's Amber Sunset. Sharron Harlow and Jill Eastman . Bitch.

24GCH DABNEY'S FAIR WARNING! RATS HCT-S , WS39464701 11/14/2011. Breeder: Janet Oatney, Ron Dunn, Linda. and John Krukar By Ceriinan Quiero to Aritaur -- GCH Dabney's Pink Gardenia RN BN HCT-S RATI. Janet Oatney and Ron Dunn . Bitch.
28 NEVARS QUERIDA MIA ZU DEN WOLKEN , WS38967504 10/8/2011. Breeder: F. Lynann Stuby. By GCH Dark Angels Aden Red Energy -- CH Ravenred Annie Oakley. Angela and Richard Renneke and F Lynann Stuby . Bitch.
30 DIAMOND BAY A CHEVELLE BUGATTI TRIBUTE , WS43304801 1/20/2013. Breeder: Valerie J Vihlen Schluter. By GCH Oakwood V kaitiers Tribute CA CGC -- GCH Spirits Ceriinan Eneby's Chevelle CD, BN, RE. Valerie Vihlen Schluter and Vivian Young . Bitch.
GERMAN PINSCHER Non-Reg NOT Eligible BOB/BOV Brood Bitch

32GCH SPIRITS CERIINAN ENEBYS CHEVELLE, RE, BN , WS30101405 4/10/2009. Breeder: Robin Pearce. By CH Lilla Enebys Cisco Kid -- CH Dream Catchers Stevie Nicks. Valerie J Vihlen Schluter . Bitch.

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