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RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR)Judge: Miss Virginia L. Lyne
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) 12 and under 18 Months Dogs.

9 BELGOLD A SHORE THING FOR MONTVIEW , SR78271507 3/9/2013. Breeder: Nancy Talbott and Judy. Slayton-Bachofner By GCH Laurglen Ardent Rogue At Hyspire RN CGC -- Grasslands Black Pearl. Julie and Mathew Oghigian . Dog.

11 QUAILCHASE BEARCREEK JOLLY JOE , SR78116103 6/12/2013. Breeder: Duke and Tina Donahue and Gayle. Wilhelm By GCH Quailchase Broadway Joe Windfall -- Quailchase Bearcreek Darlin Doe. Duke and Tina Donahue . Dog. Kristina Rock, Agent.
15 ALIBI'S PACKIN' HEAT , SR76188101 1/15/2013. Breeder: Kim Jacobson and Meg Newton. and Jeremiah Mendoza By GCH Epochs Moccasin Joe -- CH Nani Loa's Miss Behaven. Kim Jacobsen and Jeremiah Mendoza . Dog.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Amature Owner-Handler Dogs.

21 JANLON CREEK'S TIMELESS LEGACY , SR64710605 8/22/2010. Breeder: Marilee Rianda, Debbie Morton &. Janis Granneman By CH Dickendall Arnold -- Janlon's Hearts Afire. Allison Heath and Debbie Morton and Janis Granneman. Dog.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

23 MAGIC'S GAME ON , SR78490301 6/3/2013. Breeder: Mark Rubin and Helayne Zoota. By Kenya Persuasive Moon -- Layney's Sweet georgia Brown. Mark Rubin & Helayne Zoota . Dog.

25 EVERSO QUAILCHASE ROCC STEADY , SR77499303 4/29/2013. Breeder: Stefanie J Perrine. and Joseph Acker By Quailchase Sirocco -- GCH Everso's Starfish-N-Coffee JH. Duke Donahue and Stefanie Perrine . Dog. Kristina Rock, Agent.

27 DALWATER HERE FOR THE PARTY , SR74841406 8/10/2012. Breeder: Lisa C Allen. By CH Lawson's Best Man -- Dalwater Picadilly Punch. Lisa C Allen . Dog.

31 QUAILCHASE SIROCCO,CGC , SR66933408 2/27/2011. Breeder: owner. By CH Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable -- Bonaventure Good Karma At Quailchase. Duke and Tina Donahue . Dog. Kristina Rock, Agent.

33 STONEWALL'S I'LL HAVE ANOTHER , SR71200703 1/30/2012. Breeder: Ron Morelos. By GCH Laurglens Ardent Rogue At Hyspire -- CH Stonewall's Twilight. Ron Morelos and Cindi Miller . Dog. Erin Karst-Hooper, Agent.
35 QUEIJEIRO HARLEY , FCML5592-C MX 7/2/2012. Breeder: Manuel Queijeiro. By Hyspire Who Dat From Breckin -- Queijeiro Chagga mex-FCI. Martin Armando Ramos Saldivar . Dog. Aaron Rosas, Agent.

37 BOULDINAIRE'S MOVE IT ON OVER WC , SR73288404 5/17/2012. Breeder: Beth Wilkerson, Chris Courtney. and Lisa Colombani By GCH Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble -- Bouldinaire's Happy Hour. Laura Ohare . Dog.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 EAGERTRIEVES DON'T BE CRUEL , AW536971 11/30/2013. Breeder: Jolene Lingnaju. By Elvis Mack Di Castrovillari -- CH Eagertrieve Fire Flare. Tricia Kauhn . Bitch.

10 SUNNYDAZE YOURS TRULY AT HIGHROLLER , SR80639703 11/2/2013. Breeder: Linda Maffett. By CH Lobuff Hollyridge Wizard of OZ -- Sunnydaze Firework. Yvonne Paddack and Linda Maffett . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

14 LIVALITTLE BIT NOTTY AT SUMMERLAND , SR79669303 8/28/2013. Breeder: Judy Doyel-Smith. By Kingsway Red Sea Crossing -- Rockinoak Notty But Nice. Julia Bunker . Bitch. Erin Karst-Hooper, Agent.

16 DALWATER LADY LUCK AT HIGHROLLER , SR79931205 9/19/2013. Breeder: Lisa Allen. By CH hyspire Slim Shady JH -- DalWater Picadilly Punch. Yvonne Paddack . Bitch.

18 KENYA LAYNEY'S GLORY DAYS , SR78434102 7/12/2013. Breeder: Christine Valdez. By CH Big Sky's Stone Kutter -- CH Eagertrieve Meant To Kings Way. Helayne Zoota and Chris Valdez . Bitch.

