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Newfoundland Club of America


NEWFOUNDLANDSJudge: Mrs. Diane Price
NEWFOUNDLANDS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 SUSITNA'S MAKING PINA COLADAS , WS58079201 6/27/2017. Breeder: Kelly and Amanda Gerrits. By GCHG Seacrest's I'm Not What You Think -- CH Black Tie's Ring of Fire At Susitna. Josh and Jordon Martin . Dog.

7 OHOI'S UNPLUGGED , NO4595517 5/8/2017. Breeder: . By Just In Time Del Basaburua -- Ohoi's Nossa Nossa. Kristi Lawton . Dog. Kristin N. Coronado, Agent.
NEWFOUNDLANDS 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

9 DOCKSIDE'S BUFFALO SOLDIER , WS56173201 11/11/2016. Breeder: Jan L. Curtis DVM. By Kivisilman Muskettisoturi -- Dockside's It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. Jan L. Curtis DVM . Dog.

11 WYN SONG'S MAKE IT HAPPEN , WS55239602 10/18/166. Breeder: Linda Maggy and Merle Maggy. By GCH Seacrest's I'm Not What you Think -- WYN Song's Ca C'est L'amour. Lynne Baker . Dog.

19 ALISTS IN LOVE AND ALL SHOOK UP-PRESLEY , WS54947501 8/24/2016. Breeder: Christine Legg and Laura Vande Ve. By Heartsease King of the Jungle -- Windhaven She's the Real Cruz-Penelope. Christine Legg . Dog.

23 OCEANO'S DECISION MADE @BELLEMEADE , WS55160503 9/12/2016. Breeder: Pamela Morgan, Gigi and Kim. Griffith, Joyce Rowland By GCHS Oceano Darbydale's Executive Decision -- CH Oceano E Karableu Minuit A Paris. Kathleen M Wortham and Debbie Paxton and Gigi andKim Griffith. Dog.
NEWFOUNDLANDS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
15 CHATEAUNEWF 'N NAKISKA'S LEGEND OF THE STONES , WS55843602 11/28/2016. Breeder: Renee Marquardt. and Ingrid Lyden By CH Pouch Cove's Southwind Game On -- CH Nakiska's 'N the Cups. Renee and Kent Marquardt and Ingrid Lyden . Dog.

31 MILAGROS MELLOW YELLOW AT EBONTIDE , WS58616204 12/7/2015. Breeder: Owners. By CH Seacrest's I'm Not What You Think -- CH Royal Virgin Christmas Passion. Deborah Schuch & Janice Anderson & Kaitlyn Anderson & Anita Reinisch. Dog.

39 SUSITNA'S THE HURRICANE , WS51304302 7/31/2015. Breeder: owners. By CH Nakiska's Cursed To Fisrt CD -- CH Blacktie's Ring OF Fire At Susitna. Kelly & Amanda Gerrits & Elizabeth Baker . Dog. Theresa Weber, Agent.

41 KARABLEU OCEANO ARCHANGEL ZERACHIEL , WS53475802 3/31/2016. Breeder: Donna and Rick Humphreys, Jill. H Latchaw Esq., Gigi Griffith By CH Oceano Vroom Vroom Goes Darbydale -- CH Karableu's Petite Soeur Aliah. Jerry and Elizabeth Gini and Donna and Rick Humphreys and Gigi and Kim Griffith. Dog.

43 WYN SONG'S DON'T FENCE ME IN , WS52716002 12/16/2015. Breeder: Linda Maggy. and Merle Maggy By CH Pouch Cove's Special Edition -- Wyn Song's Ca, C'Est L'Amour. Denise Jones and Linda Maggy . Dog.
NEWFOUNDLANDS Open Other Than Black Dogs.
45 DOCKSIDE'S PARTY ON AT EBONYTIDE , WS49606001 12/26/2014. Breeder: Jan L Curtis DVM. By CH Ironwood R Naish Ebontide -- CH Dockside's Glitter In The Air. Janice and Kaitlyn Anderson and Jan Curtis . Dog.
NEWFOUNDLANDS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.
6 TRINITY COVE'S HOLD ME CLOSE-IRIS , WS58379701 6/21/2017. Breeder: Cece Guyatt and Sheila Mallinson. By GCH Pitenyuf Boeing BN CGCCCA TKA -- CH Kodiac Acres Once Upon A Dream At Trinity Cove. Cece Guyatt and Sheila Mallinson . Bitch.

8 OCEANO'S BLACK PEARL; WHITE DIAMONDS , WS57881005 6/29/2017. Breeder: Pamela Morgan, Gigi Griffith,. Kim Griffith, Joyce Rowland By CH Oceanodarbydales Flash Gordon SaviourOfTheUnivers -- CH Oceano E Karableu Minuit A Paris. Gigi and Kim Griffith . Bitch.
10 CASTANEW'S PLAY ME ACE , EG706729 4/5/2017. Breeder: Denise and Marc Castonguay. By CH Castanewf's Play It Again CD -- CH Castanewf's Cloud9 Compassrose CD. Laura Thost and Michael Medina . Bitch.

