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SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER) SWEEPSTAKES 12 Months and under 15 Months Dogs.

5 PRIDEMARK PASS IT ON , SR88578507 6/24/2015. Breeder: Tammy Osborn. By GCH Hil-N-Don Canyonwood Bark Twice CD BN NAJ -- Pridemark's Tattletale. Tammy Osborn . Dog.

7 OCOEE LEGENDARY PLAYER , SR88495601 6/1/2015. Breeder: Melanie King and. Kathleen Lorentzen By CH Ocoee Legendary Figure -- CH Ocoee Go Wild. Terry Townsend . Dog. Nancy Amante, Agent.
SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER) SWEEPSTAKES 15 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

9 RAMBLEWOOD GHOST BUSTER , SR87330006 3/25/2015. Breeder: A Harrington, A Reidel. and A Holt By CH Ramblewood Thunder Rolls -- CH Ramblewood Hot Stuff. Steve and Debbie McNiel . Dog.

11 BRAVEHEART'S WINKING AT YOU , SR86161603 2/1/2015. Breeder: April and Mike Leonetti. By CH Tropical Tuscan Sun of Braveheart RN OA OAJ -- CH Vasdon N' Braveheart's Charismatic NA OAJ. Don Osborne and April Leonetti . Dog.
SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER) SWEEPSTAKES Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 SHORE HIL-N-DON SOPHIE , CW644221 11/2/2015. Breeder: Barbara Orr. By CH Hil-N-Don Shores of Liberty -- Shore Bernadette. Donna Hoffman & Barbara Orr . Bitch.
8 SOUTHAMPTON BEGIN AGAIN , SR91961101 12/10/2015. Breeder: Donna Herzig. By CH Salilyn's Condor -- CH Southampton Reflection. Donna Herzig . Bitch. Lynda O'Connor-Schneider, Agent.
SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER) SWEEPSTAKES Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

10 CERISE N STARDOM'S I CALL DIBS , SR89255203 8/24/2015. Breeder: Dorthy Cherry, Lily Mancini. and Ann Summerfelt By GCH Cerise Blindside -- GCH Cerise Dixieland Duchess. Gail Walston . Bitch.

12 SILVERHILL SPEND YOUR KISSES , SR90061502 9/9/2015. Breeder: Julie Kay and Ruth. Kirby By GCH Hill-n-Don Canyonwood See More of Me -- CH Silverhill Throwing Kisses. Julie Kay . Bitch.
SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER) SWEEPSTAKES 15 Months and under 18 Months Bitches.

18 BRAVEHEART'S FOREVER CHARMED , SR86161604 2/1/2015. Breeder: owner. By CH Tropical Tuscan Sun of Braveheart RN NA NAJ -- CH Vasdon N' Braveheart's Charismatic. April and Michael Leonetti . Bitch.

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