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Greater Sierra Vista Kennel Club


MINIATURE PINSCHERSJudge: Ms. Beverly Capstick
MINIATURE PINSCHERS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.
7 POMPEII'S WHISKEY ON THE ROCKS , TS34116001 3/12/2017. Breeder: L.McGowan. By GCH Winters Envi Mi Crown Royal At Pompeii -- Bonelli's Pompeil Black Angel Rising. Lafayette McGowan . Dog.

21 T'SEAS MI CARIZMA'S PLEASE 'N MI TOO , TS22274601 6/6/2014. Breeder: Sandra Davis-Moorwessel, Sherry. Haynes & Deb Long By GCH T'seas Mi Please Mi 'N March On -- Carizmas Naughty Secret RN CGC. Deborah Long and Sandra Davis-Moorwessel and Sherry Haynes. Dog.
MINIATURE PINSCHERS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 FEDE RED LIGHT DISTRICT V BONELLI , TS34035301 3/14/2017. Breeder: Dawn Bonelli. By Fede Before He Cheats -- CH Bonelli's Followin'A Feeling Larcon. Michele & Darren Reves . Bitch.
MINIATURE PINSCHERS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

16 KERIDAN BRING ON M'AZING V CROSSFIRE , TS31531401 6/16/2016. Breeder: Keri Haney and Kathy Hawkins. By GCH Brackley My Amazing Warrior -- Labell Ima Redneck Princess. Aldine Aldeguer & Keri Haney & Kathy Hawkins . Bitch.
MINIATURE PINSCHERS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
18 TIMBEAR CREEK WE WILL ROCK , TS32692502 10/25/2016. Breeder: Connie Timmerman. and Barb Erb By CH Whitehouse's Field of Dreams Youngs -- GCH Timbear Creek We Are The Champions. Barbara Erb and Connie Timmerman . Bitch.

20 REH-PIN'S SHE'S ON FIRE , TS34662402 5/6/2017. Breeder: Mary Silfies. By GCHS Brackley He's My Warrior -- GCHB Reh-Pin's Queen Of Sheba HR, RATN, RATO. Mary Silfies . Bitch.
24 FEDE LEAP IN TIME , TS29424604 2/29/2016. Breeder: Michele Reeves and Darren Reeves. By GCHB Reh-Pin Come Fly With Me To Fede -- GCHB Winters Delkamar Queen Of The Stars. Michele Reeves and Darren Reeves, Jamie Berg . Bitch.

26 REH-PIN'S SHE'S SOMETHING ELSA V BRACKLEY , TS25936503 4/1/2015. Breeder: Wendy Boyette. By GCH Reh-Pin's Taking A Chance w/RD Lite -- CH Brackley She's Amazing. Ladonna Loken . Bitch.

28 MARLEX UPSIDE DOWN , TS30477501 6/12/2016. Breeder: D Finek-Elvir & A Angelbello. By CH Cheristar's Oohs and Aahs! -- CH Marlex La Fiera. Lafayette McGowan . Bitch.
17 TIMBEAR CREEK THUNDERBIRD THRILLER , TS32692503 10/25/2016. Breeder: Connie Timmerman. and Barb Erb By CH Whitehouse's Field of Dreams Youngs -- GCH Timbear Creek We Are The Champions. Dixie and Deborah Zawada . Dog.

23CH CHERISTAR SMALL TOWN BIG TIME AT FEDE , TS33198301 11/26/2016. Breeder: Cherle McDaniel. By GCH Cheristar's Master Mason -- CH Cheristar's Sheer Joy. Michele & Darren Reves . Dog.
25GCH FEDE QUANTUM LEAP CA , TS29424601 2/29/2016. Breeder: Michele and Darren Reeves. By Reh-Pin Come Fly With Me To Fede -- Winters Delkamar Queen of the Stars. Nancy Ryson & Michele Reeves . Dog.
27CH MIGHTYMITES STOKE UP MY DESIRE , TS34921401 . Breeder: Bonnie Foster. By Showgun's Samural Showdown -- CH Mightymits Little Bit Naughty. Ruth Tarlton and Bonnie Foster . Dog.
29GCH TOYKEEPER'S BABYFACE ASSASSIN , TS29685901 2/13/2016. Breeder: Owner. By GCH Wannabee Divine Intervention -- CH Toykeeper's Jelly Bean. Aldine Aldeguer and Roni Aldeguer . Dog.
34GCHB CARIZMA'S MAHOGANY ROSE , TS29419001 10/3/2015. Breeder: owner. By CH Wannabee Biker Barney -- GCH Carizma's Oops I Did It Again. Sherry Haynes and Sandra Davis Moorwessel . Bitch.

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