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SHIBA-INUJudge: Mrs. Anne Savory Bolus
SHIBA-INU Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Dogs.
7 DRAGON HOUSE CATALYST , NP34453001 5/21/2013. Breeder: Edward and Diana Maes. and owner By Shandell Turn Up The Heat -- Justa Setsuzan Roki Yama's Azorra. Sandi M Smith . Dog.

9 KANALOA KAGETORA HAUOLI SHIBA , NP35044401 4/4/2013. Breeder: Ray Hagiwara andLio Hagiwara and. Yumi Hagiwara By Kotarou Go Seishirousou -- GCH Malia Go Hauoli Shiba. Darryl Chenoweth and Tamara Houser . Dog.
SHIBA-INU 12 and under 18 Months Dogs.

11 DRAGON HOUSE BLOODOFWARRIORHEARTOFACLOWN MA'SAAKI , NP33288602 10/13/2012. Breeder: Sandi M. Smith. By CH Benii Ken's Ransho -- Dragon House Vera Wang. Wendy E. Whitely . Dog.
SHIBA-INU Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.

5 DRAGON HOUSE BOLD PARADIGM , NP34526701 5/30/2013. Breeder: Sandi Smith. By Dragon House Unchained Velocity -- Dragon House Vera Wang. Sandi M Smith . Dog.
15 JOGOSO'S LUCKY THIRTEEN , NP33689701 1/13/2013. Breeder: Li Chuan Huang and Susanne Ozasa. By GCH Jogoso's Notorious -- Gou Go Hokusei Tsuchimotosou. Susanne Ozasa and Li Chuan Huang, Lisa Sakashita. Dog.

19 KARI-ON'S ALL ABOUT THE SWAGGER AT PINNACLE , NP34241702 1/28/2013. Breeder: S Merrifield, D Houser Chenoweth. & T Houser By GCH Kisaragi No Kouten Go Amamisou -- Kari-On's Causing A Commotion. Stephan Merrifield and Tamara Houser . Dog.
SHIBA-INU Puppy 6 months and under 9 months Bitches.

6 HANA GO SHIKOUEN , JS1199713 5/6/2013. Breeder: Kaori Ihara. By Tetsuzakuramaru Go Kagiyasou -- Kareinorurin Go Shikouen. Diana D. Smiley . Bitch.
SHIBA-INU 12 and under 18 Months Bitches.

8 DRAGON HOUSE UNCHAINED MELODY , NP33288502 10/5/2012. Breeder: owner. By Dragon House Chain Reaction -- Dragon House Sexy Sadie. Sandi M Smith . Bitch.

10 KOHAKU , NP32419103 8/2/2012. Breeder: Darryl Houser-Chenoweth. and Tamara Houser By CH Kisargi No Kouten Go Amamisou -- Kari-On's Butahime. William Tomas Meyer . Bitch.

14 KARI-ON'S OH SO SPICY , NP32630401 9/11/2012. Breeder: Darryl Houser Chenoweth & Tamara. Houser By CH Kari-on's Go Big or Go Home -- Kari-On's Ginger Snaps. Darryl Houser-Chenoweth and Tamara Houser . Bitch.

16 GOLD STRIKE KINKAI GO , NP32770802 10/10/2012. Breeder: Hisae and Donald Dickey. By GCH Ito No Nishikou Go Chikuzen Shigematsusou -- GCH Ito No Chiyo Go Chikuzen Shigematsusous. Bonnie Yard . Bitch.
SHIBA-INU Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.

18 KARI-ON'S ABBY CABABBY , NP32419101 8/2/2012. Breeder: Darryl Houser-Chenoweth. and Tamara Houser By CH Kisargi No Kouten Go Amamsiou -- Kari-On's Utahime. Darryl Houser-Chenoweth and Tamara Houser . Bitch.
20 KARI-ON'S VICTORIA JONES , NP33316701 9/5/2012. Breeder: owner. By CH Kari-On's Tommy Lee Jones -- Hoshi No Aoi Go Nankaiseisou. Darryl Houser Chenoweth and Tamara Houser . Bitch.

22 SHERYBLOSSOM SILVER SPRINGS , NP20878304 7/2/2008. Breeder: Lisa Shery. By Kenwa No Genzo Go Kenwaso -- Haruka Go Soushuu Choumonsou. Lisa Shery . Bitch.

24 HILLSDALE SHALL WE DANCE , NP35211701 8/8/2012. Breeder: Maureen Angerman. By Hillsdale Brain and Spirit -- Hillsdale Misaki. Maureen Angerman . Bitch.
SHIBA-INU American Bred Bitches.

