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Great Western Terrier Assoc

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    Club Information & Officers

    All entries and fees must be in the office of the Superintendent not later than WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7, 2017 NOON PT
    After which time no entries may be accepted, cancelled, changed, substituted, corrected, completed, or signed and no entry fees refunded. Any change or cancellation must be made in writing and received prior to closing, except as provided for in Chapter 11, Section 6 of the American Kennel Club Dog Show Rules. FAX entries that are received incomplete or unable to be read will not be accepted. The proof of transmission is not proof for verifying faxed entries. Please do not wait until close of entries to submit your entries. Due to high volume, please fax prior to 10:00 am on morning of closing.
    ~SUNDAY ENTRY FEES~ •FIRST ENTRY OF A DOG (Except Brace Class) $37.00
    •Each additional entry of the same dog (Except Brace Class) $25.00
    •Brace and Team (Per Unit) As a 1st Entry or Additional Entry $1.00
    •Puppy class ONLY $25.00
    •Junior Showmanship $10.00
    •Puppy Sweepstakes (All Terrier Breeds) $10.00
    Cairn Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes $10.00
    Kerry Blue Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes $10.00
    Miniature Bull Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes $10.00
    Miniature Schnauzer Veteran Sweepstakes $10.00
    Miniature Schnauzer Parade of Champions $5.00
    Parson Russell Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes $10.00
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes $10.00
    West Highland White Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes $10.00

    List of Judges

    Mrs. Carol Basler15412 Verdun Circle
    Irvine, CA 92604
    Ms. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine6225 N. Maple Rd
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105
    Mrs. Deborah Colvin Borgo1952 NW Country Rd 6002
    Butler, MO 64730
    Mrs. Connie H. Clark233 Highland Dr
    Rio Del Mar, CA 95003
    Mr. Shawn W. Evans5067 nan Linn Dr
    Willoughby, OH 44094
    Mr. Jim Herzog8647 Elk Ridge Way
    Elk Grove, CA 95624
    Ms. Patty Ledgerwood2813 N Rd 92
    Paseo, WA 99301
    Mrs. Louise LeonePO Box 992
    Franktown, CO 80116
    Mrs. Nancy Lovelady4853 Proctor Rd
    Castro Valley, CA 94546
    Ms. Marly Lucier991 North Rd
    Carlisle, MA 01741
    Ms. Mary-Lynn Madhado470 Melmord Rd.
    Bowen Island, BC Von 1G1
    Ms. Anna Mullins115 Holmes Ave.
    San Rafael, CA 94903
    Mrs. Lynne M. Myall7388 Ocean Acres Ln
    Anacortes, WA 98221
    Ms. Carolyn Nothiger-Daffern35425 Sierra Vista Dr.
    Agua Dulce, CA 91390
    Mr. William F. Potter, II721 Plantmore St
    St. Louis, MO 63135
    Mr. Adrian Quesada1490 J.T. Eisley Dr
    Corona, CA 92881
    Mr. Peter Reid6517Bloomingon Ave So
    Richfield, MN 55423
    Mrs. Theresa Spurr9159 S 2nd St
    Mattawan, MI 49071
    Mr. Terry Stacy116 Ocoee Falls Dr
    Chapel Hill, NC 27517
    Mr. Henry Sutliff, III3000 Lopez RD
    Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    Mr. C. Richard Urquhart775 Westley Dr
    Vacaville, CA 95688
    Mr. Joe Vernuccio239 Housatonic Ave.
    Straford, CT 06615
    Ms. Kimberly Washington2765 Thurman Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90016
    Ms. Lee Whittier18720 SE 23rd St
    Vancouver, WA 98683


