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Black Mountain KC of Nevada


PAPILLONSJudge: Mr. Norman L. Patton
PAPILLONS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

5 MONARCH'S CLEAR CREEK JUSTICE , TS24342601 11/9/2014. Breeder: Margie Riccomini. By CH Monarch's Mighty Titus by Sandel -- Monarch rises To the Top. Christina Preziosi . Dog. C. Lee Koseck, Agent.

7 WHITESTAR'S CAUSING A RUCKUS , TS23638201 10/20/2014. Breeder: Arvilla White and diane Asburn. By GCH Whitestar's Diamonds R Cool -- CH Whitestar's Calamity Via Kenmar. Arvilla White and Diane Ashburn . Dog.
PAPILLONS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
9 BEL DRAW ME A PICTURE , TS21978701 4/29/2014. Breeder: owner. By GCH Powdermill Touch the Night -- GCH Bel By The Light of the Moon. Tracey and Isabel Isaacson . Dog.

11 WHITESTAR'S SHENANIGAN , TS23821501 8/30/2014. Breeder: Arvilla White & Diane Ashburn. By Whitestar's Full of Malarky -- CH Whitestar's Diamonds N Lace. Arvilla White and Diane Ashburn . Dog.
17 FLINTERS HOLLYWOOD FANATSY , TS24229101 5/13/2014. Breeder: Nancy Verhoog. By CH Nightfire's U Are My Winner -- Flinters Fantasy On Fire. Maureen McGrath . Dog. Laurie Youmans, Agent.
PAPILLONS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
6 BEL I'M SMALL BUT I'M MIGHTY , TS21978703 4/29/2014. Breeder: owner. By GCH Posdermill Touch the Night -- GCH Bel By the Light of the Moon. Tracey and Isabel Isaacson . Bitch.
8 WHITESTAR'S BIBBITY BOBBITY BOO , TS19398603 7/20/2013. Breeder: Diane Ashburn and Arvilla White. By CH Whitestar's Zippity Do Dah -- CH Whitestar's Confetti. Diane Ashburn and Arvilla White . Bitch.
PAPILLONS Open Bitches.
12 TINY T DREAMS HAPPEN , TS21390601 2/16/2014. Breeder: Owners. By Tiny T Preacher Boy -- CH Tiny T Ima Dream. Jerry & Sally Howard . Bitch. Lorelei Bayless, Agent.
PAPILLONS Best-of-Breed/Variety
14CH ELMAC PASSIONATE KISSES , TS22825102 5/11/2014. Breeder: B Eleanor MacDonald and Allan. Chambers and Peggy McDill By GCH Disyre Livin' In Luxury -- CH Espree Esperanza. B. Eleanor MacDonald and Allan Chambers, Peggy McDill . Bitch. Allan Chambers, Agent.
16CH MARRICS TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES , TR80999402 7/24/2008. Breeder: Marcy Wyrens. By CH Marrics Keeper of the Stars -- Marrics Empress of Jade. Linda Rogers and Ric Wyrens . Bitch.
18 WHITESTAR'S DIAMONDS N LACE , TR93385503 12/2/2009. Breeder: Arvilla White & Diane Ashburn. By CH Arsuma's Brilliant Diamond -- CH Whitestar's Diva. Arvilla White and Diane Ashburn . Bitch.

19CH NAMASTE MISSION TO CIVILIZE , TS20928001 9/8/2013. Breeder: Lorelei L Bayless and Dan. and Donna Duppstad By GCH Emerald Garden Show King At Zelicaon -- CH Namaste Copella Next Top Model. Lorelei and Dan Bayless and Donna and Dan Duppstadt . Dog.
20CH MARRICS LADY SMITH N WESSON V RIFRAF , TS16672201 1/18/2013. Breeder: Owner. By Canisphere's Smith an Wesson -- Marrics Star Struck. Marcy Wyrens . Bitch.
21GCH POWDERMILL TOUCH THE NIGHT , TS14070801 7/8/2008. Breeder: Mrs. A L Weston and Miss R Weston. By Inixia Troysdale Time Traveller KCR -- Powdermill Look At The Stars KCR. Isabel Isaacson and Sally Hill . Dog.
23GCH MONARCH'S THE X FACTOR AT STREETSMARTZ , TS09130901 8/17/2011. Breeder: Margie Ricominni. By CH Sandels Monarch's Benjamin -- Monarch's Sunshine. Mathew E Gregory and Franklin V Stubbs . Dog.

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