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Imperial Valley Kennel Club


BOSTON TERRIERSJudge: Mrs. Suzanne Dillin
BOSTON TERRIERS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.
7 LONESTAR'S TRUE CLASS , NP46595301 11/26/2016. Breeder: Jamie Allen. and Jackie Breazeale By GCH Lonestar's True Grit -- GCH Lonestar's Classic Rock. Jamie Allen . Dog. Susanne Beutler, Agent.
BOSTON TERRIERS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

9 BOJENX N'S CIBOLO'S IT'S GOING DOWN , NP42886003 4/19/2016. Breeder: Terry Jenkins, Hayley Jenkins. and Archie Gunter By CH Bojenx Shoot The Moon @ Dynamic Duo -- Dibolo's Moonbeam. Nancy Lux & Terry and Hayley Jenkins . Dog.
BOSTON TERRIERS Open 15 lbs and over Dogs.
11 RAMCAM'S MOVING ON WITH BAR NONE , NP43271403 3/23/2016. Breeder: Terry Pratt. By GCH Bar None Rumors Fly By Kasino -- CH Suzies Victoria Queen of My Heart. Ellen Melzer Saul and Debby Campbell . Dog. Mark Pratt, Agent.
BOSTON TERRIERS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

6 COOL GIFT TRAVELS TO BAR NONE , NP44371602 9/13/2016. Breeder: Melany Anaya. By CH Ba None World Class Traveler -- Kashmere's Cool Night On The Town. Mark and Terry Pratt . Bitch.
BOSTON TERRIERS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

8 BOJENX N' CIBOLO'S I'LL BE THE ONE U WON'T FORGET , NP42886001 4/19/2016. Breeder: Owners. By CH Bojenx Shot The Moon @ Dynamic Duo -- Cibolo's Moonbeam. Archie Gunter and Terry and Hayley Jenkins . Bitch.
10 AZCOWBOYZ I'LL B YOUR SHOT OF WHISKY , NP46418601 5/9/2017. Breeder: Debra Hartwig, Terry Jenkins. and Hayley Jenkins By GCH Bojenx Cibolo Whisky Makes Me Frisky -- CH Bojenx Boom It's A Cowgirl 4 Azcowboyz. Debra Hartwig . Bitch.
12 BAR NONE TRAVELING TREND SETTER , NP43271402 3/23/2016. Breeder: Terry Pratt. By GCH Bar None Rumors Fly By Kasino -- CH Suzie's Victoria Queen Of My Heart. Terry Pratt . Bitch.
BOSTON TERRIERS Best-of-Breed/Variety
5 SABE'S EASY TO REMEMBER , NP44866102 11/19/2017. Breeder: Sharon Saberton. By GCH Heartbeats Dauntless -- CH Sabe's Simply Scrumptious. Masaki and Keiko Shimizu . Dog.
14 NAUGHTY NORTENOS PEPITA BUTTERFLY , NP42365302 6/10/2015. Breeder: Marshan Fish. By Naughty Nortenos Clik Clik Bang Bang -- Abbi. Ericka Weeks . Bitch. Lauren Hay-Lavitt, Agent.
15CH ZURAN'S BRAVISSIMO OF DRAGON HEART , NP44786102 8/11/2016. Breeder: Kristie Wheeler. By Baird Hill Epic Illusion -- CH Zuran's Fly Me Too The Moon. Kristie Wheeler . Dog.
17GCH SABE'S SIMPLY BULETPROOF , NP44354902 8/1/2016. Breeder: Sharon Saberton, Susie. Olivera, Jorge Olivera By GCHP Sabe's Simply Invincible -- Padee's Inspired Aria. Robert L Looker . Dog. Jorge Olivera, Agent.
19CH SUZIES HOT TOPIC BAR NONE , NP41018001 6/9/2015. Breeder: Susan Field. and Shirley Sanders By GCH Bar None Rumors Fly By Kasino -- Suzies Victoria Queen Of My Heartt. Susan Field and Terry Pratt and Bob Candland. Dog.

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