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CHINESE CRESTEDJudge: Mr. David M. Krogh
CHINESE CRESTED Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 CELESTIAL LUNAR DELIGHT AT CREST-VUE , TS18903302 11/2/2013. Breeder: Erica Czerniejewski. By CH Stillmeadow Cristall Mayhem Like Me -- GCH Crest-Vue's Just'A Lil Bit Fancy. Karen Fischer-Smith . Dog.
CHINESE CRESTED Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

7 KULANA'S DELIVERANCE , TS16908101 6/24/2013. Breeder: Darlene Anderson. By GCH Kulana's Revolution -- CH Kulana's Curtain Call. Darlene Anderson . Dog.
9 KOUNTRY TYME CIROC ON THE ROCKS , TR96215401 1/6/2010. Breeder: Carol and Candra Loutzenhiser. By CH Crestline Naked on the Inside -- Sunny Crest My Bare Lady. Carol and Candra Loutzenhiser . Dog.

11 MOONCREST MADE WITH LOVE AT SIAM , TS19603604 10/20/2013. Breeder: Debbie LeGrand and Roxy L Smith. By CH Twice as Nice Talk To The Hand -- Mooncrest Journey to Siam. Roxy Smith and Debbie LeGrand . Dog.
CHINESE CRESTED Open Hairless Dogs.
15 AEROCHIEN SON OF THE MONSTER , TS16692801 4/1/2013. Breeder: Cynthia A Jesch and Ray Stevens. and Sharon Stevens By Apogees Monster in the Closet HL -- CH Sharbelle Pony Up With Aerochien. Cynthia A. Jesch . Dog.

17 APOGEES MONSTER IN THE CLOSET HL , TS04802902 5/9/2011. Breeder: Derrik Msharp and Deronda Dharp. and Curtiss G. Smith By CH Sunwinds Holiday Celebration -- CH Starlights 2nd Star 2 The Right PF. Ray and Sharon Stevens and Curtiss G. Smith . Dog.

19 P-CHI IM A CHICK MAGNET FOR SHIDA , TS06331402 4/27/2011. Breeder: Lisa De-Clue Diaz & George Diaz. By Shida The Frog Prince -- CH Kulana's Center Stage at P-Chi. Jennifer Young-Johnson and Eric Johnson . Dog.
CHINESE CRESTED Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
6 KULANA'S BACKSTAGE PASS FOR MOONCREST , TS14450705 11/24/2012. Breeder: Darlene Anderson & Debbie Legrand. By CH Mooncrest Santana -- CH Kulana's Curtain Call. Darlene Anderson and Debbie LeGrand . Bitch.

8 SHIDA SIMPLY STUNNING , TS17052402 3/28/2013. Breeder: Jennifer Young-Johnson. By Shida Prince Charming -- GCH Shida Glamazon. Jennifer Young-Johnson . Bitch.
10 KOUNTRYTYME BLACK PEARL , TS21194702 11/13/2013. Breeder: Candra Loutzenhiser. By GCH Shida Hotter Than Habanero -- CH Kountrytyme Can't Read My Poker Face. Candra Loutzenhiser . Bitch.
CHINESE CRESTED Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Dogs.

21GCH CRESTLINE BUTTERS SCOTCH , TR61695501 11/24/2006. Breeder: Mercedes Vila. By CH Zucci High Entertainment -- CH Horizons Bare It All Leela. Mercedes Vila . Dog.
CHINESE CRESTED Best-of-Breed/Variety

14GCH CRESTLINE OLIVE OYL , TR76026501 4/25/2008. Breeder: Mercedes Vila. By CH Silkyence Just Dandy -- CH Horizons Bare It All Leela. Mercedes Villa & P. Buckelew & L Buckelew & Xeralane KNL. Bitch.

16GCH KOUNTRYTYME RAISE YOUR GLASS WITH SHIDA , TS15857203 1/3/2013. Breeder: Candra and Carol Loutzenhiser. By CH Shida Hears A Who At Wocket -- CH Kountryme it's all about me. Jennifer Young-Johnson . Bitch. Candra Loutzenhiser, Agent.
23GCH CRESTLINE BUMBLE ARDY , TS10067502 4/12/2012. Breeder: M Vila and P Buckelew. and D Wilson and K Wilson By CH Holliwould Bad Boy -- GCH Crestline Olive Oyl. Mercedes Vila & Patricia Buckelew . Dog. Michelle Paulin-Brown, Agent.
25CH KOUNTRYTYME PETERPAN HANDLER , TS13676301 5/23/2012. Breeder: Candra and Carol Loutzenhiser. By CH Shida Hears A Who At Wocket -- CH KountryTyme It's All About Me. Carol and Candra Loutzenhiser . Dog.

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