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POODLES (MINIATURE)Judge: Mr. Alfred J. Ferruggiaro
POODLES (MINIATURE) 12 Months and under 18 Months Dogs.

5 FOREVER ENCOR DESTINED FOR SHOWBIZ AT MIRALABELLA , PR17379101 12/13/2013. Breeder: Jamie Workman. & Jennifer J. Manders By CH Forever Have Faith In Me -- CH Forever Live Like You're Dying. Mirella Lilly Green . Dog.
POODLES (MINIATURE) Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
9 DANFOUR DEBONAIR , PR17755301 5/18/2014. Breeder: Daniel Chavez. By GCH Karadale Bold'N McDreamy -- GCH Danfour Debutante. Katherine Scott & Daniel Chavez . Dog.
11 SONORA KEJA MYSTIC WARRIOR , PR16005504 1/25/2012. Breeder: Margaret Cooper, Kenneth and. Jacqueline Fargey By CH Cabryn Silver Bullet -- CH Sonora Keja Just Mystical. Margaret Cooper & Kenneth S. & Jacqueline Fargey . Dog.

17 XAVANO JUST A BROWN GIGOLO , PR16171001 4/6/2011. Breeder: Monika Halmi & Jennyfer Landgraf. By CH Giulfo Pirtelo non Dirtelo -M -- Gottardo Brown Everlasting Love. Trina L Musick . Dog.
POODLES (MINIATURE) Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

8 SINTARO KEJA SPRING TIME SONNET , PR17718101 4/30/2014. Breeder: Ronda Singleton, Kenneth and. Jacqueline Fargey By CH Keja Sintaro Kittitas Warrior -- CH Keja Summer Breeze At Sintaro. Ronda Singleton and Kenneth and Jacqueline Fargey . Bitch.

10 SAVICAH'S CHARMED BY MARJONLIE , PR179493 6/22/2014. Breeder: Bethany & Sharon Shimmel. & Timothy & Margie Sulliv By CH Marjonlie Jamonica Lofty Ambitions -- GCH Marjonlie Simply Irresistible. Krystal Shimmel & Bethanny Shimmel . Bitch.
POODLES (MINIATURE) Puppy 9 months and under 12 months Bitches.
12 KARELA AURORA , PR17530206 2/24/2014. Breeder: Karen & Phil Leabo. By CH Karelea's Last Hurrah -- CH Karelea Cande Burning Bright. Karen and Phil Leabo . Bitch. Barbara Gossett, Agent.
POODLES (MINIATURE) Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

20 DANFOUR AVALON AS IF , PR17820601 5/16/2014. Breeder: Daniel Chavez and Brian Cordova. By CH Clarion Camelot Convergence -- CH Danfour Viola. Daniel Chavez and Brian Cordova . Bitch.

22 DKL'S DULCET LIFE OF THE PARTY , PR17592801 11/11/2013. Breeder: Charlene Smutny & Julie Sandoval. By GCH Clarion Storm Front at Jaset -- DKL's Dulcet Whisper Me This. Charlene Smutny . Bitch.

24 KEJA SINTARO HOW THE LADY SINGS , PR17130601 5/25/2013. Breeder: Ralph E. Sweet. and Kenneth and Jacqueline Fargey By CH Keja's Sintaro No Matter How You Say It -- Edryn Lady Antibellum Sings For Keja. Ronda Singleton and Kenneth and Jacqueline Fargey . Bitch.
26 BAR KING'S FAIR ISLE DAENEYRS , PR17230301 8/9/2013. Breeder: Cheryl Braswell. By CH Bold'N fair Isle Dreamworks -- CH Bar King Fair Isle Poppy Seed. Cheryl Braswell . Bitch.

28 MIVIDA'S SWEET SIN-SATION , PR17177003 7/4/2013. Breeder: Sally Ciraolo. By Sunraze Camostela The Destroyer -- Pearl's Indulgence To Mivida. Sally Ciraolo . Bitch. Charlene Smutny, Agent.

30 KARELEA'S CENTERFOLD , PR17226802 6/8/2013. Breeder: Keiko One. By CH Karelea's Talledega Night -- Arcadia Picture Perfect. Countess DuMoney . Bitch. Barbara Gossett, Agent.

32 JASENAK AMERICAN DREAM , PR17703001 4/26/2012. Breeder: Dragana Vasiljevic and. Juan Vasiljevic By Camoy's Outrageous -- Jusenak Victoria. Trina L. Musick . Bitch.
POODLES (MINIATURE) Best-of-Breed/Variety
23CH DURANDEL DANCE WITH ME , PR17185801 6/1/2013. Breeder: Leslie Simis. By CH Karelea's Famous Face -- CH Durandel Dona Karan. Leslie Simis and Roslyn Maner . Dog.
25GCH BAR KING'S DRIVE BY , PR16987604 4/26/2013. Breeder: Kathleen E. Poe and Beva Wahl. and Charlene Osmun By CH Bar King's Driving Miz Daisy Crazy -- CH Bar King's Counterpoint. Dr. Dawn Schroeder . Dog. Allan Chambers, Agent.

27GCH BLACK SKY JUKKA , PR16566801 11/29/2012. Breeder: Kathleen and James Smith. and Inge Semenschin By CH Olymbinar's Eternal Master -- CH Antares Of Midnight. Kathleen D. Smith & Inge Semenschin & James A. Smith. Dog. Kim Russell, Agent.
34CH DE VENT AVRLYN MOONSTRUCK , PR15192502 2/28/2011. Breeder: Suzon Parker & Mishka. Romanski-Parker By CH De Vent DKL King of Queens -- CH De Vent DKL Flor De Luna. Hal V. Stradley . Bitch.

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