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Judging Program

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  • Judging Program
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  • Judging Schedule

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  • List of Judges

    Ms. Candy Aaron50085 Aloma Dr
    Cabazon, CA 92230
    Mrs. Connie H. Clark233 Highland Drive
    Rio Del Mar, CA 95003
    Mr. Michael CoadGill Lane, Longton
    N. Preston, Lancashire
    PR4455, England
    Mr. Geoff CorishGill Lane, Longton
    N. Preston, Lancashire
    PR4455, England
    Mrs. Gayle M. DenmanPO Box 71160
    Salt Lake City, UT 84171
    Ms. Gay H. Dunlap80519 Avenida Camarillo
    Indio, CA 92203
    Mr. Ronald Hoh1600 La Playa Way
    Sacramento, CA 96864
    Mr. Robert E. Hutton216 W. Kenwood Drive
    Louisville, KY 40214
    Mr. Russell Lamonby16 Caverswall Ln., Meri
    Stroke-on-Trent, EN ST3 61HL
    Mrs. Marion D. McPherson344 Plumosa Avenue
    Vista, CA 92083
    Ms. Judith White6148 E Campo Bello Drive
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254

    Judging Program

    Ring No 9
    Judge: Mrs. Carolyn I. Alexander
    6:00 AM 
    Ring No 9
    Judge: Mr. Geoff Corish
    Ring Steward: Mrs. Carolyn I. Alexander
    9:00 AM 
     3Norfolk Terrier 1-1-(1-0)
     20Norwich Terrier 2-9-(5-4)
    9:55 AM 
     27Miniature Schnauzer 8-8-(7-0)-4BR
    10:55 AM 
     11Irish Terrier 3-6-(2-0)
     19Kerry Blue Terrier 5-7-(5-2)
    12:05 PM 
    12:50 PM 
     13West Highland White Terrier 5-2-(4-2)
     5Skye Terrier 2-2-(1-0)
    1:30 PM 
     31Border Terrier 6-9-(13-2)
    2:45 PM 
     17Scottish Terrier 4-6-(3-4)
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Mr. Michael Coad
    Ring Steward: Betsy Harvey
    10:00 AM 
     10Fox Terriers (Smooth) Sweepstakes 5-5
     1Fox Terriers (Wire) Sweepstakes 1-0
     1Kerry Blue Terriers Sweepstakes 1-0
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Mr. Robert E. Hutton
    10:30 AM 
     11Fox Terrier (Wire) 4-6-(0-1)
     30Fox Terrier (Smooth) 8-10-1VD-(6-2)-2BR-1SD
    12 Noon 
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Ms. Candy Aaron
    12:45 PM 
     2Bull Terriers (White) Sweepstakes 0-2
     3Bull Terriers (Colored) Sweepstakes 0-3
     5Miniature Bull Terrier Sweepstakes 3-2
     1Miniature Bull Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes 0-1
    Ring No 10
    Judge: Mr. Russell Lamonby
    1:15 PM 
     12Bull Terrier (White) 2-5-(2-3)
     19Bull Terrier (Colored) 4-9-(3-3)
     24Miniature Bull Terrier 6-9-1VD-(4-3)-1SD
    Ring No 11
    Judge: Mrs. Marion D. McPherson
    Ring Steward: Carolyn Alexander
    10:00 AM 
     13American Staffordshire Terrier 4-6-(0-3)
     2Sealyham Terrier 1-0-(0-1)
     11Manchester Terrier (Standard) 1-3-(3-4)
    11:00 AM 
     5American Hairless Terrier 3-2
     8Russell Terriers 2-1-(5-0)
     10Welsh Terrier 2-5-(0-3)
    12 Noon 
    12:45 PM 
     9Dandie Dinmont Terrier 0-2-(3-3)
     10Lakeland Terrier 4-3-(1-2)
     13Staffordshire Bull Terriers 3-6-(2-2)
    Ring No 12
    Judge: Mrs. Connie H. Clark
    Ring Steward: Paullet DeLong
    9:00 AM 
      Junior Showmanship Competition
      Junior Showmanship Competition
      Junior Showmanship Competition
      Junior Showmanship Competition
      Junior Showmanship Competition
     11Airedale Terrier 3-4-(3-1)
     4Bedlington Terrier 1-1-(0-2)
    10:00 AM 
     8Rat Terrier 0-5-(2-1)
     22Cairn Terrier 8-10-(3-1)
    Ring No 12
    Judge: Mr. Ronald Hoh
    11:10 AM 
     4Border Terrier Sweepstakes 1-3
    Ring No 12
    Judge: Mrs. Gayle M. Denman
    11:15 AM 
     6Parson Russell Terrier Sweepstakes 3-3
     1Parson Russell Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes 0-1
    Ring No 12
    Judge: Mrs. Connie H. Clark
    11:35 AM 
     12Parson Russell Terrier 3-4-1WB-(2-2)
    12:05 PM 
    12:50 PM 
     18Australian Terrier 3-3-(5-4)-2BR
     30Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 5-13-(7-5)

