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Inland Empire Hound Club of SC


DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Dogs.

5 SUNSHINE'S CALIFORNIA DREAM ML , HP49221402 1/11/2015. Breeder: Mark Stephenson &. Susan Monroe By CH Heathero Furby ML -- CH Sunshine's Midnight Lace ML. Rieko Koike & Mark Stephenson . Dog.

7 SUNSHINE CALIFORNIA CABERNET BACCHANAL ML , HP49221403 1/11/2015. Breeder: Mark Stephenson. and Susan Monroe By CH Heatherero Furby ML -- CH Sunshine's Midnight Lace ML. Doreen Beale . Dog. Michelle Bedowitz, Agent.
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED) 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

9 DEMIHUND YO HO BLACK DOG , HP47863401 8/1/2014. Breeder: Katherine & Thomas Dettmer. By GCH Lucene's Merlin -- CH Demihund Ramblin' Rose. Katherine Dettmer & Thomas Dettmer . Dog.
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED) Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

11 KORADOX PRAMADA'S EVERLASTING SL , HP49450701 5/4/2015. Breeder: Owners. By CH Beldach' Cezanne Artiste -- CH Pramada's She's So California of Koradox. Thomas Sikora and Maggie Peat . Dog.
17 PRAMADA'S BENEVOLENT ONE LS , HP47535503 6/16/2014. Breeder: Steve Marlow & Margaret Pete. By GCH Briarmist Bushranger -- Bronia Lolita. Kim Nikon and Bill Tank . Dog.
19 ROSERUN'S WANDERING MINSTREL , HP47359501 5/16/2014. Breeder: owner. By CH Serenity's Play Boy Prince RN -- CH Roserun's Remember Me. Jan K. Anholt . Dog.
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.

8 SUNSHINE'S CALIFORNIA GIRL ML , HP49221405 1/11/2015. Breeder: Mark Stephenson & Susan Moore. By CH Heathero Furby ML -- CH Sunshine's Midnight Lace ML. Michelle & Adrian Quesada & Mark Stephenson . Bitch.

10 RIVERWINDS M'HEARTS DESIRE SL , HP49090502 2/19/2015. Breeder: Mark and Nancy Eby, Dan. Nunamaker, Heike Siegert By GCH Glenarrif's Hawaiian Blessing -- CH Riverwind Bring Back My Heart L. Nancy and Mark Eby . Bitch. Erin Karst-Hooper, Agent.
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED) Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

12 NOELS ATTITUDE CANDOIT ML , HP44467501 12/24/2012. Breeder: Dolly Baldwin, Regina Peterson. and Suzie Sadler By GCH Hubba Bubba Deba Daba -- Eckos of Attitude Candoit. Dolly Baldwin and Regina Peterson and Suzie Sadler. Bitch.

16 MZ MOONDUST CANDOIT ML , HP42462502 12/10/2011. Breeder: Regina Peterson and Dolly Baldwin. By GCH Hubba Bubba Deba Daba -- MxTraveler Candoit ML. Regina Peterson and Dolly Baldwin . Bitch.

18 WINDYOAK'S STARLIGHT SERENADE MLD , HP43888801 4/26/2012. Breeder: Owners. By GCH Glenavan Dear Star Boun For Wagsmore -- GCH Dash N Doxies Belle Starr MLD. Elizabeth & Mark Johnston . Bitch.
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED) Open Miniature Bitches.

22 LASHUNDS IT'S LIKE THAT ML , HP46758501 12/12/2013. Breeder: Barbara Lasley. By CH Heidox Palomino Playboy ML -- Lashunds Onyx Breeze ML. Barbara Lasley & Edward Laskey Jr . Bitch. Mark Stephenson, Agent.
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED) Open Standard Bitches.

24 ROSERUN'S VELVET TOUCH , HP43788102 12/26/2011. Breeder: Jan Anholt. By CH Tres Rios ZigZag Of Roserun -- CH Roserun's naughty But Nice. Jan K. Anholt . Bitch. Diana MacPherson, Agent.

26 TELKEL QUEST FOR GLORY SL , HP48639602 4/9/2014. Breeder: Sophie Tremblay. By CH Cedavoch Dark Lord -- GCH Telkel Encore Une Manigance SL. Sherry Snyder . Bitch. Erin Karst-Hooper, Agent.
28 PRAMADA'S ZAIDA SL , HP45982104 9/12/2013. Breeder: Margaret E Peat. and Cynthia L Clapper By CH Pramada's Winchester SL -- CH Pramada's Sunny Delight-L. Kim Nikon and Bill Tank . Bitch.

21GCH WALMAR-SOLO'S IOU SL , HP41949302 8/20/2011. Breeder: Kim Vidrine and Paula Carter. and Walter and Mary Jones By CH Walmar's Casanova -- CH Solo's Curtain Call SL. Sherry Snyder . Dog. Erin Karst-Hooper, Agent.
25GCH BEDAZZLED GRAND MARNIER OF MT , HP45415202 5/14/2013. Breeder: Julie Nielsen, Meredith Taylor. and Carley Trumbower By GCH Sleepy Hollow Carolina Special -- DCH Bedazzled Summer Breeze. Julie Nielsen and Meredith Taylor and Carley Trumbower. Dog.
27 PRAMADA'S CAN'T TOUCH THIS WITH DYNASTY SL , HP48199902 8/14/2014. Breeder: Margaret E Peat and Lorie Hall. By GCH Briarmist Bushranger -- CH Pramada's Rudbeckia L. Margaret E Peat . Dog.
30 WINDYOAK'S SONG OF THE SIREN ML , HP46712101 8/30/2013. Breeder: owner. By CH Glenavan Acclaim ML -- GCH Windyoak's Cowgirl Attitude ML. Elizabeth A. Johnston and Mark Johnston . Bitch.
32 KORADOX PRAMADA'S DAFFODIL SL , HP47451503 6/8/2014. Breeder: Tom Sikora and Margaret Peat. By GCH Briarmist Bushranger -- CH Pramada's She's So California of Koradox. Thomas Sikora and Maggie Peat . Bitch.

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