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SHETLAND SHEEPDOGSJudge: Mr. James G. Reynolds

7 BELMARK BLUE DRAGON , DN44220704 10/23/2015. Breeder: Bella Thompson. By CH Belmark Lo and Behold -- Felicity Dare To Dream. Lisa M Aeilts . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
11 SUNNYVALE ISTARI CAMPAIGN TRAIL , DN45568401 3/1/2016. Breeder: owner. By GCH Wildwest Freedom Trail -- Istari Sunnyvale Covert Affair. Rebecca Vale and K Kozakiewicz and R Porter. Dog.

15 SHOW BIZ DRAGON FIN , DN42948601 5/29/2015. Breeder: Dottie Adkins. By CH Paray's Protagonist -- Show Biz Campbell. Dorothea Adkins . Dog.

19 DAEDREAM SUNNYVALE STARTIN' FIRES , DN35088502 8/31/2012. Breeder: owner. By GCH Daedream Cowboy Casanova -- Daedream Black Magic Hollyhock. Rebecca Vale and Dixie Eigenraauch . Dog.

21 PARAY'S TOP ECHELON , DN42672701 4/18/2015. Breeder: Tray Pittman. and Paul Flores By GCH PaRay Cambridge -- Granite Gables PaRay Paramount. Ann Balliet and Tray Pittman . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Open Sable and White Dogs.

27 ALEXA'S HOT SHOT AT ATHERTON , DN41547401 5/26/2014. Breeder: Stacy Martin. By GCH Paray's Preferential -- Primo Alexa's Color Me Different. Ann Balliet & Stacy Martin . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Open Any Other Allowed Color Dogs.

29 STERLING I'LL HAVE ANOTHER , DN34064203 3/31/2012. Breeder: Peggy Stephens. By GCH Sterling Just A Gigolo -- Sandcastle Awsome Possom. Peggy Stephens . Dog.

31 ISTARI MIDNIGHT SINS , DN32502402 1/6/2012. Breeder: owner. By GCH Istari Midnight Sun -- Istari Tahiti. K. Kozakiewicz and R. Vale and F. Blachere and R. Porter. Dog.
33 APPLE ACRES ABOUT FACE II , DN43707703 7/1/2015. Breeder: Locklyn Guzman and Alita Guzman. By CH Sea Haven Apple Acres Jetson -- CH Apple Acres Face Painting. Jessica Flannagan and Cherylyn Mullen . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

6 MAPLELEAF I HAVE ONE QUESTION , DN51067801 2/28/2017. Breeder: Tammy Riggs. By Mapleleaf Flash of Lighting -- Asphen;eaf's Rocky Mountain Rain. Tammy Riggs . Bitch.

8 BO-KEE WINDSONG GLITTER FORCE , DN48786401 1/18/2017. Breeder: Eunice Bochicchio. and Vickie Wendt By CH Armitage G-Force -- Bo-Kee Windsong Kopper Glitter. Eunice Bochicchio . Bitch.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

12 MAPLE LEAF TALIESIN , DN47395403 8/11/2016. Breeder: Tammy Riggs. By GCH Wildwest Freedom Trail -- Maple Leaf Work Of Art. K Kozakiewicz & Tammy Riggs . Bitch.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

14 MAPLE LEAF FOUR LEAF CLOVER , DN43675902 3/17/2015. Breeder: Tammy Riggs. and Kelly Davidson By Maple Leaf Flash of Lighning -- AspenLeaf's Rocky Mountain Rain. Tammy Riggs . Bitch.

16 SHENELL ONE HOT SUMMER , DN36196705 1/25/2013. Breeder: Janell Lowman and Marie Rankin. By Shenell's Call of the Wild -- Queen of Aces at Foxtrail. Janell and Bruce Lowman . Bitch.

