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WEIMARANERSJudge: Miss Virginia L. Lyne
WEIMARANERS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.
5 CLOUD 9 PURPLE RAIN , SR78762007 7/12/2014. Breeder: Trey Roski and Coleen Roski. By Silverado Major Tom -- Renaissance Dolce Bellini. Bernice Jensen . Dog.
WEIMARANERS 12 and under 18 Months Dogs.
15 MY BOY BLUE FOREVER ESSEN , SR76276007 1/27/2013. Breeder: owner. By Gunther Von Forever Essen -- Hiedi Forever Essen. Rebecca Harper-Gardea . Dog. Robert Scott, Agent.

17 BATISTA'S HAWAIIAN HONEYMOON , SR78558001 4/20/2013. Breeder: Sandy and Brian Vought. By Kolata's Surfers Paradise -- CH Nani's Brecia Pipeline Surfer. Carlin Tesoro and Brian and Sandy Vought . Dog.
WEIMARANERS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.
8 SILVERSMITH N WILWINS WATER LILLIES , SR79267504 8/13/2013. Breeder: Elena Lamberson & Megan Lamerson. & Merry Woodham By CH Pike's Peak Silversmith Summit MH -- GCH Silversmith Catch Of The Day MH. Connie Williams & Elena Lamberson . Bitch.
WEIMARANERS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

10 ALDEMARS WIZARD OF AH'S , SR69363402 9/8/2011. Breeder: owner. By CH Aldemar 'N Terras Varsity Blues -- CH Aldemars Tyrolean Descent. Dianne and Shane Frehlich and Debbie Nusbaum . Bitch.
WEIMARANERS Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Bitches.

14GCH SURFCITY IT HAD TO BE YOU , SR40233106 12/28/2006. Breeder: Dean & Felicia Langwiser. By CH Tophats Big Wave Surfer -- CH Schattenbergs L.A. Woman. Bradley Rosenberg MD and Jo-Ann Rosenberg . Bitch. Lynda O'Connor-Schneider, Agent.
WEIMARANERS Best-of-Breed/Variety
16CH TOP HAT'S ONCE UPON A TIME , SR71782501 2/4/2012. Breeder: Debra Hopkins and Darcey Hopkins. By CH TopHat's On The Rock -- CH Top Hat's Private Dancer. Lani Jones and Darcey Hopkins . Bitch.

18CH VALMAR'S MOONSTRUCK, JH , SR58793504 9/29/2009. Breeder: Joan Valdez. and Vicki Margolis By CH Monterra's Best Bet MH -- CH Valmar's Scarlet Ribbons. Jeffrey and Linda Milstone . Bitch.

20GCH NANI'S TSURUTANI SCHON BREEZE BY ME JH JH, SR73339809 5/5/2012. Breeder: Barb Shepard. and Christine Grisell By CH Nani's Smart Alleck -- CH Nani's Say It Isn't So. Karen Taniguchi and Christine Grisell . Bitch.
22CH CAMELOT'S GIDGET IS THE ONE FOR ME , SR76420801 1/9/2013. Breeder: Susan A Thomas. By CH Camelot's The Fed Express -- CH Camelot's Chorus Girl. Julie L. Aune . Bitch. Susie Olivera, Agent.
24GCH SIMPATICO EQUAL JUSTICE , SR63900101 8/1/2010. Breeder: Jennifer A Martin. By CH Von Luchbach's Back To The Future -- CH SmokyCity Sweet Revenge. J Logan and Ronald Goularte and Jennifer Martin. Bitch. Keith Pautz, Agent.
25GCH OLA LOLITA'S ANYONE CAN COOK , SR72958801 9/15/2011. Breeder: Fredda Rose & Doug Davis. By CH Carousels Roscoe T. Picotrane -- CH Ola Lola's Bonita Lolita. Fredda Rose and Doug Davis and Pat and Bill VanKamp and Andrew Batey. Dog.
26GCH DOC'S CROSSWINDS ABSOLUT TEN OF ACADIA , SR65460101 12/11/2010. Breeder: owner. By GCH Nanci's Crosswinds First Look -- GCH Doc's Seven Ships of Acadia. Autumn Stewart-Zimmerman and April and Mary Ann and Duane Stewart DVM. Bitch. Derek Beatty, Agent.
27GCH GRAYSONG N SILHOUETTE'S HEYJUDE , SR74497806 9/2/2012. Breeder: Cindy Cassidy. and Julia Schulz By GCH Silhouettes LifeInTheFastLane -- CH Graysong N Silhouette Double Dare Ya JH. Suzanne Burns and Julie Schulz . Dog. Jamie Clute, Agent.
30CH TARGET'S GOODE KNIGHT SWEET DREAM , SR68081602 2/27/2011. Breeder: Coreen E. Belsham. By GCH Rosewin Anson's Cervelo -- Target's Tropical Storm Hannah. Susan Mitchell . Bitch. Heidi Liewelyn, Agent.
31GCH COISIDEX MADE OFF WITH THE MONEY JH, SR53203601 11/7/2008. Breeder: Judy Colan. and Jennifer and Robert Aikin By CH SeaBreeze Coisidex Jack In The Box -- CH Coisidex The Farm Smart Remark. Jane Cook . Dog. Dave Clendenon, Agent.
35GCH TRIFAR'S EARTH'S SHELTERS OF MOONSTONE JH, SR72444303 3/16/2012. Breeder: Richard Trifari and John Farley. and Barbara Cook By GCH Doc N' Camelot's Heaven Can Wait -- GCH Moonstone Earth's Angel. Julie Aune . Dog. Jorge Olivera, Agent.
37GCH KOLATA'S NANI PHOTOGENIC CD,BN,RE , SR61944705 3/17/2010. Breeder: Lauren Austin and luiz Abreu. By CH Nani's Jose Can UC -- CH Unity Juseanis Surely Temple. Michael Goldstein and L Richey . Dog.
39CH OLA LOLITA'S IS NOTHING SACRED , SR72958802 9/15/2011. Breeder: Fredda Rose and Doug Davis. By CH Carousels Roscoe T. Picotrane -- CH Ola Lola's Bonita Lolita. Fredda Rose and Skye Rose Davis & Doug Davis and Pat and Bill Van Kamp. Dog.
43GCH SWAN CREEK'S GRAND NOBLE GUNNER'S BEAU , SR76300703 1/3/2013. Breeder: Barbara A Taylor and Jesse Taylor. By GCH Diamond MK The Eagle Has Landed -- CH Swancreek's The Ice Princess CD RE. Raymond Lampers and Deborah Lampers . Dog. Tony Carter, Agent.
45 ADONAIS DOUBLE CROSSED BY A BURNED SPY , SR68702504 6/13/2011. Breeder: Kathy and Richard Gray. By GCH Win'Weim's It's My Grey Goose -- CH Adonai's Lucy U Got Sum Splainin Tod. Gordon W Beraud . Dog.

49GCH WALTZ TO THE TOP V ANSON NA OAJ , SR48544401 7/5/2007. Breeder: Connie Dapp. and Brian Waltz By CH Anson's Highlander -- Waltz Grayce v Silversmith. Lani Jones . Dog. D. P. Tranquada, Agent.

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