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Southern California Sporting D.F.


RETRIEVERS (FLAT-COATED)Judge: Mrs. Marilyn Little
RETRIEVERS (FLAT-COATED) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 SHASTA BROWN TROUT , SS00591601 6/2/2017. Breeder: Joyce Brackney. By GCH Uranm Black Wind Of Varazdin -- CH Shaasta Fire NA Naj. Joyce Brackney . Dog.
7 WYNCLIFF SHASTA BLACK OAK , SS00206403 6/23/2017. Breeder: Dinah Baggenstos and Richard. Baggenstos By GCHS Artic Sun's Hot Pursuit -- CH Valley Crest i Will Survive. Joyce Brackney . Dog.

11 SAUDADES' FATTOUSH , SS00237403 5/31/2017. Breeder: Owners. By GCHB Shannara's Boston Legal -- CH Saudades' Funny In Farsi. Keli & David Martin . Dog.
RETRIEVERS (FLAT-COATED) Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
15 BRISTOL'S KAPTAIN OF THE FLYING DUTCHMAN , SR95830202 11/3/2016. Breeder: Mary Ryder and Nanci Hanover. By GCH Blazin's Karibbean Black Sparrow -- GCH FenWood Bay Another Piece Of Our Heart. Mary and Scott Ryder . Dog.
RETRIEVERS (FLAT-COATED) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.
6 CITRUS HILL SHELBY MUSTANG , SR98675506 5/1/2017. Breeder: Tracy Tennison. By CH Mach Stone Mason RN JH MXb MjS -- GCHB Mach 4 Citrus Hill Checkered Flag. Tracy Tennison . Bitch.

8 COVELLYN'S DELTA SUNSET BY WFS , SS00098202 4/11/2017. Breeder: Melanie Tukker. By wallcorner's Lenn -- Fritzie Vom Wildforstersee. Keli Martin . Bitch.

12 JAZZ'D RED HOT INTENTIONS , SR99162801 4/28/2017. Breeder: Janice Anthes and John Anthes. By CH Eagletarn Marry Man Jax -- GCH Victory's High Wind Warning, CDX BN OA NAJ. Lance Kruse . Bitch.

14 WYNCLIFF SHOREPOINT PEEP , SS00206409 6/23/2017. Breeder: Dinah Baggenstos and Richard Bagg. By GCHS Arctic Sun's Hot Pursuit -- CH Valley Crest I Will Survive. Deborah Ricketts . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (FLAT-COATED) Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

10 SAUDADES KABISS , SS00237401 5/31/2017. Breeder: Owners. By GCHB Shannara's Boston Legal -- CH Saudades' Funny Farsi. Keli & David Martin . Bitch.

18 BRISTOL'S JOURNEY , SR93517801 4/20/2016. Breeder: Nanci Hanover & Pamela bennett. By GCH Butterblac's Keep Knocking -- CH Angelusparks II Glenys to Bristol. Nanci Hanover . Bitch.

22 CITRUS HILL TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT , SR98675504 5/1/2017. Breeder: Tracy Tennison. By CH Citrus Hill Stone Mason RN JH MXB MJS -- GCHB Mach 4 Citrus Hill Checkered Flag BN RN. Tracy Tennison . Bitch.
24 BLAZIN'S ONYX STAR AT DAYBREAK , SR93926308 5/29/2016. Breeder: Dawn Buttion and Martin J. A.. and Bryce Archambeaur By GCH Blazin's Mister Henry Roeland Byrd -- GCH Blazin's License To Drive CD BN GN RE AX OAJ. Cheryl Stewart and Dawn Buttion . Bitch.

26 JUBILEE'S ELFDOCK SUGARPLUM , SR85763104 12/23/2014. Breeder: Patricia McClain & Glenn McClain. By CH Jubilee's Wings Like An Eagle -- CH Jubilee's Delayed Arrival. Deborah Ricketts and Fred Caruso . Bitch.

28 GRAND MERE BLIZZARD AT PEMBERLY , SR82411701 3/11/2014. Breeder: Karen Knuth. and Anne Prehn By CH Pemberly's Go The Distance CDX RE MH -- Grand Mere Magical Evening at Fishercreek RN. Debbie Best and Shannon Kiley . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (FLAT-COATED) Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran 7 years and under 10 Dogs.

21GCH ROCKYHILL N FOLLY'S WALK ON THE WILDSIDE BN RA AXJ, AX , SR55090709 2/16/2009. Breeder: Shari Hughes and Mark Strathaus. By CH Tealwin's Lucky Dodger -- CH Rockyhill's WeWill WeWill Roc U. Tracy and Susan Kerns and Sharri Hughes . Dog.

