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Sealyham Terrier Club of SC (AM)

Judging Program

  • List of Judges
  • Judging Program
  • Judging Schedule

  • List of Judges

    Mrs. Connie H. Clark233 Highland Drive
    Rio Del Mar, CA 95003
    Ms. Suzanne Hartley Hill11433 Tunnel Hill Way
    Gold River, CA 95670

    Judging Program

    Ring No 2
    Judge: Ms. Suzanne Hartley Hill
    Ring Steward: Henry Sutliff
    10:00 AM 
     1Sealyham Terriers Sweepstakes 0-1
     1Sealyham Terrier Vet Sweepstakes 0-1
    Ring No 2
    Judge: Mrs. Connie H. Clark
    10:30 AM 
     9Sealyham Terrier 1-2-1VB-(1-3)-1BR

    Judging Schedule

    Please Note: This Schedule is for the convenience of exhibitors and spectators. If a discrepancy exists between these times and/or ring numbers, and those listed under the ring number in the body of the program, follow the latter.

    Sealyham Terrier910:30 AM2
    Sealyham Terrier Vet Sweepstakes110:00 AM2
    Sealyham Terriers Sweepstakes110:00 AM2

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