26 ALSUM'S FAWKES BREW SABRINA , NP29130003 5/14/2011. Breeder: Lanore Fogleman. and Joan Morningstar By CH Morningstar Miyamoto Musashi -- Morningstar Flaming Red Fawkes. Lanore Fogleman . Bitch. Suzie Sadler, Agent.
SHIBA-INU Open Black and Tan Bitches.

34 HORIZON KLONDIKE KATE , NP25796101 4/19/2010. Breeder: Letty Hughes. By Kazakoshi No Sakuraou Go Yokohama Atsumi -- CH Hi-Jinx Black Denim. Letty Hughes . Bitch.
SHIBA-INU Open Red, Red Sesame Bitches.
28 RANCHLAKE LITTLE VIXEN OF C AND L , NP30825501 10/27/2011. Breeder: Lynnmarie Doran. By CH Ranchlake's Change The World -- CH C and L's Wasabi Yamashita. Dorothy Warren and Mark Oustott . Bitch. Jean Gauchat Hargis, Agent.
36 RIPPA-NA MIJA , NP24471202 10/15/2009. Breeder: Bill Bobrow and. Carol Parker By CH Tanasea's Lord Of The Rings -- Rippa-Na Yuri. Bill Bobrow and Carol Parker and Camille Kam-Wong. Bitch. Ken Griffith, Agent.
38 MOJAVE SNOW FLURRIES BY DENGAR , NP26503703 2/17/2010. Breeder: Denise Garber & Debbie Meador. By CH Dengar Most Wanted -- Dengar Ginger Snap. Al and Pat Steiner . Bitch.
40 HARUKA GO SOUSHUU CHOUMONSOU , NP13353001 12/20/2005. Breeder: Tadashi Hasegawa. By Beniasumi Go Iwashiro Urara -- Kotenka Go Iwashiro Urara. Lisa Shery . Bitch.
42 COUTURE AND AMARHA'S LOVE AFFAIR , NP29290402 5/29/2011. Breeder: Brittany and Melanie Couture. By GCH Jogosos's Fool for Love -- CH Tenko's Mochi's Got Moxie Couture. Mary McCarty and Austin McCarty . Bitch.
SHIBA-INU Non-Reg Eligible BOB/BOV Veteran Dogs.

23CH RIPPA-NA MARU TRIPLE K , NP15724401 11/29/2006. Breeder: Bill Bobrow. and Carol Parker By CH San Jo Wise Guy -- Rippa-Na Yuri. Bill Bobrow and Carol Parker and Camille Kam-Wong. Dog.
SHIBA-INU Best-of-Breed/Variety
25CH TIBBS MR HAPPY GO LUCKY , NP27403201 10/1/2010. Breeder: owner. By CH Tibbs Keiji Hito -- CH Kishi Shimako at Tibbs. John and Carol Calder . Dog.

27GCH LEE-FEN'S AN EVERLASTING LOVE , NP26638503 2/14/2010. Breeder: Cheryl Lee Giffin. By CH Roscka's Kokoro No Sensai -- CH Lee-Fen's Bewitched Again. Cheryl Lee Giffin & Kylie Soafer & Amy Young . Dog.
29CH KARI-ON'S TOMMY LEE JONES , NP28928101 1/9/2011. Breeder: Darryl Houser Chenoweth and. Tamara Houser By GCH Dragon Houser Mr Jones -- CH Kari-On's Stop'N Traffic. Darryl Houser Chenoweth and Tamara Houser . Dog.
33GCH GOLD STRIKE TAKACHIO GO , NP31283602 3/7/2012. Breeder: Hisae Dickey. By Ito No Benitaka Go -- GCH Ito No Chiyo Go. Hisae and Donald R. Dickey and T.K. Arndt . Dog. Michael Stone, Agent.
37CH DRAGON HOUSE MR JONES , NP17831001 5/28/2007. Breeder: owner. and L A Engen By San Jo American Idol -- San Jo Proud Mary. Sandi M Smith . Dog.
39GCH WINDSWEPT BAD LIKE THAT CA , NP24588002 11/8/2009. Breeder: Marcia Wild. & Wanda & Wayne Sluder By CH Marma's The Wizzard -- CH Miasia Sora No Akuma Windswept. Meagan Thomas . Dog.
41GCH PACIFIC RIM TIBBS POKERFACE , NP30374501 10/31/2011. Breeder: Karl and Louise Thieme and John. and Carol Calder By GCH Kishi's Mojo Desert Sun -- CH Pacific Rim Sugar Pi Honey Bunch. Karl and Louise Thieme & John and Carol Calder . Dog.
44CH PENDRAGON TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT , NP29931802 9/1/2011. Breeder: owner. By GCH Justa Massimiliano -- GCH Pendragon Rubi Kayoubi. Lori Pendergast . Bitch. Michael Brantley, Agent.

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