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VIZSLASJudge: Mrs. Loraine Boutwell
VIZSLAS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.
5 MEHAGIAN'S CALCIFER , SR83522206 7/1/914. Breeder: Marge Mehagian. By GCH Mehagian's Tobias Of Wilder SH -- Mama Caliente Jessica. Tim & Monique Wales . Dog. Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, Agent.

7 MEHAGIAN'S TAMARON EAGLE SCOUT , SR83649003 7/16/2014. Breeder: Marge Mehagian, M and J Kirkpatri. and Tami Westerbeck By GCH Tamaron's Tag You're it -- Mehagian's Golden Rose MH. Amy Jerome . Dog. Dave Clendenon, Agent.
VIZSLAS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

9 MOONLIGHTS DREAM COME TRUE , SR84570601 9/28/2014. Breeder: Karen Lake. By CH Zeneith's Suspense Thriller -- CH Moonlight's Rock'N Ow't, JH, CGC. Craig & Courtney Barclay & Karen Lake . Dog.
VIZSLAS Open Dogs.

11 SLEEPY HOLLOW WALK LIKE A MAN , SR83098701 4/17/2014. Breeder: Rita L. Mather. By CH Mehagian's Sizzl'n Hot-N-Spicy -- CH Sleepy hollow Applause Applause. Rita L. Mather . Dog. Susie Olivera, Agent.
15 MEHAGIAN'S GREAT GATSBY MAGIC IN MOTION , SR81505804 1/21/2014. Breeder: Susan Herlong and Marge Mehagian. By GCH Nyircsaszari Tatra -- GCH Mehagian's Allegro Catch me If You Can. Susan Herlong . Dog. Joseph Berkau, Agent.
VIZSLAS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 STORMWINDS RUSSET LEATHER EASY GOER , SR87639005 4/5/2015. Breeder: Beverly Wanjon. By CH Russet Leather Stormwinds Kizmar High Noon -- Russet Leather Prairie Star. Lucy Adams & Beverly Wanjon . Bitch.

8 NYIRCSASZARI VARAZSIGE , SR87221502 4/14/2015. Breeder: Dr. Sylvia Kerr. By GCH HRQ Guess Who's In Trouble RN JH OA OAJ -- GCH Nyircsaszari Szilva Palinka JH. Janet Galante and Dr Sylvia Kerr . Bitch.
VIZSLAS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
10 TAMARON DADDY'S DESERT STORM , SR87366601 3/24/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Tamaron's Heart of Texas -- GCH Tamaron's Jazzmatazz. Catherine Woods and Tami and Leon Westerbeck . Bitch.
VIZSLAS Open Bitches.
12 MEHAGIAN'S MANDY MAE CAMPANANO , SR81505802 1/21/2014. Breeder: Marge Mehagian. By Nyircsaszari Tatra -- Mehagian's Allegro Catch Me If You Can. Jenny Campanano . Bitch.

14 MOONLIGHT'S EAT YOUR HEART OUT CGC , SR78929102 8/11/2013. Breeder: Karen Lake. By CH HRQ Ask The Expert JH -- CH Moonlight's Rock'n Ow't, JH CGC. Karen Lake . Bitch. Guillermo Cavazos, Agent.
16 RUSSET LEATHER WIND OF THE DESERT , SR80928306 11/16/2013. Breeder: Eileen Kelleher & beverly A Wanjo. By GCH Kezdts Russet Leather River Whisper -- CH Russet Zlether Talutah. Olga Ptashnjuk & Beverly A Wanjon . Bitch. Guillermo (Memo) Cavazos, Agent.

18 CATCH A FIRE'S PEACE LIKE A RIVER , SR72253301 4/9/125. Breeder: Audrey & Marc Zatarian. By GCH Renaissance Kiss's Casanova JH -- GCH Catch A Fire's Autumn Prairie Wind JH. Audrey & Marc Zatarian . Bitch.

20 RUSSET LEATHER SHOSHONE AYASHA , SR78205601 4/15/2013. Breeder: Adrian Wanjon & Beverly A Wanjon. By GCH Kezet's Russet Leather River Whisper -- CH Russet Leather Indian Star. Paul Corr and Jamie Corr and Beverly A Wanjon. Bitch. Moira Cornell, Agent.

22 SLEEPY HOLLOW SIMPLY IRRISISTABLE , SR83098702 4/17/2014. Breeder: Rita L. Mather. By CH Mehagian's Sizzl'n Hot-N-Spitcy, CD MH CGC -- CH Sleepy Hollow Applause Applause. Pamela and Greg Schoeneman and Rita L. Mather . Bitch.
VIZSLAS Best-of-Breed/Variety

19GCH NYIRCSASZARI TATRA , SR66011303 11/9/2010. Breeder: Janet Galante and Dr Sylvia Kerr. By GCH Snowridge Gunfire Flynn MH -- CH Nyircsaszari Nyajas Cigany. Janet Galante and Dr Sylvia Kerr . Dog. Joseph Berkau, Agent.
21CH MEHAGIAN'S TAMARON GARY COOPER , SR83234503 5/15/2014. Breeder: Marge Mehagian, J & R Laman. and Tami Westerbeck By GCH Tamaron's Tag You're It JH -- CH Mehagian's Amber Eyed Sol JH. Amy Jerome . Dog. Shawna Swanson, Agent.

23GCH FUNNROK'S GREEN MACHINE BN RA CGC , SR72655604 4/27/2012. Breeder: owner. By CH Pirok Teglas MH -- CH Canine Oh My Loving SH. Marty and Roy Sanford . Dog.
24GCH MEHAGIAN'S CONTESSA ROSE OF TAMARON , SR83649002 7/16/2014. Breeder: M Mehagian, M Kirkpatrick,. T Westerbeck By GCH Tamaron's Tag You're It -- GCH Mehagian's Golden Rose. Lorraine Granau . Bitch. Erin Hooper, Agent.
25CH RUSSET LEATHER STORMWINDS KIZMAR DUEL IN THE SUN , SR82833805 4/30/2014. Breeder: Kirsten Davis and Kathy A Rust. By GCH Renaissance Lord of th'Dance SH -- CH Kizmar Preminition of th'Kiss. Beverly Wanjon and Kristen Davis & & Barry Golob. Dog. Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, Agent.
26CH MEHAGIAN'S AMAZING GRACE, JH,RN, CGC , SR77571601 5/4/2013. Breeder: Marge Mehagian,Marian Kirkpatrick. By CH Mehagian's Dringus Fitzgerald -- GCH Mehagian's Golden Rose, MH,VC,CGC. Lorraine Granau . Bitch. Erin Hooper, Agent.

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