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SIBERIAN HUSKIESJudge: Mr. Michael Forte
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.
5 ECHO CALL'S NIKO SUAVE , WS41918502 9/1/2012. Breeder: Richard A Collette M Gagne. By GCH Echo Call's Bullet Proof -- Echo Call's Fair Banks. Joseph Alarcon and Richard and Collette Gagne . Dog.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES 12 and under 18 Months Dogs.

7 ECHO CALLS INDIGO STORM , WS39005702 11/11/2011. Breeder: Richard and Collette Gagne. By CH Echo Call's Destined To Dust'em -- Echo Call's Liberty Bell. Courtney Tesky & Richard Gagne . Dog.
9 ROYAL OAK'S HEART AND SOUL , WS18555402 8/16/2006. Breeder: Bryan & Celine Tews. By CH Husker Du's Rock'N Attraction -- Royal Oak's Midsummers Dream. Charlotte Usle and Kecia Stewart & Celine Tews . Dog.

11 ECHO CALL'S SHERIFF DILLAN , WS33313101 3/1/2010. Breeder: Rick & Diane Tankersley. & Rich Gagne & Mike Woolery By CH Echo Call's Legend In His Time -- Echo Call's Calm Before The Storm. Richard and Collette Gagne . Dog.

15 ECHO CALLS SPIRIT WARRIOR , WS33313103 3/1/2010. Breeder: Richard & Collete Gagne. By CH Echo Calls Legend In His Time -- Echo Calls Calm Before The Storm. Richard & Collette Gagne & Marco Arellano & Lauren Reed. Dog.

17 ECHO CALL'S LEGACY OF NAKOTA , WS35794004 11/18/2010. Breeder: Richard A. & Collette M. Gagne. By CH Echo Call's Legend In His Time -- Echo Call's Fairbanks. Joseph Alarcon . Dog. Robert Scott, Agent.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES 12 and under 18 Months Bitches.

6 MASKARADE'S GLITTERING ARTIK-SNO , WS40454801 2/15/2012. Breeder: Anthony Keyfel and Adele M Keyfel. By CH Majestic Kadyak's Metallic -- Charlyn's Champagne Edition. Cassandra Clark . Bitch.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
8 ALNISAR'S ELLA ENCHANTED , WS36481801 12/28/2010. Breeder: owner. By GCH Trillium Blue Czar Nikolas -- Echo Calls Alexandra The Queen. John and Yelena Rosenbaum . Bitch.

10 HUSKAVARNA'S SURE BET , WS38904004 10/21/2011. Breeder: Paula S. Marcy and Glenavon Marcy. By CH Huskavarna's High Roller -- CH Huskavarna's Point Of Grace. Chris & Tammy Porter . Bitch.

12 ECHO CALL'S JOLLY JUBILEE , WS33842901 5/5/2010. Breeder: Richard and Collette Gagne. By CH Echo Call's Sterling Silver -- Echo Call's Dazzling Sapphire. Richard and Collette Gagne . Bitch.

16 MONTEFINO'S QUEEN OF HEARTS , WS35934301 11/24/2010. Breeder: owner. By CH Echo Call's Sterling Silver -- Monefino's Black Jack. Dr. Michael Ruiz . Bitch.
18 EYE CANDY OF SKY HAVEN , WS36946302 2/7/2011. Breeder: Janet Ines and Marc Ines. By Paka's Noble Nonton Lupon -- Echo Call's Angel of Sky Haven. Janet Ines . Bitch.
SIBERIAN HUSKIES Best-of-Breed/Variety

19CH NEECHEE'S GUNSMOKE OF KARAMAD CGC TDINC , WS22258301 4/24/2007. Breeder: S. Del Pozo & V. McFayden. & N. Sumida & C. Bonner By CH Stolis Mission Accomplished -- CH Karamad's Life's A Journey. Verla McFayden and Scott Barber, Sherri Del Pozo and Carolyn Bonner. Dog.
20GCH ALNISAR'S PRINCESSA ANASTACIA , WS25225001 3/6/2008. Breeder: John and Yelena Rosenbaum. By CH Koobear Chicago -- Echo Call's Alexandra the Queen. John and Yelena Rosenbaum . Bitch.
21CH POLI'S TEMPO PRINCIPALE , WS37122903 1/17/2011. Breeder: Brenda Richardson and. Marie Falconer and Frank Polimeni By GCH Poli's ForgetAboutIt -- CH Nando's-Mylas On A Winters Eve. Mark and Christine Pesche and Frank Polimeni . Dog.

22CH AATUK N ALPINE'S SURFER SPICE , WS24274504 11/2/2007. Breeder: Janet Olsen, Glen Barker, Kim. Rasmussen, Todd Woods By CH Aatukwoods Formal Affair -- CH Alpine's Little Surfer Girl. Kim Rasmussen and Todd DL Woods MD . Bitch.
23GCH ECHO CALL'S BULLET PROOF , WS33877303 5/16/2010. Breeder: owner. By CH Echo Call's Bounty Hunter -- Echo Call's Independence Day. Richard and Collette Gagne . Dog.
25GCH KIERAN'S DE WOLF OF SHILOH , WS17065603 1/9/2006. Breeder: Brenda Valletta, Kieran Kelley. and Jo Geletich By Wildestar's Spinning Eagle -- HBD's Little Red Riding Hood. Edward & Belle J. Stein . Dog. Stephen Cabral, Agent.
27CH MYLA'S POINT BLANK LEGACY , WS38071001 4/14/2011. Breeder: Marie Ann Falconer. By GCH Myla's Point of Reference -- CH Myla's Lola. MaryLynn Fernandes and Robert DeCrevecoeur . Dog.
29GCH AFFINITY'S PERFECT PATRIOT, CGC , WS23876202 10/14/2007. Breeder: Lisa Green & Elizabeth Demartino. & Diane Spendale By CH Serenity Democratic Veto -- CH Trillum Blue's Affinity Of Luv. Chris & Tammy Porter . Dog.

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