    Judges' Assignments

    Ms. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine
    Airedale TerriersMr. Joe Vernuccio
    Airedale Terriers SwpMrs. Carol Basler
    American Hairless TerriersMrs. Connie H. Clark
    American Hairless Terriers SweepstakesMrs. Nancy Lovelady
    American Staffordshire TerriersMrs. Louise Leone
    American Staffordshire Terriers SwpMr. C. Richard Urquhart
    Australian TerriersMrs. Nancy Lovelady
    Australian Terriers SwpMr. C. Richard Urquhart
    Bedlington TerriersMs. Lee Whittier
    Bedlington Terriers SwpMrs. Nancy Lovelady
    Border TerriersMrs. Connie H. Clark
    Border Terriers SwpMs. Carolyn Nothiger-Daffern
    Bull Terriers (Colored)Mrs. Theresa Spurr
    Bull Terriers (Colored) SwpMr. Shawn W. Evans
    Bull Terriers (White)Mrs. Theresa Spurr
    Bull Terriers (White) SwpMr. Shawn W. Evans
    Cairn TerriersMs. Marly Lucier
    Cairn Terriers SwpMs. Anna Mullins
    Cairn Terriers Vet SwpMs. Anna Mullins
    Cesky TerriersMs. Lee Whittier
    Cesky Terriers SwpMrs. Nancy Lovelady
    Dandie Dinmont TerriersMrs. Connie H. Clark
    Dandie Dinmont Terriers SwpMrs. Nancy Lovelady
    Fox Terriers (Smooth)Mr. William F. Potter, II
    Fox Terriers (Smooth) SwpMs. Mary-Lynn Madhado
    Fox Terriers (Wire)Mr. William F. Potter, II
    Fox Terriers (Wire) SwpMs. Mary-Lynn Madhado
    Glen of Imaal TerriersMs. Lee Whittier
    Glen of Imaal Terriers SwpMrs. Nancy Lovelady
    Irish TerriersMrs. Lynne M. Myall
    Irish Terriers SwpMrs. Carol Basler
    Kerry Blue TerriersMrs. Lynne M. Myall
    Kerry Blue Terriers SwpMs. Carolyn Nothiger-Daffern
    Kerry Blue Terriers Vet SwpMs. Carolyn Nothiger-Daffern
    Lakeland TerriersMrs. Lynne M. Myall
    Lakeland Terriers SwpMrs. Nancy Lovelady
    Manchester Terriers (Standard)Mrs. Connie H. Clark
    Manchester Terriers (Standard) SwpMrs. Nancy Lovelady
    Miniature Bull TerriersMrs. Theresa Spurr
    Miniature Bull Terriers SwpMr. Shawn W. Evans
    Miniature Bull Terriers Vet SwpMr. Shawn W. Evans
    Miniature SchnauzersMs. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine
    Miniature Schnauzers SweepMs. Patty Ledgerwood
    Miniature Schnauzers Vet SwpMs. Patty Ledgerwood
    Norfolk TerriersMrs. Connie H. Clark
    Norfolk Terriers SwpMrs. Nancy Lovelady
    Norwich TerriersMrs. Connie H. Clark
    Norwich Terriers SwpMrs. Nancy Lovelady
    Parson Russell TerriersMr. Joe Vernuccio
    Parson Russell Terriers SwpMr. Adrian Quesada
    Parson Russell Terriers Vet SwpMr. Adrian Quesada
    Rat TerriersMs. Lee Whittier
    Rat Terriers SwpMr. C. Richard Urquhart
    Russell TerriersMr. Joe Vernuccio
    Russell Terriers SwpMr. C. Richard Urquhart
    Scottish TerriersMr. Joe Vernuccio
    Scottish Terriers SwpMs. Marly Lucier
    Sealyham TerriersMs. Lee Whittier
    Sealyham Terriers SwpMs. Carolyn Nothiger-Daffern
    Skye TerriersMs. Lee Whittier
    Skye Terriers SwpMr. Henry Sutliff, III
    Soft Coated Wheaten TerriersMrs. Louise Leone
    Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers SwpMr. Jim Herzog
    Staffordshire Bull TerriersMs. Kimberly Washington
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers SwpMr. Peter Reid
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers Vet SwpMr. Peter Reid
    Welsh TerriersMrs. Louise Leone
    Welsh Terriers SwpMs. Carolyn Nothiger-Daffern
    West Highland White TerriersMr. Terry Stacy
    West Highland White Terriers SwpMrs. Deborah Colvin Borgo
    West Highland White Terriers Vet SwpMrs. Deborah Colvin Borgo
    Mrs. Connie H. Clark
    Novice Intermediate ClassMrs. Connie H. Clark
    Novice Junior ClassMrs. Connie H. Clark
    Novice Senior ClassMrs. Connie H. Clark
    Open Intermediate ClassMrs. Connie H. Clark
    Open Junior ClassMrs. Connie H. Clark
    Open Senior ClassMrs. Connie H. Clark
    The Master ClassMrs. Connie H. Clark

    Trophies & Awards

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