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Tucson Kennel Club


RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR)Judge: Mrs. Jacqueline L. Stacy
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

9 ABARTH BRAVO HERBU ZADORA , VIII35250 PO 9/28/2016. Breeder: Monika Dowgiallo. By Piccadilly's Hidden Illusion At Hyspire -- Miranda Herbu Zadora. Lisa Montoya . Dog.

11 MS T'S CHAR-DON EVERY MILE A MEMORY AT TUKEE , SR94635703 8/10/2016. Breeder: Terry McFadden and Janet Schoonov. By CH Hirsipirtin Turtle Atlobuff -- GCHB Ms T'S Char-Don Life's A Climb Dn. Holly Dvm Tuttle and Billy Tuttle . Dog.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
17 SNOWGOOSE CARBON COPY , SR55584601 4/3/2009. Breeder: owner. By CH Beechcroft Study's Top Secret -- CH Belquest Jet Black Snowgoose JH. Terry Purkable and Andrew Lund . Dog.

19 KELSEY'S THAT A WAY LJ , SR88180503 5/24/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Belquest Trouble At Sterling -- Remington's Rcky Mtn Xpress. Lori Kelsey . Dog.

21 MAC LABS SAMSON SHINES LIKE THE NIGHT , SR91450604 2/4/2016. Breeder: Stephen and Laurie McKeown. By CH Cinnamaire's Chalk Art -- Enchanted Pine Stella By Starlight. Keena Powers . Dog.
23 STONEWALL'S CHASING MAVERICKS JH RN , SR89671301 10/2/2015. Breeder: Owner. By CH Hyspire Maritime Everything You Always Wanted -- Stonewall's Ciao Bella. Ron Morelos . Dog.

27 RAYSUN ROCHAVEN'S SAILING ON , SR86853308 1/5/2015. Breeder: Rae-S Chang. By Rocheby Royal Navy -- Lab Creations Pretty Girl. Susan Tsoi . Dog.

29 SOLSBURY HILL CASTOR OYL , SR83236001 5/4/2014. Breeder: Patricia Butler & Susan eberhardt. By CH Rochars Keeping Up With the Jones -- Saddlehill Julieinkster Inky. Patricia Butler & Lillyanna Bedowitz . Dog. Michelle Bedowitz, Agent.

31 DUCKTALES A SOLDER'S SONG FOR KAI DEN , SR84306102 7/14/2014. Breeder: Diane Villa, Laura Dickenson. and Teresa Keller By CH Wallcroft Victory Bear -- GCH Ducktales Aria JH. Diane Villa and Teresa Keller . Dog.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 SUNDANCER'S FAT BOTTOMGIRLS CGC , SR98101310 3/26/2017. Breeder: owner. By Amethyst Ageofaquarius at Sundancer CA CGCA TKN -- Sundancer's Bridge Over Troubled Water CGC. Theresa and Alyx Tuttle . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

8 SANDIA'S FETCHEN GRETCHEN , SR97643401 1/22/2017. Breeder: owner. By Sandia's Shaq Attack -- Sandia's Claim To Fame. Jaclynn Robertson . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

12 MACLABS AMERICA @ COLINDY SUNDANCER CGC , SR94552801 8/11/2016. Breeder: Stephen and Laurie McKeown. By CH Quailchase Bearcreek Jolly Jose -- Enchanted Pines Sweet Georgia Brown. Helen Wilson and Theresa Tuttle . Bitch.

14 ARISTES' POP ART , SR94275202 6/12/2016. Breeder: Bonnie Kellner and Stephanie. Herman By CH Cinnamire's Chalk Art -- CH Aristes Sparkling Soda. Bonnie Kellner and Stephanie Herman . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

16 QUAILCHASE BLACK GEM , SR96461402 11/28/2016. Breeder: Tina and Duke Donohue. and Kristina Rock By GCHB Broadway Joe Windfall -- Quailchase Bear Creek Darlin Doe. Terry Purkable and Tina and Duke Donohue and Kristina Rock. Bitch.
22 SANDIA'S TRIX IS FOR KIDS , SR74464801 8/10/2012. Breeder: Jaclynn Robertson. By Sandia's Aristes' Savory Salty -- Sandia's Steaming Hot Chocolate. Jaclynn Robertson . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) American Bred Bitches.

24 SKYWATER CANDYVIEW THE GIRL NEXT DOOR , SR80255202 10/15/2013. Breeder: Heather Luis. By Hyspire Super Sonic Maverick CD RN -- Ducktales Gigi. Laura and Morgan Dickenson . Bitch.

26 CHAR-DON MS T'S BLACK PEARL , SR88640407 7/11/2015. Breeder: Janet Schoonover, Terry McFadden. and Ron and Jennifer Kelly By Quailchase Bearcreek Jolly Joe -- GCH Belgairn Looking For Trouble. Terry McFadden and Janet Schoonover . Bitch. Kristina Rock, Agent.

28 MS T'S CHAR-DON EDGE OF EDEN RE, DS , SR81396603 2/6/2014. Breeder: Terry McFadden and Janet Schoonov. By CH Arlon Hyspire Bohemian Ink -- Rochar's Chardon I Believe At Ms T's. Vickie Harshman . Bitch.
30 CHAR-DONS MS T'S MISCHIEF LOVES COMPANY DN , SR74024008 7/11/2012. Breeder: owner. By GCH QuailChase Broadway Joe Windfall -- GCH Belgairn Looking For Trouble. Elaine DeLucia and Helen Wilson and Janet Schoonover and Terry McFadden. Bitch. Kristina Rock, Agent.

