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Southern California Sporting D.F.


VIZSLASJudge: Ms. Dyane M. Baldwin
VIZSLAS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.

5 GOLDEN EMPIRES BREAKING THE BANK , SR87937001 5/18/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Rennaisance Tambopata the Lionhearted -- Golden Empire's Quintessential Dance. Michele Coburn and Melody Daggs . Dog.
VIZSLAS Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
7 RED DIAMOND JUST PUSH PLAY , SR88151009 5/25/2015. Breeder: Michelle Rochester. and Susan Sibley By CH HRQ Ask The Expert JH -- GCH Red Diamond Chaos Unleashed. Diana Barbour and Michelle Rochester and Susan Sibley. Dog.

15 FIRE MOUNTAIN APOLLO'S OCTOBER SUNRISE SWELL , SR85074501 10/23/2014. Breeder: Jeff and Shirley Olsen. By CH Olde Ridge Soar'n Pfalcon's Hudson JH ROM -- CH Cameo's Spark of Fire Mountain RN JH THD. Curtis and Kristin Swindal and Jeff and Shirley Olsen . Dog.

17 CLASSICAL ELGIN MAGIC LAND OF ALLAKAZAM , SR87728702 1/5/2015. Breeder: Cathleen Cline and Stephen M. Cabral and Linn Cabral By GCH Cariad Elgin's Barna Medve -- GCH Classical Rumor Has It CDX. Cathleen Cline and Stephen M Cabral . Dog.
23 MOONLIGHTS DREAM COME TRUE , SR84570601 9/28/2014. Breeder: Karen Lake. By CH Zeneith's Suspense Thriller -- CH Moonlight's Rock'N Ow't, JH, CGC. Craig & Courtney Barclay & Karen Lake . Dog.

37 WINSONG'S SHILO JH, SR65736001 1/3/2011. Breeder: Paul A. Davie. By L'VIV Kazakh FJDDRR Skole -- Wingsong's Mad Mattie. Paul Davie . Dog.
VIZSLAS American Bred Dogs.

41 EVENINGSTARS BRINGING IN THE THUNDER , SR81711504 1/2/2014. Breeder: G. Brickus, J. Brennan & A. Montgomery By CH Copper Creek Toscanini's GSM MH -- CH Jaybren's Picture Perfect @ Evening Stars. Aja Montgomery & Gaila Brickus . Dog.
VIZSLAS Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 NYIRCSASZARI VARAZSIGE , SR87221502 4/14/2015. Breeder: Dr. Sylvia Kerr. By GCH HRQ Guess Who's In Trouble RN JH OA OAJ -- GCH Nyircsaszari Szilva Palinka JH. Janet Galante and Dr Sylvia Kerr . Bitch.

8 UNION HILL'S RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER , SR87883302 5/31/2015. Breeder: owner. By CH Skipfire's Takin' It To The Streets JH -- CH Union hill's As Luck Would Have It JH NAJ. David and Joanne Hamilton . Bitch.
VIZSLAS Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

12 TILLSON AT SLEEPY HOLLOW , SR87633702 2/20/2015. Breeder: Rita I Mather & Vicki May. By CH Mehagian's Sizzli'n Hot-N-Spicy CD MH CGC -- Serenity Can't Get Enough. Lynn M Rozelle & Kirk Roselle & Rita L Mather . Bitch. Susie Olivera, Agent.

16 STORMWINDS RUSSET LEATHER EASY GOER , SR87639005 4/5/2015. Breeder: Beverly Wanjon. By CH Russet Leather Stormwinds Kizmar High Noon -- Russet Leather Prairie Star. Lucy Adams & Beverly Wanjon . Bitch.

18 RUSSET LEATHER SNOWMOON , SR87639008 4/5/2015. Breeder: owner. By CH Russet Leather Stormwinds Kizmar High Noon -- Ruseet Leather Prairie Star. Beverly A Wanjon . Bitch.

20 SURF CITY'S TIANA FANI , SR87189808 2/18/2015. Breeder: Peter and Jennifer Marreiros. By Cameo's Russet Leather Ropin' The Wind -- Ruby Mae. Oxana Goldstein . Bitch. La Ree Drolet, Agent.
VIZSLAS 12 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

26 FIRE MOUNTAIN TEQUILA JANE , SR85074502 10/23/2014. Breeder: Jeff Olsen and Shirley Olsen. By CH Olde Ridge Soar'n Pfalcon's Hudson JH -- CH Cameo's Sprk of Fire Mountain RN JH THD. Mark Olenski and Mary Jane Olenski and Jeff Olsen and Shirley Olsen. Bitch.
VIZSLAS Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

10 RED DIAMOND PLAYING FOR KEEPS , SR88151003 7/15/2015. Breeder: Miichelle Rochester and. Susan Sibley By CH HRQ Ask the Expert JH -- GCH Red Diamond Chaos Unleashed. Jannie Humphrey and Michelle Rochester . Bitch.

