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#1 Great Western Terrier Assoc

Judging Program

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    Show Information

    Judging Program in PDF:
  • Judging Program in PDF

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    List of Judges

    Mr. Devon Allen5458 Florida Dr
    Concord, CA 94521
    Ms. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine6225 N. Maple Rd
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105
    Ms. Deirdre Maureen Dawson1475 S Mills Av
    Lodi, CA 95242
    Mr. Alfred J. Ferruggiaro3201 Belle Cote Dr.
    Burtonsville, MD 20866
    Dr. German Otero FraudDragon 116 Colonia Prado
    Mexico DF, Mex 04230
    Mr. Duff M. Harris16583 Yucca Circle
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708
    Mrs. Lydia Coleman Hutchinson7400 Holter Rd
    Middletown, MD 21769
    Mrs. Patricia Anne Keenan3080 Jackson Hwy B
    Chehalis, WA 98532
    Mrs. Ann Leigh35157 Coronet Way
    Palm Desert, CA 92211
    Mrs. Janice L. McClaryP. O. Box 5013
    Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
    Mrs. Janet Parcel1356 Newcastle Ln
    Bartlett, IL 60103
    Ms. Heather Uplinger872 Cleveland Dr
    Cheektowaga, NY 14225
    Mr. Robert P. Widden28873 Michelle Dr
    Agoura Hills, CA 91301
    Ms. Ellie Wilson312 Shawnee Av
    Winchester, VA 22601


    Judging Program

    Ring No 5
    Judge: Mr. Devon Allen
    Ring Steward: Lafayette McGowan
    8:00 AM 
     1Norwich Terrier Sweepstakes 0-1
     1Skye Terriers Sweepstakes 0-1
     2Manchester Terrier (Standard) Sweepstakes 1-1
     2American Staffordshire Terriers Sweepstakes 1-1
     1Staffordshire Bull Terriers Sweepstakes 0-1
     1Airedale Terriers Sweepstakes 0-1
     6Scottish Terriers Sweepstakes 2-4
     9West Highland White Terriers Sweepstakes 5-4
     1West Highland White Terriers Vet Sweepstakes 1-0
    Ring No 5
    Judge: Mrs. Janet Parcel
    9:30 AM 
     27West Highland White Terrier 8-11-1VB-(3-3)
    Ring No 6
    Judge: Ms. Deirdre Maureen Dawson
    Ring Steward: Janet Thomas
    8:00 AM 
     1Lakeland Terriers Sweepstakes 0-1
     1Kerry Blue Terriers Sweepstakes 1-0
     1Dandie Dinmont Terrier Sweepstakes 0-1
     1Fox Terriers (Wire) Sweepstakes 0-1
     8Fox Terriers (Smooth) Sweepstakes 4-4
     3Border Terrier Sweepstakes 1-2
     2Bedlington Terriers Sweepstakes 1-1
     4Miniature Schnauzers Sweepstakes 1-3
     3Parson Russell Terrier Sweepstakes 2-1
    9:30 AM 
     9Airedale Terrier 0-5-(1-3)
    Ring No 7
    Judge: Mrs. Patricia Anne Keenan
    Ring Steward: Michael Potter
    8:00 AM 
     2Glen of Imaal Terrier 0-1-(1-0)
     2American Hairless Terrier 0-0-(2-0)
     5Sealyham Terrier 1-1-(2-1)
     9Rat Terrier 1-6-(2-0)
     3Dandie Dinmont Terrier 0-1-(1-1)
    9:00 AM 
     10American Staffordshire Terrier 3-6-(1-0)
     16Parson Russell Terrier 5-4-(4-3)
    10:00 AM 
     10Bedlington Terrier 5-4-(1-0)
     14Border Terrier 3-4-(4-3)
    Ring No 8
    Judge: Ms. Ellie Wilson
    Ring Steward: Verla Loomis Randall
    8:00 AM 
     1Irish Terriers Sweepstakes 0-1
    Ring No 8
    Judge: Ms. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine
    8:15 AM 
     10Irish Terrier 1-4-(2-3)
    8:45 AM 
     2Norfolk Terrier 0-0-(1-1)
     12Norwich Terrier 3-1-(5-3)
    9:15 AM 
     14Fox Terrier (Smooth) 5-5-(2-1)
     6Fox Terrier (Wire) 1-2-(2-1)
    10:00 AM 
     29Scottish Terrier 5-13-(4-7)
    11:15 AM 
     18Miniature Schnauzer 4-6-(4-4)
    Ring No 9
    Judge: Mr. Robert P. Widden
    Ring Steward: Kevin Ellingson
    8:00 AM 
     14Russell Terriers 2-6-1VD-(4-1)
     5Manchester Terrier (Standard) 2-0-(0-2)
     4Kerry Blue Terrier 1-0-(2-1)
    9:00 AM 
     19Staffordshire Bull Terriers 2-10-(4-3)
    Ring No 9
    Judge: Ms. Heather Uplinger
    10:00 AM 
     1Bull Terriers (Colored) Sweepstakes 1-0
     3Bull Terriers (White) Sweepstakes 1-2
     3Miniature Bull Terrier Sweepstakes 1-2
    Ring No 9
    Judge: Dr. German Otero Fraud
    10:30 AM 
     10Bull Terrier (Colored) 3-2-(2-3)
     7Bull Terrier (White) 1-3-(2-1)
    11:15 AM 
     21Miniature Bull Terrier 4-4-(7-6)
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Mrs. Lydia Coleman Hutchinson
    Ring Steward: Wilma Johnson
    Ring Steward: Lynne Aguirre
    8:15 AM 
     6Lakeland Terrier 1-2-(1-2)
    8:40 AM 
     13Skye Terrier 4-3-(4-1)
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Mrs. Janice L. McClary
    9:00 AM 
     1Welsh Terriers Sweepstakes 1-0
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Mr. Duff M. Harris
    9:10 AM 
     7Welsh Terrier 3-2-(2-0)
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Mrs. Ann Leigh
    9:30 AM 
     7Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers Sweepstakes 4-3
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Mr. Alfred J. Ferruggiaro
    10:00 AM 
     30Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 12-9-(5-2)
    Ring No 11
    Judge: Mrs. Janet Parcel
    Ring Steward: Laura Lei Strain
    8:00 AM 
     1Novice Junior Class
     1Novice Intermediate Class
     2Open Intermediate Class
     2Open Senior Class
    Ring No 11
    Judge: Ms. Ellie Wilson
    9:00 AM 
     10Cairn Terriers Sweepstakes 3-7
     3Cairn Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes 1-2
    Ring No 11
    Judge: Mrs. Lydia Coleman Hutchinson
    9:45 AM 
     40Cairn Terrier 6-18-(4-10)