23GCH BLAZIN'S KARIBBEAN BLACK SPARROW CGC , SR58575105 9/8/2009. Breeder: Dawn Buitton and Martin Archambea. By GCH Atherccroft Not A Melon Bucks -- GCH Blazin;s Gardez La Foi CD GN RE AX OAJ NAP NF. Cheryl Wildeman and Tina Stewart . Dog.
RETRIEVERS (FLAT-COATED) Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV 9 years and older Bitches.

32GCH WIND DANCER'S KICK UP YOUR HEELS , SR51608802 8/9/2008. Breeder: owner. By Shannara's Ikaros -- CH Shannara's Roc'N Wind Dancer JH. Kerry M Forni . Bitch.
RETRIEVERS (FLAT-COATED) Best-of-Breed/Variety
16CH BRISTOL'S KARIBBEAN QUEEN OF CALYPSO , SR95830201 11/3/2016. Breeder: Dr Nanci Hanover &. Mary Ryder By GCH Blazin's Karibbean Black Sparrow -- GCH Fenwood Bay another Piece of Our Hear. Nanci Hanover . Bitch.
27CH CLEARWATER SUMMER NIGHT DREAM , SR88307302 6/22/2015. Breeder: Pamela and Timothy. Centola By GCH Blacfriar Seamus McGrath JH -- CH Clearwater's Just The Right Mix. Philip Sunseri . Dog. Cheryl Wildeman, Agent.
29CH, MACH CITRUS HILL STONE MASON RN JH , SR79304909 9/10/2013. Breeder: Tracy Tennison and Joyce Brackney. By GCH Shasta Brownstone CD, RA, JH, MXS, MJS -- CH 6 Shasta Caliente RN, JH, MXB3, MJC2. Tracy Tennison . Dog.
31GCH WIND DANCER'S FORTUNE HUNTER SH WCX , SR80958705 12/9/2013. Breeder: Kerry M Forni. By GCH Almanza Intermezzo -- CH Wind Dancer's Along Came a Spyder. Kerry M Forni . Dog. Amy Rutherford, Agent.
33CH CITRUS HILL SHASTA TAROCOO JH MX MXJ , SR79304912 9/10/2013. Breeder: Tracy Tennison. By GCH MACH Shata Brownstone JH CD RA -- GCH MACH Shasta Callente RN JH. Joyce Brackney and Tracy Tennison . Dog.

34GCH APPLEGARTH NANA OF FEATHERQUEST , SR79147102 7/27/2013. Breeder: Arleen P Wilson. By CH Applegarth's Scottish Games -- Applegarth's Zenyatta. Michele Winningham . Bitch.
35CH KISTRYL CLOCKS FALL BACK RE BN JH WC , SR84422104 9/21/2014. Breeder: Cheryl Kistner and Marilyn Wilcox. By Flatterhaft Nike Everclear -- CH Starworkers Questions To Be Asked. Julie Ann Ressler . Dog.
36GCH ALMANZA THE BITCH IS BACK , SR94297601 10/26/2015. Breeder: Ragnhild Ulin, Ole Nielsen. and Susanne Karlstrom By Altaflats Ain't I'm A Dog -- Ginger Cake Blackpepper Mystery. Kerry M Forni and Keli Martin . Bitch. Amy Rutherford, Agent.
38CH GRAND MERE PERFECT CIRCLE RN CD NA NAJ NF DS , SR74629201 9/28/2012. Breeder: Anne Prehn and John Prehn. By CH Grand Mere Phantom of Fishercreek CD RN JH -- CH Grand Mere Cutt'n Thru The Garden Cd. Kenneth D. and Mary Neubauer . Bitch.
40GCHB ATHERCROFT SHAKE YOUR DJIBOUTI , SR79714305 6/11/2013. Breeder: Dee Turkelson and,Ruth Marsh. By Athercroft Haute Dawg -- CH Athercroft Hell Or High Watermelon. Elizabeth DeMars and Tracy Kerns . Bitch.
44CH FENWOOD BAY ANOTHER PIECE OF OUR HEART , SR76666501 8/6/2012. Breeder: Malcolm Godefroy. By Starworkers Some Kind Of Trouble -- Angelusparks Hip's Belisama. Mary Ryder and Nanci Hanover . Bitch.
46CH SAUDADES' FUNNY IN FARSI , SR78253501 4/19/2013. Breeder: Keli and David Martin. By Rainesgift Hucklebery Finn To Lizzlog -- CH Starworkers Ooh La La. Keli Martin . Bitch.

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