20 DALWATER EXTRA OLIVES , SR79458504 8/10/2013. Breeder: Lisa C Allen. By Dalwater Martini At Rycroft -- Dalwater Rycroft Tortuga Moon. Lisa C Allen . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) 12 and under 18 Months Bitches.
22 ALIBI'S HOT TODDY AT THE RANCHO , SR76188102 1/15/2013. Breeder: Kim A. Jacobsen. and Meg Newton and J. Mendoza By GCH Epoch's Moccasin Joe -- CH Nani-Loa's Miss Misbehaven. Marla and Dick Layer and Kim Jacobsen and Jeremiah Mendoza. Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

26 RANCHOS 250 TESTA ROSSA , SR72883903 5/17/2012. Breeder: owner. By GCH Hyspire Texas Hold 'em -- Epoch's Jewel. Marla and Dirk Layer . Bitch.

28 LAWSON GOSSIP GIRL , SR71083201 1/7/2012. Breeder: Shawna Lawson. By CH Lobuff Hollyridge Wizard OF Oz -- CH Lawsons Talk The Talk. Shawna Lawson . Bitch.

30 LAYNEYS SWEET GEORGIA BROWN , SR57643802 6/26/2009. Breeder: Helayne Zoota & Margaret Throne. & Joanne Rowles By Baja Weikenlin Moonking -- Layneys Chardon Sleigh Bells. Mark Rubin & Helayne Zoota . Bitch.

32 MS T'S CHAR-DON LIFE'S A CLIMB , SR71827702 3/7/2012. Breeder: Terry McFadden and Janet. Schoonover By GCH Gingerbred Celestial Thunder JH -- Rochars CharDon I Believe at Ms T's. Terry McFadden and Janet Schoonover . Bitch.

34 ALIBI'S REDNECK GIRL , SR76058402 12/24/2012. Breeder: owner. By GCH Alibi's Talkin' Smack -- CH Chablais Peaches and Cream. Kim Jacobsen and Jeremiah Mendoza . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) American Bred Bitches.

36 CHAR-DONS MS T'S LITTLE RASCAL , SR74024009 7/11/2012. Breeder: Janet Schoonover. and Terry McFadden By GCH QuailChase Broadway Joe Windfall -- GCH Belgairn Looking For Trouble. Janet Schoonover and Terry McFadden . Bitch.
40 RANCHO'S CHE BELLA , SR72883902 5/17/2012. Breeder: Marla and Dick Layer. and Cindy Skiba By GCH Hyspire Texas Hold 'Em -- Epoch's Jewel. Marla and Dirk Layer . Bitch.

44 BELLCARRA BACHELORETTE , SR74625303 8/7/2012. Breeder: Lisa C Allen. By CH Lawson's Best Man -- Dalwater's Southern Comfort. Shawna Lawson . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Open Yellow Bitches.

46 SHELBY'S BAYLEE ELIZABETH CIELO , SR74905504 9/16/2012. Breeder: Susan Tolar. By Idlewild Shelby Noblerone -- Shelby's White Zinfandel. Leelen Patchen and Christopher Childers . Bitch. Shane Hooper, Agent.

48 EVERWOODS LIMITED EDITION AT COUNTRY MANOR , SR67182401 1/29/2011. Breeder: Dan and Sharene Clark & Rod and. Susan Merrill By Hollyridge Lobuff Taylor Made -- CH Everwoods Dog Com at Country Manor. Rod and Susan Merrill . Bitch.

50 OAKWEST ELLEGANCE , SR74919401 8/25/2012. Breeder: Diane Matsuura and Judy Davis. By CH Stonecreeks Timeless -- Decoy Oakwest See Breezie Run. Diane Matsuura . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR) Best-of-Breed/Variety
39GCH MS T'S CHAR-DON ALWAYS GONNA BE ANOTHER MTN , SR71827701 3/7/2012. Breeder: Terry McFadden and Janet. Schoonover By GCH Gingerbred Celestial Thunder JH -- Rochars CharDon I Believe At Ms T's. Terry McFadden and Janet Schoonover . Dog.
41GCH LAURGLEN'S ARDENT ROGUE AT HYSPIRE RN CGC , SR53940202 1/4/2009. Breeder: Lisa Cruanas. By GCH Sureshot Hyspire Impressive -- CH Ghoststone Woodland Gossip. Julie Oghigian . Dog.
43CH RANCHOS IL COMMENDATORE , SR72883904 5/17/2012. Breeder: owner. By GCH Hyspire Texas Hold 'em -- Epoch's Jewel. Marla and Dirk Layer . Dog.
52GCH AMETHYST TWAS THE NIGHT AFTER , SR60537102 12/26/2009. Breeder: Karen Turner. By CH Larksur's Lothario -- Bonaventure's Amethyst Lady. Karen Turner and Duke Donahue . Bitch.

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