14 TAMARON DADDY'S DESERT STORM , SR87366601 3/24/2015. Breeder: owner. By GCH Tamaron's Heart of Texas -- GCH Tamaron's Jazzmatazz. Catherine Woods and Tami and Leon Westerbeck . Bitch.
24 MOONLIGHT'S EASY TO KEEP , SR86858106 2/9/2015. Breeder: Karen Lake, N Guarascio. and T Westerbeck By GCH Jen's Penny Matra Baci's Boogie Fever -- GCH Moonlight N Tamaron When Stars Align, CGC. Karen Lake . Bitch.

28 FIRE MOUNTAIN FLIP FLOP HIP HOP , SR85074503 10/23/2014. Breeder: Jeff and Shirley Olsen. By CH Olde Ridge Soar N Pfalcon's Hudson JH -- CH Cameo's Spark of Firemountain JH RN ThD. Jeff & Shirley Olsen . Bitch.

32 KOPPERTONE'S GOLDEN STARGAZER , SR83651001 7/12/2014. Breeder: owner. By GCH Renaissance Tambopata The Lion Hearted -- CH Yoshibel Bat Levi. Mark and Bonnie Goodwein . Bitch.

42 WINSONG'S ELONA , SR65736006 1/3/2011. Breeder: Paul A. Davie. By L'VIV Kazakh FJDDRR Skole -- Winsong's Mad Mattie. Paul Davie . Bitch.
VIZSLAS Open Bitches.
36 RED DIAMOND'S RAY OF MAGIC , SR84290302 9/4/2014. Breeder: Michelle Rochester, Mary Cioffi. and Kip Steele By GCH Zenith Red Diamond Beyond Chaos -- . Michelle Rochester and Rick Moore . Bitch.

52 BANKERS SPICE GIRL , SR83289002 5/14/2014. Breeder: Paula Murphy, Beth T Kirven. and Rachael Murphy By CH Encounter A Duke Fantasy -- CH Solaris Steal Your Heart. Faye Wilson and Paula Murphy . Bitch. Ric Plaut, Agent.

56 WHISPERING SANDS-N-WOODLANDS LUCK BE A LADY , SR76843804 3/11/2013. Breeder: Kathy McKernie and Carol Zuercher. and Robert Zuercher By Kezdet's Russet Leather River Whisper -- Woodlands Red Hot Passion. Dana and Allan Fredriksson and Carol Zuercher . Bitch.
58 GOLDEN EMPIRE RED DIAMOND HOT TOPIC , SR80107604 10/27/2013. Breeder: Michelle Rochester and Michele. Coburn By CH Golden Empire's Trace of T -- Red Diamond Tempting Pizzazz. Michele Coburn . Bitch.

60 PINEWOOD'S GALE FORCE WIND , SR79668608 9/23/2013. Breeder: Helene Guida and Nancy Edmunds. By CH Vizcaya's Famous Last Words -- GCH Vizcaya's Force of Nature CGC. Ladonna Gryte and Gary Gryte . Bitch. Jean Gauchat-Hargis, Agent.
68 RUSSET LEATHER PRINCESS OF THE WATER , SR80928301 11/16/2013. Breeder: Eileen Kelleher. and Beverly Wanjon By GCH Kezdet's Russet Leather Whisper -- CH Russet Leather Talutah. Beverly A Wanjon . Bitch.
70 CLASSICAL ONE THRILLING COMBINATION , SR84792201 6/3/2014. Breeder: Cathleen Cline and Stephe n Cabra. and Linn Cabral By CH Koppertone Hail To The Chief -- GCH Classical Rumor Has It CDX RN. Cathleen Cline and Stephen Cabral and Linn Cabral. Bitch.
VIZSLAS Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV 9 years and older Dogs.