18 SANDCASTLE WILDFLOWER , DN40571702 4/21/2014. Breeder: Cathy and Kurt Meek. and Marty and Michelle Miller By GCH Syringa Treasure Trove -- CH Sandcastle Pinup Girl. Cathy and Kurt Meek . Bitch.
20 SHOW BIZ FRENCH ONION , DN42948802 5/29/2015. Breeder: Owner. By CH Paray's Protagonist -- Show Biz Campbell. Dorothea Adkins . Bitch.
22 SUNBURST BRYCE BEAUTY , DN43388901 6/26/2015. Breeder: owner. By CH Sunburst The Investigator -- CH Sunburst It's All About Eve. Sharon Crawford . Bitch.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS American Bred Bitches.

26 MAPLE LEAF NORDICA , DN48323903 11/5/2016. Breeder: Tammy Riggs. By CH Apple Acres Norway -- Erin's Blow Me One Last Kiss. Suzanne Healy . Bitch.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Open Sable and White Bitches.

32 LORRA LEE'S-SAGEBRUSH ANNIE , DN37714201 9/15/2013. Breeder: Anita L Rasmussen. and Alicia M Keegan By CH Lorra Lee's Easy Rider -- CH Lorra Lee's-Sagebrush Making Memories Oa Naj. Anita L Rasmussen . Bitch.

34 WEIS WALKING ON SUNSHINE , DN44790603 12/9/2015. Breeder: Vicki Weis. By GCH Serenity's Walk In The Park -- Granite Gables Talisman Of Kytiri. Jessica Flannagan . Bitch. Corey R. Lambert, Agent.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Open Any Other Allowed Color Bitches.

36 AKADIA-ICON ALLURE , DN37426702 3/25/2013. Breeder: Shannalee Waller- Michalsky. and Sharon L Sampson By CH Wandren Park Akadia Ovation -- CH icon Evangelina. Denise Hines and Sandra Garner . Bitch. Corey R. Lambert, Agent.

38 SUNNYVALE THE DEVIL WORE PRADA , DN37627101 9/5/2013. Breeder: Rebecca Vale. and Rose Marie Doran By GCH Istari Midnight Sun -- Granite Gables Devil May Care. Rebecca A Vale and K Kozakiewicz . Bitch.

40 BLUE HEAVENS DRESSED FOR SUCCESS , DN44609202 11/12/2015. Breeder: Lisa & Lloyd Graser. By CH Don't Mess With Texas -- Kell Dressed To Kill. Suzanne Healy & Pat Impe-Rothenburger . Bitch.
42 WALDENWOOD BLACK SATIN , DN41874303 1/15/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Belmar Man In Black -- CH Waldenwood Snow Flurry. Harriet Smith . Bitch. Cathy Meek, Agent.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Best-of-Breed/Variety
35CH SUNNYVALE CALIFORNIA CHROME , DN40245701 7/21/2014. Breeder: Rebecca Vale and Michael Tremblay. By GCH BranGay Quick Draw -- Sunnyvale Berry Berry Naughty. Rebecca Vale and Michael & Tamera Tremblay . Dog.
37GCHB SUNNYVALE STRIKE ZONE , DN31797101 7/27/2011. Breeder: Rebecca Vale and Toni Pomasi. By CH Karosel The Perfect Game -- Mtn Mysts Joie de Vivre. Rebecca Vale and Toni Pomasi . Dog. Mike Tremblay, Agent.
39GCH SUNNYVALE ALL-WHEEL DRIVE , DN32530502 11/25/2011. Breeder: Rebeca A Vale and Francois. Blanchere By CH Karosel The Perfect Game -- Sunnyvale Just Peachy. Rebecca Vale and Tamera Tremblay . Dog.
41GCHB BREYSTONS KISMET FASHION STATEMENT , DN44377903 11/4/2015. Breeder: Patricia Dody and Guy and. Thelma Maudin By CH Kismet Shogun -- CH Kismet High Fashion. Corey Lambert & Pat Dody . Dog.

43CH DAEDREAM NO GREATER GIFT , DN46557801 5/22/2016. Breeder: owner. By CH Belmark Skyfall -- CH Daedream Image of Elegance. Dixie Eigenrauch . Dog.
44CH LORRA LEE'S A MOMENT IN TIME , DN22079402 7/2/2008. Breeder: Owners. By CH Seahaven Squeeze Play -- GCHB Lorra Lee';s Hearts On Fire. Anita and George Rasmussen . Bitch.

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