32 PARADOCS QUINCE , SR86796601 2/11/2015. Breeder: Karen & John Helmers. By GCH Paradocs Bellwether Heath -- CH Para Nani's Ruby. Karen & John Helmers . Bitch.

34 AMETHYST HELLO DOLLY GIRL , SR88475108 6/26/2015. Breeder: Karen Turner. and Kuke Donahue By GCH Hyspire Singular Sensation -- GCH Amethyst Twas The Night After. Karen Turner and Duke Donahue . Bitch.
36 FIRECREST WHATEVER LOLA WANTS LOLA GETS , SR91281410 11/28/2015. Breeder: Manuel Queijeiro. and Julie Romero By GCH Paradocs Obsidian -- GCH Queijeiro On All Counts. Christina Cameron . Bitch. Ric Plaut, Agent.

38 DALWATER NORTHERN LIGHTS , SR92403701 2/14/2016. Breeder: Lisa Allen. By CH Wallcroft Windrose Victory Bear -- Dalwater Shadow Boxer. Lisa C Allen . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Open Chocolate Bitches.

42 CAMBRIDGE SWAN SONG FROM SENJO , SR87903501 5/26/2013. Breeder: Brian A Proctor and Lorie. Chamaschuk By Cambridge Points North -- Boothgates Answer To A Plea. Brian A Proctor and Lorie Chamaschuk . Bitch. James Bettis, Agent.

44 SANDIA'S POCO CHOCOLATE OSCURO CAZADORA , SR80464001 10/29/2013. Breeder: Jaclynn Robertson. By CH Stone Cliff Another Fine Mess -- Sandia's Steaming Hot Chocolate. Daniel and Cynthia Ramsey and Jaclynn Robertson . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Open Yellow Bitches.

48 SANDIA'S SWEET PEACH , SR80461801 10/28/2013. Breeder: owner. By Sandia's Shaq Attack -- Ariste's Sandia's Classy Lassie. Jaclynn Robertson . Bitch.

52 LEGACY'S ELSA TROUBLE ME NOT FROM BOULDERCREST , SR89620801 7/5/2015. Breeder: Abriana Church. By GCH Gateway's Nothin' But Trouble -- Legacy's Hollywood Be A Star At Bouldercrest. Tori Church . Bitch. Susie Olivera, Agent.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Best-of-Breed/Variety
10 AMETHYST CIRCLE OF LIFE WITH COLINDY , SR95596402 10/4/2016. Breeder: Karen Turner. and Duke Donahue By GCHB Laurglen Ardent Rogue At Hyspire -- GCHB Amethyst Twas The Night After. Karen Turner and Elaine DeLuca and Helen Wilson. Bitch.

15 IRON HILL QUAILCHASE HAWKEYE JOE , SR95202601 8/9/2016. Breeder: Christina M Clark. By GCHB Quail Chase Broadway Joe Windfall -- Iron Hill's Amazing Beauty. Duke and Tina Donahue . Dog. Kristina Rock, Agent.

35CH QUAILCHASE CHAR-DON GI JOE CGC , SR74024011 7/11/2012. Breeder: Janet Schooner and Terry. McFadden By GCH Quailchase Broiadway Joe Windfall -- GCH Belgairn Looking For Trouble. Kristina Rock & Duke Daonahue & Janet Schoonover. Dog.
37GCHB CHAMBRAYS DUKE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS CGC , SR89818501 8/24/2015. Breeder: David Baxter. By CH Devonshires Huckleberry Finn -- CH Chambray Mean Green Josephine. Gadi Shvarzman and Alena Nikitsina . Dog.
39CH SANDIA'S POLAR BEAR , SR84055301 7/26/2014. Breeder: Jaclunn Robertson. By Sandia's Shaq Attack -- Aristes' Sandia;s Classy Lassie. Jaclynn Robertson & Cynthia Ramsey . Dog.
54CH HARLOW'S HEAVEN'S KISSED TAYLOR MADE , SR89906506 9/15/2015. Breeder: Jennett Harlow. By GCH Belquest Trouble At Sterling -- Twinpond's Harlow's Magnificent Ivory Jade JH. Desiree Ann Ortiz . Bitch. Robert Scott, Agent.
56GCHS CANDYVIEW'S HARVEST MOON , SR84306101 7/14/2014. Breeder: Laura Dickenson & Diane Villa. & Teresa Keller By CH Wallcroft Windrose Victory Bear -- GCH Ducktales Aria JH. Laura and Morgan Dickenson . Bitch.
58CH MS T'S CHAR-DON ECHOES IN THE WIND , SR94635701 8/10/2016. Breeder: Terry McFadden and Janet Schoonov. By CH Hirsipirtin Turtle AtloBuff -- GCHB Ms T's Char-Don Life's A Climb DN. Terry McFadden and Janet Schoonover . Bitch. Kristina Rock, Agent.
62GCH SUMMERLAND TAKING BROADWAY BY STORM , SR90344901 10/19/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Quail Chase Broadway Joe Windfall -- Summerland Sandstorm. Julia Bunker . Bitch. Kristina Rock, Agent.

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