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Great Western Terrier Assoc

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  • Club Information & Officers
  • List of Judges
  • Judges' Assignments
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    Club Information & Officers

    ENTRIES must be received by the Superintendent not later than NOON, Wed, June 6, 2018 PT FIRST ENTRY of a dog at each show $37.00; Each additional entry $25.00; Brace/Team (per unit) $1.00 Puppy Class $25.00, Junior Showmanship $10.00 SATURDAY Sweeps: Bull, Cairn, Irish, Mini Bull, Scottish, Skye, Staf Bull, Welsh, WHWT $10.00 Vet Sweeps: Cairn, Mini Bull, Scottish, Staf Bull, WHWT $10.00 SUNDAY All Terrier breeds Sweepstakes $10.00 Vet Sweeps: Cairn, Kerry, Mini Bull, Staf Bull, WHWT $10.00

    List of Judges

    Mrs. Carolyn I. Alexander164 Pine Canyon Rd
    Corral de Tierra, CA 93908
    Mr. John Constantine-Amodei1691 Beaver Hollow Dr.
    Jeffersonville, PA 19403
    Mrs. DiAnn Flory12255 Sperryville Pike
    Culpepper, VA 22701
    Mr. Gier Flyckt-PedersenPO Box 37459
    Raleigh, NC 27627
    Mr. Peter Gaeta7558 East Lakes Dr
    Brighton, MI 48114
    Mr. Peter J. GreenP.O. Box 186
    Bowmansville, PA 17507
    Mr. Wayne Jordan8869 Reche Canyon Rd
    Colton, CA 92324
    Mrs. Bergit H. Coady Kabel10359 Flowerdale Court
    Sun Valley, CA 91352
    Mrs. Kari Loken6860 Adams Way
    Centennial, CO 80122
    Mr. Dan Lowden115 E. Mendicino Ave.
    Willits, CA 95490
    Mr. Sidney L. Marx2312 N Hibbert Cir
    Mesa, AZ 85201
    Mrs. Janice L. McClaryP. O. Box 5013
    Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
    Ms. Starlee Round41 Wharf Dr.
    Bay Point, CA 94565
    Mr. Robert J. Shreve7979 W 28th St
    Greeley, CO 80634
    Ms. Elizabeth "Beth" SweigartP.O. Box 186
    Bowmansville, PA 17507
    Mr. Robert P. Widden28873 Michelle Dr
    Agoura Hills, CA 91301


    Judges' Assignments

    Mr. Peter J. Green
    Airedale TerriersMr. Peter J. Green
    American Hairless TerriersMr. Gier Flyckt-Pedersen
    American Staffordshire TerriersMr. John Constantine-Amodei
    Australian TerriersMr. Gier Flyckt-Pedersen
    Bedlington TerriersMr. Gier Flyckt-Pedersen
    Border TerriersMr. John Constantine-Amodei
    Bull Terriers (Colored)Mr. Robert J. Shreve
    Bull Terriers (Colored) SwpMr. Dan Lowden
    Bull Terriers (White)Mr. Robert J. Shreve
    Bull Terriers (White) SwpMr. Dan Lowden
    Cairn TerriersMrs. DiAnn Flory
    Cairn Terriers SwpMr. Wayne Jordan
    Cairn Terriers Vet SwpMr. Wayne Jordan
    Cesky TerriersMs. Elizabeth "Beth" Sweigart
    Dandie Dinmont TerriersMs. Elizabeth "Beth" Sweigart
    Fox Terriers (Smooth)Mr. John Constantine-Amodei
    Fox Terriers (Wire)Mr. John Constantine-Amodei
    Glen of Imaal TerriersMs. Elizabeth "Beth" Sweigart
    Irish TerriersMr. John Constantine-Amodei
    Irish Terriers SwpMr. Peter Gaeta
    Kerry Blue TerriersMrs. Kari Loken
    Lakeland TerriersMr. John Constantine-Amodei
    Manchester Terriers (Standard)Mr. John Constantine-Amodei
    Miniature Bull TerriersMr. Robert J. Shreve
    Miniature Bull Terriers SwpMr. Dan Lowden
    Miniature SchnauzersMs. Elizabeth "Beth" Sweigart
    Norfolk TerriersMs. Elizabeth "Beth" Sweigart
    Norwich TerriersMs. Elizabeth "Beth" Sweigart
    Parson Russell TerriersMr. Peter J. Green
    Rat TerriersMr. Peter J. Green
    Russell TerriersMr. Peter J. Green
    Scottish TerriersMr. Gier Flyckt-Pedersen
    Scottish Terriers SwpMrs. Kari Loken
    Scottish Terriers Vet SwpMrs. Kari Loken
    Sealyham TerriersMr. Peter J. Green
    Skye TerriersMrs. Carolyn I. Alexander
    Skye Terriers SwpMr. Sidney L. Marx
    Soft Coated Wheaten TerriersMs. Elizabeth "Beth" Sweigart
    Staffordshire Bull TerriersMr. Robert P. Widden
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers SwpMs. Starlee Round
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers Vet SwpMs. Starlee Round
    Welsh TerriersMrs. DiAnn Flory
    Welsh Terriers SwpMrs. Janice L. McClary
    West Highland White TerriersMrs. Bergit H. Coady Kabel
    West Highland White Terriers SwpMrs. Kari Loken
    West Highland White Terriers Vet SwpMrs. Kari Loken
    Mrs. Kari Loken
    Novice Intermediate ClassMrs. Kari Loken
    Novice Junior ClassMrs. Kari Loken
    Novice Senior ClassMrs. Kari Loken
    Open Intermediate ClassMrs. Kari Loken
    Open Junior ClassMrs. Kari Loken
    Open Senior ClassMrs. Kari Loken
    The Master ClassMrs. Kari Loken

    Trophies & Awards

  • Premium List in PDF

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