47GCH RUSSET LEATHER BOULDER'S WILD TOK MH , SR27592010 7/5/2005. Breeder: Jamie Walton. and Beverly Wanjon By CH Kizmar Caveat's Wild Ride -- CH Russet Leather Sacajawea SH OF RO. Tad Walden and J and E Hetkowski and Carol Dostal Keller. Dog.
49GCH RUSSET LEATHER WILD BILL CODY, MHA RA , SR27592003 7/5/2005. Breeder: Jamie Walton, Carol Dostal. and Beverly Wanjon By CH Kizmar Caveat's Wild Ride -- CH Mach Russet Leather Sacajawea SH OF. Betty Meadows Bresnahan and Jamie Walton & Lillian Ellis. Dog.
VIZSLAS Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran 7 years and under 10 Bitches.
72GCH CLASSIC THAT GIRL, CD , SR48481901 2/22/2008. Breeder: Marcia Folley and Brooke Counts. By CH Classic Dr. Robert Hutchinson -- CH Classic Centre of Attention. Cathleen Cline & Preston Lane, Marcia Folley & Stephen Cabral. Bitch. Steve Cabral, Agent.
VIZSLAS Best-of-Breed/Variety
51 LA TIERRA'S LET'S MISBEHAVE , SR80534607 12/17/2013. Breeder: Crandon F Clark and Joan Z Toepke. By GCH HRQ's Guess Who's in Trouble JH OA OAJ -- GCH Artisan's Symphony in Pink. Lara Purciel and Dr. Crandon Clark, Sean Purciel and Laraine Clark. Dog. Elizabeth Jordan-Nelson, Agent.

53GCH KYLLBURG N WOODLANDD'S JAZZ AND BLUES , SR69560104 6/30/2011. Breeder: A. &A. Freyer, C. Zuercher, I.. Kavafian and S. Tenenbom By CH Sandy Acre's Russet Chief -- CH Opus One diva of Kyllburg. Adrienne & Alan Freyer Carol Zuercher . Dog. Kellie Miller, Agent.
55CH RUSSET LEATHER STORMWINDS KIZMAR DUEL IN THE SUN , SR82833805 4/30/2014. Breeder: Kirsten Davis and Kathy A Rust. By GCH Renaissance Lord of th'Dance SH -- CH Kizmar Preminition of th'Kiss. Beverly Wanjon and Kristen Davis & & Barry Golob. Dog. Valerie Nunes-Atkinson, Agent.
57GCH NYIRCSASZARI TATRA JH , SR66011303 11/9/2010. Breeder: Janet Galante and Dr Sylvia Kerr. By GCH Snowridge Gunfire Flynn MH -- CH Nyircsaszari Nyajas Cigany. Janet Galante and Dr Sylvia Kerr . Dog. Joseph Berkau, Agent.
59 JAYBREN'S TO WISH UPON THE EVENING STAR , SR75752305 12/16/2012. Breeder: James F Brennan. By GCH Jaybren's Irish Star -- CH Jaybren's From Outa Africa. Gaila Brickus and Ajja Montgomery . Dog.
61CH MEHAGIAN'S GOLDEN COPPER OF TAMARON , SR83649001 7/16/2014. Breeder: Marge Mehagian, J & M Kirkpatrick. and Tami Westerbeck By Tamaron's Tag You're It -- Mehagian's Golden Rose. Kristel Judkins . Dog.
63CH RED DIAMOND DIRTY DANCING SWAYZE , SR79789808 10/21/2013. Breeder: Michelle Rochester. and Erin Piercy By GCH Plaza's Save The Last Dance JH -- GCH Red Diamond Chaos Unleashed. Frank Schollmeier . Dog.
65GCH MOONLIGHT'S OLD TIME ROCK 'N ROLL, JH, CGC , SR65041501 10/19/2010. Breeder: Karen Lake and T Westerbeck. By GCH Captivatin' Ain't He A Lknockow't -- CH Tamaron Okos Piros Csillag, CD RN JH CGC. Andrew Sundsmo & Karen Lake . Dog.
67GCH SLEEPY HOLLOW ROUGH-N-ROWDY VON HARZ , SR65562303 9/17/2010. Breeder: Suzanne Gray and Rita L Mather. By CH Sleepy Hollow Payback JH -- CH Sleepy Hollow Scout It Out JH. Martin H. Schwedhelm . Dog. Jean Gauchat-Hargis, Agent.
69GCH RUSSET LEATHER RIDE TO THE TOP, NAJ NA OAJ JH, SR73973803 6/30/2012. Breeder: Mary Grant, Jamie Walton. and Bev Wanjon By GCH Brittania's Taylor Made for Two -- GCH Russet Leather Wild Ride RE. Mary Grant . Dog.
71CH RUSSET LEATHER STORMWINDS KIZMAR HIGH NOON , SR82833802 4/30/2014. Breeder: Kristen Davis. and Kathy A Rust By GCH Renaissance Lord ot th'Dance SH -- CH Kizmar Preminition of the'Kiss. Beverly Wanjon and Kristen Davis & & Barry Golob. Dog.

