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Yuma Kennel Club


FRENCH BULLDOGSJudge: Ms. Kathryn A. Cowsert
FRENCH BULLDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

5 EXCELLENT KIND JP'S HOLY NIGHT , FB0193617 12/25/2016. Breeder: Kazumi Kurata. By Excellent Kind Jp's Oriental Gem -- Excellent Kind Jp's Aurora. Masaki and Keiko Shimizu . Dog.
7 BANDOG BAYOU DREAMS COME TRUE AT OVERTOP , NP46400401 1/7/2017. Breeder: Vickie Lang and Patricia A Sosa. and Louis F Sosa By CH Bandog N Tx-Star Its Not Easy Being Green -- Bandog Bayou's Emmie Lou. Vickie Lang . Dog. Valerie Nunes, Agent.
FRENCH BULLDOGS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

9 RUFF'S MISTER WHITE CHEDDAR , NP43832303 8/17/2016. Breeder: Roxanne T. McMurray and Jean Burn. By GCHS Floresta's Luckdragon CGC -- CH Floresta's Dangerously Cheesy. Betty Ruffini and Roxanne T. McMurray . Dog.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

11 BRAVOBUL'S TIMELESS TREASURE DIOR , NP40976301 9/5/2015. Breeder: Irina Bogard. By CH Ares Della Mafia Bulls -- Bravobul's Wrapped In Gold at Carobs. Irina Bogard . Dog.

15 DK'S SLIPPING JIMMY AT MIDNIGHT , NP43101501 4/7/2016. Breeder: Owners. By GCH Dk's Little Jerry at Midnight -- CH Dk's Tammy Why Not. Marcel Daignault & Ann Bingaman . Dog.
17 LIEN M.S.Y. FRENCHBURU , NP44933601 11/29/2016. Breeder: Tim Fuller. By GCH Daystar's Git-R-Done Desert Breeze -- Catch Me If You Can Monet. Masaki and Keiko Shimizu and Masashi Sibasaki . Dog.

19 RB'S NOTORIOUS ALLUSION , NP42181101 11/17/2015. Breeder: William Schaefer. By GCH Allusion's Balihai of Suma -- RB's Phoenix. Amanda J. Ashley . Dog.

21 DK'S KOKO MO JOE AT MIDNIGHT , NP43101503 4/7/2016. Breeder: Marcel Daignault. and Ann Bingaman By GCH DK's Little Jerry At Midnight -- CH DK's Tammy Why Not. Joel Hardy III and Marcel Daignault . Dog.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

6 BANDOG BAYOU'S SHOWGIRL AT OVERTOP , NP46400403 1/7/2017. Breeder: Luis Sosa. By CH Bandog N Tx-Star Its Not Easy Being Green @2stars -- Bandog Bayou's Emmie Lou. Viva Zhen Luo and Craig Stephens . Bitch. Valerie Nunes, Agent.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
8 BRAVOBUL'S QUEEN OF HEARTS , NP44247001 8/15/2016. Breeder: Owners. By Bravobuls timeless Treasure Dior -- CH Bravobul's Viva Las Vegas. Irina Bogard & Douglas Bogard . Bitch.
10 SOMMER-BULLY SCARLETT , NP43963501 1/15/2016. Breeder: Peter Nyarl. By Armani Von Hause Sommer -- Kiss Bully Finesse Candyce. Nicholas Alexander Phillips . Bitch.
FRENCH BULLDOGS Best-of-Breed/Variety
12CH ARTIC FOX'S BABYACE HOT AND SPICY PEPPER , NP39297601 2/13/2015. Breeder: Barbara Toczek. By Bigstar BabyFace Bandits Tzar -- BabyFace Bandits Larceny. Louise A Fox . Bitch.
14GCH PREFERE AS IF!! , NP39968802 4/18/2015. Breeder: Cindy Grant. By CH Bella Ridge Imperiale Prefere's Garcon Doux -- Prefere Marianette Frankly, My Dear. Cindy Grant & Rex Linn . Bitch. Alvin Lee, Jr., Agent.
23GCHB COCO VIALATTE'S WORK OF ART , NP38505603 7/2/2014. Breeder: Kazumi Yamanaka. By GCH Highwood's Big Shot -- GCH Mocaodc Coco Vialatte Rebecca Bonbon. Kimberly B Thomas & Kazumi Yamanaka . Dog.
25CH HEAVEN'S KISSED GOTTA HAVE SPIKE , NP37669103 6/26/2014. Breeder: Salvadore Ricrdo Guzman. By bluebells Silverhammer Louis Vuitton -- Honey XI. Desiree Ann Ortiz . Dog. Robert Scott, Agent.
27GCH OVERTOP CREAM MAJESTY , NP44972301 4/23/2016. Breeder: Ng Koon Keung. By GCH Bowhunter De La Bete -- Zhen Luo & Ng Koon Keung. Zhen Zuo and Ng Koon Keung . Dog. Valerie Nunes, Agent.

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