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South Bay Kennel Club


SHETLAND SHEEPDOGSJudge: Mr. Fred C. Bassett
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

5 SHOW BIZ MISO SOUP , DN51876701 11/5/2017. Breeder: Owner. By CH Show Biz Clooney -- Show Bix Miso. Dorothea Adkins . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

7 KAROSEL SUNSET SIRANO , DN50077301 5/25/2017. Breeder: Kathleen Schmutz and Jennifer McF. and Robbin McTaggart By CH Sunset Flying Colors -- CH Sunset Karosel Siracha. Kathleen Schmutz and Jennifer McFarlin and Robbin McTaggart. Dog.
9 ARATONE FIAT LUX , DN50862001 6/20/2017. Breeder: Marie Eguro and Mark Hersmand. By Solange Valedictorian -- Aratone Westar Dating A royal UD PT. Marie Eguro . Dog.
11 SYRINGA-SR BLUE SEDUCTION , DN47004401 7/1/2016. Breeder: owner. By GCH Syringa Treasure Trove -- CH Lacewood Silver In The Stars. Deborah Sirdofsky and Tyler Crady . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Open Sable and White Dogs.

15 SHOOTTINGSTAR QUICK PIC FOR SEVENOAKS , DN45114901 11/30/2015. Breeder: Debbie Majewski. By CH SevenOaks Long Shot -- CH Shootingstar Taylor Made. Roger and Pam Sadberry . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Open Any Other Allowed Color Dogs.

17 SHANTELS TEQUILA TOWN , DN34102801 5/10/2012. Breeder: Serena and Pamela Marshall. By Shantels Troubadour CD RA HT AX MXJ -- Odyssey Light The Night. Serena Marshall . Dog.

19 SKELLADALE MOSAIX BLACK AND BLUE , DN35829001 1/26/2013. Breeder: John Campbell and Deborah William. By Marshland Chaparral -- Mosaix Tzigane of Skelladale. John Campbell & Deborah Williams . Dog.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 SHOW BIZ BRE-CELETTE , DN52308101 1/27/2017. Breeder: owner. By GCH Tresta Uptown Charm -- Show Biz Wonton. Dorothea Adkins . Bitch.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Open Sable and White Bitches.
10 KAROSEL KOUNTRY HONEY , DN3862402 10/23/2013. Breeder: Kathryn Horton &. Jennifer McFarlin By GCH Homewood Hayden -- Karosel American Honey. Matthew McFarlin and Jennifer McFarlin . Bitch.

12 PRIMO L'MS MOVIE STAR , DN43703902 7/1/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Eloras Illuminati -- Primo Paradise. Johanna Primeaux . Bitch. Tyler Crady, Agent.
16 SHANTELS TEQUILA SUNRISE , DN43078902 4/12/2015. Breeder: Dixie Eigenrauch. By Shantels Tequila Town -- Dedream Candy Cane. Serena Marshall . Bitch.
SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS Best-of-Breed/Variety
18CH ARATONE'S SUGAR RUSH , DN40927801 10/17/2014. Breeder: Marie Eguro and Mark Hersman. By GCH Barwlood Clearsky Fireworks -- CH Avatone Westar Dating A Royal UD PT. Marie Eguro and Mark Hersman . Bitch.
20CH SUNSET KAROSEL IN THE FLOWERS , DN39985701 6/15/2014. Breeder: Kathleen Schmutz. and Jennifer McFarlin By CH Karosel Sunset In The Money -- CH Karosel Sunset Siri. Kathleen Schmutz & Jennifer McFarlin . Bitch.
21CH PARAY'S TOP ECHELON , DN42672701 4/18/2015. Breeder: Tray Pittman. and Paul Flores By GCH PaRay Cambridge -- Granite Gables PaRay Paramount. Ann Balliet and Tray Pittman . Dog.
22CH SUNSET KAROSEL SUGAR LAND RN , DN43789301 7/20/2015. Breeder: owner. By CH Karosel Drakkar -- GCH Karosel Sunset Candy Land RN. Robin McTaggart & Kathleen Schmultz & Jennifer McFarlin. Bitch.
23CH SYRINGA-AKADIA THE CORSAIR , DN38911701 2/25/2014. Breeder: Deborah Sirdofsky. and Shannalee Waller-Michalsky By GCH Syringa Treasure Trove -- CH Syringa-Akadia Witch One. Deborah Sirdofsky and Tyler Crady . Dog.

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