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Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club


ROTTWEILERSJudge: Ms. Beverly Capstick
ROTTWEILERS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.
5 MEDIEVAL'S GOING FOR THE TAKEDOWN , WS56279804 2/28/2017. Breeder: Lisa Couse. By GCHS Richmar's J.W Mac Q Vom Creel -- GCH Chancellor's It Must Be Fate. Heather Brendle . Dog.

7 ARGUS THE NIGHT WATCHMAN OF VON PHILHAUS , WS56959307 4/27/2017. Breeder: Deborah Phillips. By Franz Von Sedarhaus -- Fancy Von Philhaus. Toni A. Smith . Dog.

9 PACO SUAVE , WS57120106 3/13/2017. Breeder: Robert West. By West's Bruno -- West's Heidi. Janet M Helms . Dog. Tommy Coplen, Agent.
ROTTWEILERS American Bred Dogs.

11 LOMA'S MARGARITAVILLE , WS53035803 2/27/2016. Breeder: Loralee Johnson and Juan J Griego. & Nanacy Griego By GCH Redondo's Thunder -- Loma's Tequila Sunrise. Loralee Johnson . Dog.
15 NUE-CASTLE TREY V MESILLA , WS55310302 10/6/2016. Breeder: Sue & Bill Zern. and Anthony S K Groth By CH Von Haustiiers In Command -- GCHB Groth's Mornin Fix V Nue-Castle. Manny Burrola and Cheryl Burrola . Dog. Mari Lynn Davisson, Agent.

17 LOMA'S TAKEN HOME THE CHECKERED FLAG SMOKE , WS40289603 2/23/2012. Breeder: Loralee and Matt Johnson. By CH Cammcastle's Fender Bender CD RA -- Cherub's Pink Cadillac V Vegas. Rick Peters and Robert Peters . Dog.

19 LEDFORDS TWO SONS REYKJAVIK , WS45893602 11/7/2013. Breeder: Adrienne & Jack Ledford. By CH Loma's Perfect Storm -- CH Ledfords Regal Winter Breeze CD RA. Todd Luethjohann & Zachary Sparrow . Dog.
ROTTWEILERS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.
8 MERAKXWL FLY THROUGH THE FYRE , WS58166001 5/18/2017. Breeder: C Latimer. and L Grande By GCHP 2 Chancellor Flirt's Hi Flyini' Gladiator -- Alpha Von Herrschaft. Riann A Cambrio . Bitch.
ROTTWEILERS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
10 LOMA'S FLASHPOINT , WS53035802 2/27/2016. Breeder: Loralee Johnson, Juan J Griego. & Nancy Griego By GCH Redondo's Thunder -- Loma's Tequila Sunrise. Loralee Johnson . Bitch.
ROTTWEILERS American Bred Bitches.

12GCH STONERIDGE NIRVANA DI PULCHELLA , WS52797004 2/8/2016. Breeder: Katie Griffiths. By CH Blaxwil's Kimbo Slice -- GCH Madra's Fifty Shades Of Stoneridge RE. Denise Killian and Dennis R Thomas Jr . Bitch.

14 LOMA'S LIGHTENING STRIKE VOM TOUVELL , WS42772103 12/4/2012. Breeder: Mike and Kathy Touvell. and Matt and Loralee Johnson By CH Cammcastle's Fender Bender CD, RA -- Glorious Morn Of Loma Von Alderhaus RN. Dennis and Tonnie McBroom and Loralee Johnson . Bitch.
ROTTWEILERS Best-of-Breed/Variety
16GCHG BIGLUV'S LADY ISBELLA BN RE RATN NW1! CGC TT , WS36079903 11/30/2010. Breeder: Mary Johnson. By CH Chancellor's Iron Challenger -- Bigluv's R 'N B. Susan Abel . Bitch. Stephanie House, Agent.
18GCH RICHMAR'S DREAM OF PHOENIX RISING VON CYPHERHAUS , WS48797701 11/19/2014. Breeder: Martha Salazar & Richard Salazar. By CH Marlo's La Dolce Vito -- CH Richmar's Dream Girl. Chris and Cindy Holcomb . Bitch.
20CH ROTT'N ACRE'S DIAMOND LIL V GOLD COIN'S , WS47738902 7/2/2014. Breeder: Joyce Eaton & Mari Lynn Davisson. By GCH Banshee's Duke of Rott'n Acre's -- CH Gold Coin's American Beauty. Joyce A. Eaton . Bitch. Mari Lynn Davisson, Agent.
23CH STONERIDGE KIZMET DI PULCHELLA XMARK , WS48383404 9/22/2014. Breeder: Katie Griffiths, Stacie Fults,. and Elizabeth Syphers By CH Blaxwils Kimbo Slice -- CH Stoneridge Agent Starling of Xmark. Denise Killian and Dennis R Thomas Jr . Dog.

25GCHS CHANCELLOR FLYIN FIFTH BATTALION BENELLI , WS42358201 4/26/2012. Breeder: Georgeann Alioto and Wendi Lewell. By GCH Chancellor Flirt's Hi Flyin Gladiator -- Darlins Divine Diva. Wendi Lewellen & Chandra Klem . Dog. Rich Mysliwiec, Jr, Agent.
27CH REDYRE JUST A DREAM CGCA CGCU THDN , WS50263801 3/10/2015. Breeder: Rebekah James. By Dark Waters Dream Machine V Eternal Moon -- Redyre Extra Spicy. Riann A Cambrio . Dog.

29CH NIGHTHAWK'S WHEN DREAMS COME TRUE AT INFINITY , WS47425804 5/10/2014. Breeder: Daviann Mitchell. By CH Thunder Ranch's Quata Maximus Of Nighthawk -- GCH Nighthawk's Outstanding Ovation. Rich and Anna Mysliwiec & Daviann Braun & Bailee Rodgers. Dog.

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