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Judging Program

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  • Judging Program
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  • Judging Schedule

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  • List of Judges

    Mrs. Debbie Campbell-Freeman654 White Cap Drive
    Ventura, CA 93003
    Ms. Elizabeth Chastain580 S. Pear Orchard Rd. Apt 1713
    Ridgeland, MS 39157
    Ms. Gay H. Dunlap80519 Avenida Camarillo
    Indio, CA 92203
    Ms. Christine Erickson5530 E.Arbor Ave
    Mesa, AZ 85206
    Miss Diane D. Foote50085 Aloma Drive
    Cabazon, CA 92230
    Ms. Merilynn Hurd75825 Dillon Rd
    Sky Valley, CA 92241
    Ms. Deb Martino1186 E Winchester Place
    Chandler, AZ 85286
    Dr. A. Todd Miller19707 Highway Uu
    Louisiana, MO 63353
    Ms. Barbara J. O'Neill11403 Third Avenue S.
    Seattle, WA 98168
    Ms. Susan E. Paine8810 East G Street
    Tacoma, WA 98445
    Ms. Amy Sorbie1275 Olathe Street
    Aurora, CO 80011
    Mr. Lawrence C. Terricone36 Lewis Street
    Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

    Judging Program

    Ring No 1
    Judge: Dr. A. Todd Miller
    Ring Steward: Judith Dexter
    8:30 AM 
     1Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens Sweepstakes 0-1
    Ring No 1
    Judge: Ms. Christine Erickson
    9:00 AM 
     7Saluki Sweepstakes 3-4
    Ring No 1
    Judge: Dr. A. Todd Miller
    9:30 AM 
     39Saluki 11-11-1VD-1VB-(9-6)
    11:15 AM 
     2Beagles Thirteen Inch Sweepstakes 1-1
     7Beagle Fifteen Inch Sweepstakes 4-3
     4Greyhound Sweepstakes 3-1
     11Afghan Hounds Sweepstakes 5-6
    Ring No 1
    Judge: Mrs. Debbie Campbell-Freeman
    12:15 PM 
     19Borzoi Sweepstakes 7-12
    Ring No 1
    Judge: Dr. A. Todd Miller
    1:15 PM 
     54Borzoi 14-26-(8-5)
    Ring No 2
    Judge: Mr. Lawrence C. Terricone
    Ring Steward: Paul Garrity
    8:15 AM 
     6Otterhound 1-0-2VB-(2-1)
     4Treeing Walker Coonhound 0-2-(1-1)
    8:40 AM 
     10Redbone Coonhound 3-3-(2-2)
     8Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens 0-5-(2-0)
     4Portuguese Podengo Pequeno 2-1-(1-0)
    Ring No 2
    Judge: Ms. Deb Martino
    9:45 AM 
     18Whippets Sweepstakes 6-12
    Ring No 2
    Judge: Mr. Lawrence C. Terricone
    10:30 AM 
     61Whippet 12-30-2VD-(8-9)
    Ring No 3
    Judge: Mrs. Debbie Campbell-Freeman
    Ring Steward: Susan Garrity
    8:00 AM 
     2Scottish Deerhound Sweepstakes 1-1
    Ring No 3
    Judge: Ms. Amy Sorbie
    8:10 AM 
     4Pharaoh Hound 0-0-(3-1)
     7Scottish Deerhound 1-4-(2-0)
    Ring No 3
    Judge: Ms. Elizabeth Chastain
    8:45 AM 
     9Irish Wolfhound Sweepstakes 4-5
    Ring No 3
    Judge: Ms. Amy Sorbie
    9:15 AM 
     33Irish Wolfhound 8-13-1VB-(7-4)
    10:45 AM 
     12Ibizan Hound 5-2-(3-2)
    11:15 AM 
    12:15 PM 
     21Greyhound 8-2-(5-6)
    1:10 PM 
     39Afghan Hound 13-12-(9-5)
    2:50 PM 
     10Bloodhound 0-0-(6-3)
    Ring No 4
    Judge: Miss Diane D. Foote
    Ring Steward: Donald Petryca
    8:30 AM 
     2Redbone Coonhound Sweepstakes 0-2
     2Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Sweepstakes 1-1
    9:00 AM 
      Junior Showmanship Competition
      Junior Showmanship Competition
      Junior Showmanship Competition
      Junior Showmanship Competition
    10:00 AM 
     4Basenji Sweepstakes 1-3
     4Ibizan Hound Sweepstakes 2-2
    11:30 AM 
    12:30 PM 
     9Beagle Thirteen Inches 1-2-(0-5)
     35Beagle Fifteen Inches 13-6-3VD-1VB-(8-4)
    Ring No 5
    Judge: Ms. Barbara J. O'Neill
    Ring Steward: Jean Raba
    8:00 AM 
     11Bluetick Coonhound 3-3-(1-4)
     9Black and Tan Coonhound 0-2-(5-2)
     3Sloughi 1-2
     1Cirneco dell Etna 0-0-(0-1)
     1Harrier 0-0-(1-0)
    Ring No 5
    Judge: Mrs. Debbie Campbell-Freeman
    9:00 AM 
     18Rhodesian Ridgeback Sweepstakes 7-11
    Ring No 5
    Judge: Ms. Barbara J. O'Neill
    10:00 AM 
     104Rhodesian Ridgeback 26-42-2VD-2VB-(19-13)
    Ring No 6
    Judge: Ms. Gay H. Dunlap
    Ring Steward: Ellen Petryca
    8:30 AM 
     7Basset Hound Sweepstakes 1-6
    Ring No 6
    Judge: Ms. Susan E. Paine
    8:55 AM 
     38Basset Hound 6-17-(8-7)
    10:30 AM 
     15Basenji 3-5-1VB-(3-3)
    11:30 AM 
    Ring No 6
    Judge: Ms. Merilynn Hurd
    12:30 PM 
     3Dachshund (Longhaired) Sweepstakes 2-1
     2Dachshund (Smooth) Sweepstakes 0-2
    Ring No 6
    Judge: Ms. Susan E. Paine
    12:45 PM 
     20Dachshund (Longhaired) 6-9-(3-2)
     20Dachshund (Smooth) 4-8-(6-2)
     24Dachshund (Wirehaired) 3-10-(6-5)
    Ring No
    Ring Steward: Jean Raba