12 WILDERLAND FOREST SPRITE , WS59181101 6/25/2017. Breeder: Angela and P Patterson. By Evanpark dexter via NewGraden -- Wilderland Midnite Fantasy KCR. Tonette Johnson . Bitch.

14 SUSITNA'S SHOTS FIRED , WS58079204 6/27/2017. Breeder: Kelly and Amanda J. Gerrits By GCHG Seacrest's I'm Not What You Think -- CH Black Tie's Ring of Fire at Susitna. Candice and Jason Duclos . Bitch.
NEWFOUNDLANDS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

18 THICKISH NEWFOUNDLAND LIGHT BLUE SKY , WS58135701 12/11/2016. Breeder: Milena Polloni. By Numa First President At Thickish -- Thickish Newfoundland You Took It All. Denise Hatakeyama . Bitch.
NEWFOUNDLANDS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

16 OCEANO'S PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE , WS57881007 6/29/2017. Breeder: Pamela Morgan and Gigi Griffith. and Joyce Rowland By CH Oceanodarbydales Flash Gordon Saviour Of The Univers -- CH Oceano E Karableu Minuit A Paris. Gigi and Kim Griffith . Bitch.

22 DALKENS PENNY BUTTONS , WS51031301 1/9/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Heartsease King of the Jungle -- CH Dalkens Above All Else. Joy R Werner and Dallas R Anderson . Bitch.
NEWFOUNDLANDS American Bred Bitches.

26 HOLOKAI UMI HAS IT ALL , WS48671302 9/30/2014. Breeder: Barbara Jenness and Denise. Hatakeyama By CH Pouce Cove's Head of State -- CH Tempest Over The Rainbow Pouch Cove. Joan Swanson-Hamilton and Denise Hatekayama and Barbara Jenness. Bitch.
NEWFOUNDLANDS Open Black Bitches.
38 GOLD CUP'S TELL HER ABOUT IT FOR CAPRICCIO , WS52198504 10/17/2015. Breeder: Erin Murphy & John O'Neill. By GCH Seacrest's I'm Not What You Think -- GCH Shadrack's My Hearts Darling. Pamela Rubio And Dick & Janet Heym . Bitch.

40 SUSITNA'S FAT GIRL IN A LITTLE BLACK COAT , WS51304304 7/31/2015. Breeder: Kelly & Amanda Gerrits. By CH Nakiska's Cursed to First CD -- CH Blacktie's Ring Of Gire At Susitna. Kelly & Amanda Gerrits & Elizabeth Baker . Bitch. Theresa Weber, Agent.
42 CASTANEWF'S READ BETWEEN THE LINES , WS51666002 5/11/2015. Breeder: Owner. By CH Castanewf's Journey 2 Pouch Cove -- Canch Casta Newf's Fireside Chat. Denise and Marc Castongvay . Bitch.

44 TRINITY COVE'S FOREIGN AFFAIR , WS43861802 2/22/2013. Breeder: CeCe Guyatt & Marie-Pierre. Delaunay' By CH Council Cup's Star Of Kodiak Acres, RN -- CH Glamorous Georgia De L'Iliade Et L'Odyssee. CeCe Guyatt . Bitch. Martin Cabral, Agent.
NEWFOUNDLANDS Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Working Dogs.
47CH KARABLEU E OCEANO'S A STORY TO TELL CGC DD WD , WS45674501 11/16/2013. Breeder: Richard Humphreys, Gigi. Griffith, Donna Humphrey By Karbleu's Tryst With Darbydale -- Oceano E Karablue's Ecco Domanni Per Acquaterra. Karrie and Rodney Cook . Dog. Gigi Griffith, Agent.
NEWFOUNDLANDS Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Dogs.

49GCH HEARTSEASE KING OF THE JUNGLE , WS36977801 5/27/2009. Breeder: M Joan Casler. By CH Threepond's Play It Again -- Topmast's Lucy Maud Montgomery. M Joan Casley Jill Latchaw . Dog. Amy Rutherford, Agent.
NEWFOUNDLANDS Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Bitches.

46GCH LILFEGUARD'S MIDNIGHT SLAYER , WS24964806 1/21/2008. Breeder: Joseph and Anita Reinisch. By Midnight Lady's Lonesome Cowboy -- lifeguard's Sexy Diva. Shirley J McLelland . Bitch.

