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CHIHUAHUAS (LONG COAT)Judge: Mr. Norman L. Patton
CHIHUAHUAS (LONG COAT) Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
5 VISTA VAL-LEE BIG BANG , TS13771201 9/8/2012. Breeder: Stephanie Schultes and Val Cross. By GCH Vista CopyCat King Farook -- CH Val-Lee's Blue Morning Glory. Stephanie Schultes and Val Cross . Dog.

7 LILAC ACRES RICKY RACCOON , TS08827901 8/11/2011. Breeder: Marlene Gallagher and Connie Cox. By PC-N-Temple's Return of the Jedi -- Lilac Acres The Sandman's Baby Doll. Jay James . Dog.
9 HALO'S OUTLAW PETE , TS20979401 12/12/2012. Breeder: Sophia Goetschius. By Halo's Tenth Ave Freeze Out -- Halo's American Sunshine. Kathleen M. Golden . Dog.

15 CLARK KENT SUPERMAN LAMUNO , TS23423501 11/27/2012. Breeder: Jose Lamuno. By Minicooper Lamuno -- Conin La Muneca. Jose Antonio Lamuno . Dog. Gabriel Rangel, Agent.
CHIHUAHUAS (LONG COAT) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.
6 VAL-LEE'S GINGER , TS21471001 5/11/2014. Breeder: Owner. By CH Burgundy Lil Gizmo D' Val-Lee -- CH Val-Lee's Dja Blues. Val Cross . Bitch. Stephanie Schultes, Agent.
8 VAL-LEE'S AT LAST AT GT'S , TS21520901 5/5/2014. Breeder: Val Cross. By CH Burgundy Lil Gizmo D'Val-Lee -- Val-Lee's Freight Train Merla. Gail Massey and Val Cross . Bitch.
CHIHUAHUAS (LONG COAT) Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

10 VISTA ROSTONE ROSETTE , TS21693305 2/26/2014. Breeder: Stephanie Schultes & Emily Buller. By Bravo's Yur White Russian At Vista -- Bravo's Take My Breath Away At Vista. Roberta Stone and Stephanie Schultes . Bitch.
CHIHUAHUAS (LONG COAT) Best-of-Breed/Variety
14CH LOMA BLACK PEARL , TS16740601 9/23/2012. Breeder: Jeffery Yasenchok. and Jeffery Seitz By Loma Lazzaro -- Loma On The Loose. Jeffery Yasenchok and Gail Massey . Bitch.

16CH MARI-ANDI POR AMOR A REAGAN , TS01478802 12/14/2010. Breeder: Henrietta Marie Garcia. By GCH Chavez Happy Days -- GCH Rejoyze Amor Para Siempre. Jackie Dew . Bitch.

17CH CONEMARA JUST RIGHT AT PINECOVE , TS10206401 12/20/2011. Breeder: Kathleen Golden. By CH Conemara Jack of Hearts RN -- CH Kactus Kathy's Blanca of H & H. Linda S Smith and Paula Nieto . Dog.

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