    Additional Information & Notices
    Exhibitors wishing to transfer their dogs to Best of Breed Competition must do so at the Superintendent’s table one half-hour prior to the start of the regular classes.
    GROUP JUDGING – Mrs. Campbell-Freeman will judge the Puppy Group Sweepstakes at 3:30 p.m. in Rings 5 & 7. Ms. O’Neill will judge the Variety Group at 4:00 pm.

    Judging Schedule

    Please Note: This Schedule is for the convenience of exhibitors and spectators. If a discrepancy exists between these times and/or ring numbers, and those listed under the ring number in the body of the program, follow the latter.

    Afghan Hound391:10 PM3
    Afghan Hounds Sweepstakes1111:15 AM1
    Basenji1510:30 AM6
    Basenji Sweepstakes410:00 AM4
    Basset Hound388:55 AM6
    Basset Hound Sweepstakes78:30 AM6
    Beagle Thirteen Inches912:30 PM4
    Beagle Fifteen Inch Sweepstakes711:15 AM1
    Beagle Fifteen Inches3512:30 PM4
    Beagles Thirteen Inch Sweepstakes211:15 AM1
    Black and Tan Coonhound98:00 AM5
    Bloodhound102:50 PM3
    Bluetick Coonhound118:00 AM5
    Borzoi541:15 PM1
    Borzoi Sweepstakes1912:15 PM1
    Cirneco dell Etna18:00 AM5
    Dachshund (Longhaired)2012:45 PM6
    Dachshund (Longhaired) Sweepstakes312:30 PM6
    Dachshund (Smooth)2012:45 PM6
    Dachshund (Smooth) Sweepstakes212:30 PM6
    Dachshund (Wirehaired)2512:45 PM6
    Greyhound2112:15 PM3
    Greyhound Sweepstakes411:15 AM1
    Harrier18:00 AM5
    Ibizan Hound1210:45 AM3
    Ibizan Hound Sweepstakes410:00 AM4
    Irish Wolfhound339:15 AM3
    Irish Wolfhound Sweepstakes98:45 AM3
    Novice Junior Class39:00 AM4
    Open Junior Class19:00 AM4
    Open Intermediate Class49:00 AM4
    Open Senior Class29:00 AM4
    Otterhound68:15 AM2
    Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens88:40 AM2
    Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens Sweepstakes18:30 AM1
    Pharaoh Hound48:10 AM3
    Portuguese Podengo Pequeno48:40 AM2
    Portuguese Podengo Pequeno Sweepstakes28:30 AM4
    Redbone Coonhound108:40 AM2
    Redbone Coonhound Sweepstakes28:30 AM4
    Rhodesian Ridgeback10410:00 AM5
    Rhodesian Ridgeback Sweepstakes189:00 AM5
    Saluki399:30 AM1
    Saluki Sweepstakes79:00 AM1
    Scottish Deerhound78:10 AM3
    Scottish Deerhound Sweepstakes28:00 AM3
    Sloughi38:00 AM5
    Treeing Walker Coonhound48:15 AM2
    Whippet6110:30 AM2
    Whippets Sweepstakes189:45 AM2

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