48GCH CAPRICCIOS HOW SWEET IT IS , WS27201305 8/8/2008. Breeder: George, Carol and Justin Chew. and Pamela Rubio By CH Numa's Incumbent at Pouch Cove -- CH Capriccios Somenthin "T" Tlk About. Lynne Baker and Pam Rubio . Bitch.
NEWFOUNDLANDS Best-of-Breed/Variety
50GCH HONEYLANE HANNAH AT KINTRA , WS46124602 1/1/2014. Breeder: Kelli LePore and Linda Dewitt. By Honey Lane's Smoke On The Water -- CH Honeylane's Life of The Party. Sandra L. Martin & Alexandra Flanigan & Kelli LePore. Bitch. Kristin N. Coronado, Agent.
51 MTN HIGH SEE ECHOS IN THE DISTANCE , WS52566804 1/16/2016. Breeder: Peggy Lange. Lynn Kitch By GCHB Tuftide's Going The Distance -- GCHS MTN High cavylpso CD. Rick Redpath & Diane Redpath & Peggy Lange . Dog.
52CH CYNCITY RIVRRUNSTHRU CASTANEWF , WS49913002 9/20/2014. Breeder: Denise Castonguay. and Cynthia Thomas By CH Castanewfs Journey 2 Pouchcove -- CH Castanewf's Camera Ready. Patricia Benshoof and Lisa Lee and Cynthia Thomas. Bitch.
54GCH NORDICANGEL GEORGIA , WS44971201 4/23/2013. Breeder: Mike & Christine Binks. By CH Kalibah Artemus Pride -- CH Midnight Lady's Kiss For Nordicangel. Patty O'Brien & Edward O'Donoghue . Bitch.

55CH CASTANEWF'S DANCING BY MYSELF , WS54238301 8/16/2013. Breeder: Denise and Marc Castonguay. By CH Seabrook Dances with Pouch Cove -- CH Castanewf's Hard Copy. Susan Abramski and Denise Castonguay . Dog.
56 ROYAL VIRGIN CHRISTMAS PASSION , WS40650402 12/10/2011. Breeder: Szilvia Zilahi and Darnai Tibor. By Moment Of Glory For Shadow's Eternity -- Fekete Panda Glaring Star. D Schuch and J Anderson and K Anerson, and A Reinisch. Bitch.
57CH VENI VIDI VICI DINASTIYA SOVERCHENSTVA , WS47782501 9/22/2013. Breeder: V.E. Artemenko. By Rain Coast How Can I Fall -- Beguschaya Po Volnam Hasta La Vista. Natalia Pugalova . Dog.
58 CASTANEW'S THE CHARMED ONE , WS48646203 6/2/2014. Breeder: Denise L and Marc C Castonguay. By Castanewf's Journey 2 Pouchcove -- CH Castanewf's Fireside Chat. Kevin & Laura Gallagher . Bitch.
59CH CAPRICCIO'S ROCKY MTN HIGH , WS44720101 6/20/2013. Breeder: Pamela S Rubio and Peggy Lange. By CH Capricio's For Baby -- Mtn High Aspen For Capriccio. Linda Kennard and Robert Kennard . Dog.
60GCHS HEARTSEASE EMPRESS OF INDIA CD RA CGC , WS49297702 8/14/2014. Breeder: Joan Casler. By GCH Heartsease King of the Jungle -- Heartease My Girl. Doug and Cindy Savory and Sam and Joan Casler . Bitch.
61CH DALKENS EXTREME MEASURES , WS39722708 1/27/2012. Breeder: owner. By CH Dalkens Firestorm -- GCH Dalkens Kelly Kane. Joy R Werner and Dallas R Anderson . Dog.
65 TIMBERKNOLLS AEGEAN LEGACY CGC , WS50673007 5/12/2015. Breeder: Benita Edds and Patti Sutherland. By CH Timberknoll's Never Let Go -- Timberknoll's Sippin Sweet Tea. Constance Andronico and Benita Edds and Patti Sutherland. Dog.
67GCH PITERNYUF BOEING BN CGCA TKA , WS51015701 1/28/2015. Breeder: Ksenia Semikova. By Cannon Bear's Shooting Star -- Piternyuf I Did It Again. Heidi Forrest . Dog.
69GCH MIDNIGHT'S LADY'S DREAMS COME TRUE AT WINTERT , WS54043501 8/17/2015. Breeder: Zsuzsa Somos. By Fairweather's A Great Pretender -- Midnight Lady's Haute Couture. Mike and Lisa Harstad . Dog.
71GCHB CASTANEWF ARK ANGEL FRESHSTART CD DD RN CGC , WS43716202 8/29/2012. Breeder: Denise Canstonguay. By GCH Castanewf's Obsession -- CH Castanewf's Fireside Chat. Laura Thost . Dog.
73GCHG OCEANO DARBYDALE'S XECUTIVE DECISION , WS43873601 5/13/2013. Breeder: Monica Perusquin. and GiGi Griffith By CH Centurion Of Oceano E Acqua Terra -- CH DarbyDale Because I'm Sweet Enough At Oceano. Kathleen Wortham and Carol Bergmann and Mary W Price. Dog. Kim Griffith, PHA, Agent.
75CH SUSITNA'S BALOO MARTIN , WS46606909 12/24/2013. Breeder: Kelly Gerrits and Amanda Gerrits. By CH Nakiska's Alaskanewf Stuart -- CH Black Tie's King Of Fire At Susitna. Josh and Jordon Martin . Dog.

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