73GCH LEA'S SILLI MADAR KAI OF TOK MH, SR73356702 6/14/2012. Breeder: Berndatte Alison, Britt Jung. By GCH Russet Leather boulder's Wild Tok MH ROM -- GCH Brittania's Absolut Finest JH OA OAJ SH. Tad Walden and Bernadette Alison, Randy Yaroch, Britt Jung. Dog.
74CH RED DIAMOND DANCING WITH THE FIRE , SR79789805 10/21/2013. Breeder: Michelle Rochester & Erin Piercy. By CH Plaza's Save the Last Dance JH -- CH Red Diamond Chaos Unleashed. June Ortman and Michele Coburn and Michelle Rochester. Bitch.

75GCH HRQ GUESS WHO'S IN TROUBLE JH NA NAJ NAJ, SR54895002 2/26/2009. Breeder: Susan Sibley. By CH Zenith's Suspense Thriller -- CH Tivoliz Now Pay Attention. Colleen Meacham . Dog.
76GCH MEHAGIAN'S CONTESSA ROSE OF TAMARON , SR83649002 7/16/2014. Breeder: M Mehagian, M Kirkpatrick,. T Westerbeck By GCH Tamaron's Tag You're It -- GCH Mehagian's Golden Rose. Lorraine Granau . Bitch. Erin Hooper, Agent.
77GCH RED DIAMOND DANCING AT THE PLAZA , SR79789807 10/21/2013. Breeder: MIchelle Rochester & Erin. Piercy By GCH Plaza's Save The Last Dance JH -- GCH Red Diamond Chaos Unleashed. Michelle Rochester . Dog.
78 MEHAGIAN-TAMARON'S SWEET SUKIYAKI OF SOL , SR83234504 5/15/2014. Breeder: Marge Mehagian & Janet Laman. & Tami Westerbeck By GCH Tamaron's Tag your It -- GCH Mehagian's Amber-Eyed Sol JH. Janet Laman & Pam Lambie . Bitch.
80CH KIZMAR CALIBRE SUPER COMBINED JH RN NF , SR80591601 12/15/2013. Breeder: Kathy Rust & Nicole & Josh. Rudie By CH Kizmar Justice For All -- CH Kizmar Surfing Th'Halfpipe. Jamie Walton & Kathy Rust . Bitch.
82CH KOPPERTONE'S HOTT PANTS , SR68035504 5/16/2011. Breeder: Alyson Lyons, D. Stankey, M and B. Goodwein and P. Lamb By CH Koppertone's Ben Nooreet -- CH Koppertone's Classical Minuet. Kathy Derham and Mark Goodwein . Bitch.
84GCH HRQ ROCKIN AT GOLD RUN , SR76051201 1/5/2013. Breeder: Susan and Steve Sibley. By GCH Jen's Penny Matra Baci's Boogie Fever -- GCH Tivoliz Now Pay Attention MH CD RN. Susan Sibley and Nancy Jones . Bitch.
86CH MEHAGIAN'S AMAZING GRACE, JH,RN, CGC , SR77571601 5/4/2013. Breeder: Marge Mehagian,Marian Kirkpatrick. By CH Mehagian's Dringus Fitzgerald -- GCH Mehagian's Golden Rose, MH,VC,CGC. Lorraine Granau . Bitch. Erin Hooper, Agent.
88CH RISLEY MADE IN DONEGAL FOR THE WILD WEST JH CGC , SR78464501 12/26/2012. Breeder: Catherine Kelly. By GCH Russet Leather Wild Bill Cody MHA RA -- CH Risley Made To Order Jun CH, CW, 10,11,12. Betty Meadows-Bresnahan . Bitch.
90CH FIRE MOUNTAIN WILD POPPY JH , SR76287204 12/18/2012. Breeder: Jeff and Shirley Olsen. By CH Olde Ridge Soar'n Pfalcon's Hudson JH -- CH Cameo's Spark of Fire Mountain RN JH THD. Kevin and Staci Billy . Bitch.
VIZSLAS Non-Reg NOT Eligible BOB/BOV Brood Bitch

92CH CAMEO'S SPARK OF FIRE MOUNTAIN RN JH THD , SR56519402 5/24/2009. Breeder: Iva Fisher. By CH Szizlin Riverview Giles Of Guilford -- CH Cameo's Red Trinity Canyon. Jeff & Shirley Olsen . Bitch.

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