    Additional Information & Notices

    Terrier Sweepstakes Group judging at Noon in Ring 10 by Judge Mr. Allen Terrier Variety Group judging at 1 PM in Ring 10 by Judge Mrs.Beisel-McIlwaine

    Judging Schedule

    Please Note: This Schedule is for the convenience of exhibitors and spectators.
    If a discrepancy exists between these times and/or ring numbers, and those listed under the ring number in the body of the program, follow the latter.
    Airedale Terrier99:30 AM6
    Airedale Terriers Sweepstakes18:00 AM5
    American Hairless Terrier28:00 AM7
    American Staffordshire Terrier109:00 AM7
    American Staffordshire Terriers Sweepstakes28:00 AM5
    Bedlington Terrier1010:00 AM7
    Bedlington Terriers Sweepstakes28:00 AM6
    Border Terrier1410:00 AM7
    Border Terrier Sweepstakes38:00 AM6
    Bull Terrier (Colored)1010:30 AM9
    Bull Terrier (White)710:30 AM9
    Bull Terriers (Colored) Sweepstakes110:00 AM9
    Bull Terriers (White) Sweepstakes310:00 AM9
    Cairn Terrier409:45 AM11
    Cairn Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes39:00 AM11
    Cairn Terriers Sweepstakes109:00 AM11
    Dandie Dinmont Terrier38:00 AM7
    Dandie Dinmont Terrier Sweepstakes18:00 AM6
    Fox Terrier (Smooth)149:15 AM8
    Fox Terrier (Wire)69:15 AM8
    Fox Terriers (Smooth) Sweepstakes88:00 AM6
    Fox Terriers (Wire) Sweepstakes18:00 AM6
    Glen of Imaal Terrier28:00 AM7
    Irish Terrier108:15 AM8
    Irish Terriers Sweepstakes18:00 AM8
    Kerry Blue Terrier48:00 AM9
    Kerry Blue Terriers Sweepstakes18:00 AM6
    Lakeland Terrier68:15 AM10
    Lakeland Terriers Sweepstakes18:00 AM6
    Manchester Terrier (Standard)58:00 AM9
    Manchester Terrier (Standard) Sweepstakes28:00 AM5
    Miniature Bull Terrier2111:15 AM9
    Miniature Bull Terrier Sweepstakes310:00 AM9
    Miniature Schnauzer1811:15 AM8
    Miniature Schnauzers Sweepstakes48:00 AM6
    Norfolk Terrier28:45 AM8
    Norwich Terrier128:45 AM8
    Norwich Terrier Sweepstakes18:00 AM5
    Novice Junior Class18:00 AM11
    Novice Intermediate Class18:00 AM11
    Open Intermediate Class28:00 AM11
    Open Senior Class28:00 AM11
    Parson Russell Terrier169:00 AM7
    Parson Russell Terrier Sweepstakes38:00 AM6
    Rat Terrier98:00 AM7
    Russell Terriers148:00 AM9
    Scottish Terrier2910:00 AM8
    Scottish Terriers Sweepstakes68:00 AM5
    Sealyham Terrier58:00 AM7
    Skye Terrier138:40 AM10
    Skye Terriers Sweepstakes18:00 AM5
    Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier3010:00 AM10
    Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers Sweepstakes79:30 AM10
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers199:00 AM9
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers Sweepstakes18:00 AM5
    Welsh Terrier79:10 AM10
    Welsh Terriers Sweepstakes19:00 AM10
    West Highland White Terrier279:30 AM5
    West Highland White Terriers Sweepstakes98:00 AM5
    West Highland White Terriers Vet Sweepstakes18:00 AM5

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