    Additional Information & Notices
    Exhibitors wishing to transfer their dogs to Best of Breed Competition must do so at the Superintendent’s table one half-hour prior to the start of the regular classes. FRIDAY
    American Kennel Club rules, the following judge changes are being made. The owner of each dog affected has the right to withdraw his entry and have his entry fee refunded provided notification of his withdrawal is received by the Superintendent no later than one-half hour prior to the scheduled start of any regular conformation judging at the show. JUDGE CHANGE - Under Chapter 7, Section 8
    Mrs. McPherson will judge American Hairless Terriers, Lakelands, Std. Manchesters, Russells, Sealyhams, and Welsh in place of Mr. Menaker.
    Mrs. Clark will judge Parson Russell Terriers in place of Mr. Menaker.
    Ms. Dunlap will judge the Terrier Group in place of Mr. Menaker.
    Ms. Aaron will judge Colored/White/Miniature Bull Terrier Sweepstakes in place of Mr. Snyder
    Mr. Coade willjudge Smooth and Wire Fox Sweepstakes in place of Ms. Carter Nowicki.
    GROUPS in Rings 9 & 11 – NOHS group by Mrs. Klingler at 3:15 pm. Bred by Group by Mr.Corish at 3:30 pm. Variety group by Ms. Dunlap at 3:45 pm.

    Judging Schedule

    Please Note: This Schedule is for the convenience of exhibitors and spectators. If a discrepancy exists between these times and/or ring numbers, and those listed under the ring number in the body of the program, follow the latter.

    Airedale Terrier119:00 AM12
    American Hairless Terrier511:00 AM11
    American Staffordshire Terrier1310:00 AM11
    Australian Terrier1812:50 PM12
    Bedlington Terrier49:00 AM12
    Border Terrier311:30 PM9
    Border Terrier Sweepstakes411:10 AM12
    Bull Terrier (Colored)191:15 PM10
    Bull Terrier (White)121:15 PM10
    Bull Terriers (Colored) Sweepstakes312:45 PM10
    Bull Terriers (White) Sweepstakes212:45 PM10
    Cairn Terrier2210:00 AM12
    Dandie Dinmont Terrier912:45 PM11
    Fox Terrier (Smooth)3010:30 AM10
    Fox Terrier (Wire)1110:30 AM10
    Fox Terriers (Smooth) Sweepstakes1010:00 AM10
    Fox Terriers (Wire) Sweepstakes110:00 AM10
    Irish Terrier1110:55 AM9
    Kerry Blue Terrier1910:55 AM9
    Kerry Blue Terriers Sweepstakes110:00 AM10
    Lakeland Terrier1012:45 PM11
    Manchester Terrier (Standard)1110:00 AM11
    Miniature Bull Terrier241:15 PM10
    Miniature Bull Terrier Sweepstakes512:45 PM10
    Miniature Bull Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes112:45 PM10
    Miniature Schnauzer279:55 AM9
    Norfolk Terrier39:00 AM9
    Norwich Terrier209:00 AM9
    Novice Junior Class19:00 AM12
    Novice Senior Class19:00 AM12
    Open Junior Class19:00 AM12
    Open Intermediate Class29:00 AM12
    Open Senior Class49:00 AM12
    Parson Russell Terrier1211:35 AM12
    Parson Russell Terrier Sweepstakes611:15 AM12
    Parson Russell Terrier Veteran Sweepstakes111:15 AM12
    Rat Terrier810:00 AM12
    Russell Terriers811:00 AM11
    Scottish Terrier172:45 PM9
    Sealyham Terrier210:00 AM11
    Skye Terrier512:50 PM9
    Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier3012:50 PM12
    Staffordshire Bull Terriers1312:45 PM11
    Welsh Terrier1011:00 AM11
    West Highland White Terrier1312:50 PM9

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